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Where did you hear about MTA?


Where did you hear about MTA?  

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  1. 1. Where did you hear about MTA?

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wellz, I got told about it on another forum. months later i got bored, searched for mtavc and got the site. played it, first time i playd it i got the speed hack, then got the virgo that was wanted even by ICE} at one time. well, ya'll know the rest, if you don;t know, that is when MNK was born.

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Myself and friends would always say how dumb it was that GTA3 never had Multiplayer - a bit later i heard 'rumors' which turned out to be true lol that some team was working on a multiplayer project...

I saw MTA on PCpowerplay (Aussie PC mag for those that dont know) and i was going to wait until i got ADSL b4 i played online... but the other night i decided what the hey after being bored shitless... and here i am :)

Actually isnt as bad as i thought it would be on 56k... altho i do have problems when the other PC is surfing the net. Thank god for Aussie servers :D

good work on a great mod - Cheers 8)

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I'm not sure how I first came across mta I think I was searching for gta on google and saw it as part of the text description on one of the links

a few weeks later I got a copy and have enjoyed it since

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i heard about it a while ago (cant remember where tho) but recently saw a couple of people on digital forums talking about it and decided to give it a try


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I was just surfing the net to find some cool gta3 mods and suddenly on some weird russian gaming site, it said "gta3 multiplayer (and then some weird russians characters)!!"

So I searched on various english ga-modding sites and I found it. and that was at the time around gta3:mta0.3b.

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