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  1. vass69


    Insane in the brain. How come you still alive?
  2. Dadgumit, you guys still here. Hard to belive.... Well I dont know how, but I remembered this site. Pretty sure nobody remebers me. But all of you have a nice christmas.
  3. A: Fuck me im famous! Q: Who wants some fried chicken?
  4. A: its my bithday Q: who wants to say happy birthday?
  5. vass69


    Reading "dudes" made me think more of stoners than mta.
  6. that happens when u realize that the real world is actually more fun
  7. what are you doing man? exploring the lost world?
  8. A: if u dont want all to come out again, then ur right Q: is it possible to send weed by post from Holland?
  9. havent played for long time, soon should try out what mta offers nowdays
  10. A: lamas are cool, llamas are not Q: got more questions?
  11. A: no, someone would cut it down Q: is somebody still playing mta?
  12. ist this thread nothing but spam? and yes i know this post doesnt look different
  13. vass69


    Someone must be playing too many games..take a screenshot in real life. the word ur looking for is picture
  14. A: im form the oldschool Q: does someboy remember the times when blasta was the biggest and most popular thread?
  15. and wheres the cam? even a gameboy has one!
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