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Where did you hear about MTA?


Where did you hear about MTA?  

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  1. 1. Where did you hear about MTA?

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I had heard rumors about multiplayer GTA III a year or two ago and was hoping they were true. A friend at work was talking about Vice City online one day just a week ago, and told me that it's real and available right now. I thought he just didn't know what he was talking about, or misunderstood something, but he sent me the link to this site to show me. It was a dream come true... multiplayer GTA Vice City.

I went home and downloaded the client.exe that night, got the All Seeing Eye, found a server, and was instantly addicted like it was crack cocaine. The First Time Users Guide was straight to the point, and so easy that my Grandmother could have followed the directions. I only wish the developers would accept donations! I actually want to give contribution to a cause that I have such extreme interest in.

Beautiful mod... how could Rockstar not implement multiplayer GTA themselves and increase their sales by triple probably? Not complaining... I'm just used to businesses and corporate scum doing all they can to get more money, so I thought surely they'd have considered releasing online gameplay for GTA.

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(Silly me... I've never seen this topic)

I don't know how I found out about this site/online-mod anymore.

All I know is that I've been here since the beginning. In those day's I spend quite some time mailing the developers. Especially IJsvogel and Blokker_1999. I was always up-to-date about releases and the progress.

Now the only contact I have with the team is MrBump on these forums.

Over the last couple a years my interest for computers has become much less and now that I'm about to get a fulltime-job this is gonna be even worse.

I still hope that someday I can play/have contact with any of the developers and still have a good time.

NosGoth is rooting for you guys for the next couple of years. And... You'll always have my support.

(I figured I'd make this post a sendimental one :wink: )

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i've first heard about MTA from a friend of mine but i thought he was joking. and not only that, i don't even know that GTA:VC can be modded. Then i found a review of MTA:VC from a magazine called CHIP and they provided the MTA:VC file within the free cd.

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