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  1. i would have thought by now somehow woulda cracked a PCP name joke.... do you guys even know what pcp is? lol
  2. i have a tatoo on my balls that says i pwn noobs, that way when gary's mom sucks them she can liek see what i do, rofl
  3. yes, and now its off, and the scripts are up and running, thanks to gamefreek right now we are looking for a place where we can get our scripts hosted permanately, isntead of making someone run irc in their backround all the time... so if anyone has any suggestions or can lend a hand, it will be appreciated
  4. hey, welcome aboard, im the zany leader, Wheelman (aka teh pimpz0r, rofl) join our ts@
  5. omfg pwnerer!11!!1!! thanks to chronic for teh pic!!11!!
  6. OMFG WE HAVE TEH GUD TEAMSPEAK!!!! New =AA= Teamspeak: Biggups to k00ner for paying for it everyoen coem n visit us!!!! Edit: and we now have our own 26 player public server!!!! =AA= Pure Pwnage Server our attempt to make a server to rival the partyserver, and be admined much better... this server wont kick for which gang ur in, or who u hate/love the scripts will be up tomorow for the server, than i can pick a bunch of trustworthy people to admin
  7. oh, so its okay as long as you justify it with a "i was just trying to get something to work" no, that isnt any better. you used a cracked client in the past, so did i, so did about 20 other people that i wont mention cuz this will turn into a big flame war and stuf... just drop it.
  8. yeah... gayr dont forget u used a crack client in the past, kungfu tld me about it while i was in kfc... so if ur gonna be a jerk abotu me having a cracked client in the past, ur just as bad...
  9. yeah that was a bit ago.... i, and the rest of =AA= don't use anything like that anymore, i had that crack back when i was in kfc i belive, and got rid of it back than, since i have been in =AA= i have been clean, and so has all of my members. i know a lot of people who had cracks in the past, and went over it a million of times, its in the past, big deal. leave it to fku to try to dig up the past to make us look bad
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