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Where did you hear about MTA?


Where did you hear about MTA?  

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  1. 1. Where did you hear about MTA?

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I heard rumors of multiplayer gta3, i thought "now modding is great and all, but multiplayers is a hellishly hard thing...and to import it into a game like gta...no way in hell", that was probably, uh, 6-8 months ago, and i come to find it was an absolute truth today, i'm gathering my friends for lan on friday (halloween)...boy, if hell exists, it's in a multiplayer vice city, buahaha

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  • 2 weeks later...

As it happends, i found it out from a customer as per my serious need for grand theft was made apparant.

Ever since, the entire company has taken to this new way of living! Customers (who a good percent of our customers) hear about it all the time from us talking about it.

We all got some pretty specced up machines running, but it seems the netcode/sync needs to be the only thing holding us up a bit. :-)

I know you guys are not looking for testers, but if in the future you are, send me a mail, and we can put it through some proper testing over here :-) with serious networks, and serious machines.

... Awaiting the new release of MTA:VC server...

Until then, expect a few more downloads from yer site from our customers who hear about ya. :twisted:

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  • 2 weeks later...
I was looking up "Anal sex" and this came up. Go figure......

hmmz... didnt u sayd u were happily married?

anyway. i just thought to myself one day "hmm..."(those days i didnt used the z :P ) "the modding comunity is quite big... maybe there is a multi player for gta...." well, since i havnt had vice those old happy days i searched on google.com "gta3 MP" (in those exact words) and found http://www.multitheftauto.com and downloaded gta3:mta and had a lot of fun! (*lick**lick*)

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some guy on a forum i frequently visit, had put a link to the very first mta... i couldnt play it atm. but i followed progress closely.... i first started to play it when mta:vc 0.1 was out.... so im looking heavily forward to gta3:mta 0.4 :)

edit> eeey... i got my first beercan!

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  • 2 weeks later...

i found gtat, ggm and mta from google by typing sumin like multiplayer gta3. i checked gtat...there website was tooo bloody annoying (cant remember y). i then went to mta and downloaded it (by this time it was 0.3b out) i downloaded it and tried it over a lan. it was fun for a while but it got boring. then in the manual it said to get ase to find servers. i got it..there were not any used servers :( but i told ase that i had mtavc and checked how many servers.....the next day i boght gta vice city

phew, for a long story cut short, i used google

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