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  1. if you wanted to do this, one thing i'd suggest is creating a custom 3d model (look at the pickup code in race), for the tornado, and move it around while rotating it. Picking up players could be simple enough there are math formulas that describe a helix, that could be adapted to deciding waht kind of force needs to be placed on the element that is within a given range... I like the idea though **EDIT** with regards to the math.. an easier way of thinking about it, is you always want to apply a verticle force updwards, and a sideways force tangential to a circle from the player relative to the center of the tornado.
  2. Kent747


    link was updated, you should be able to download it now. http://development.mtasa.com/index.php? ... ules/MySQL
  3. at release we will have a site set up that lists every function and documentation of it. The QA team is working on that now.
  4. It is unlikely that running MTA will ever result in loss of data. At the very worst case, you could experience a crash, or a lock up, but loss of data, is sometimes ( but not often ) a secondary result of a computer locking up. MTA is beta software, so we can not officially guarantee that it wont cause harm to your computer. That said, I have no fears running it on my only computer, which I use for class work There could be a number of things that caused this, i'd be surprised if it was MTA.
  5. the guy has low latency, but he has a low framerate, as a result, his pc runs slower than yours does.. in between packet your pc tries to guess what is going to happen next, then his pc sends the data later than you'd expect it, which causes that warping effect. we're trying to improve sync as best as we can for the next release, but some stuff is unnavoidable
  6. that's a little misleading, the vehicle limit works in a similar way to the object limit in maps, we support a very large number of vehicles in general, we've had several with over a thousand vehicles placed. RE: SA being too big. that's largely left up to the map designers. IF spawn points pickups etc are placed in a relatively small location, then the action will center around there. Certainly big maps can happen, but small maps are also possible. If this isn't enough one could also easily add barricading objects in certain areas to continue to limit freedom ( if they wish )
  7. It didn't take any time at all.. we got quite a bit accomplished on that day actually Kent
  8. easier way radians = degrees * pi/180
  9. this is a really touchy subject with me, my brother is in bagdad right now, so please keep any nationalist, anti-american or otherwise to a minimum, as it is not relevant to the poll itself.
  10. Kent747

    oh the MMO

    the problem isnt model specific, i meant 40 players in one spot.. even if they all had the same model Kent
  11. Kent747

    oh the MMO

    We've worked out some ideas for doing an MMO mod for MTA, but there are some fundamental issues that we need to address. Namely, GTA can only display something like 40? player models or it will crash. We can address this by only loading player models within a certain radius.. but there is still the issue of more than that number of players trying to meet in one spot. If this happens there isn't much we can do to prevent crashing.. Also this is a hard limit, its not something we can easily avoid, or patch out.. Other than the internal limits theres nothing really stopping one from making it MMO. Kent
  12. register for an account ( its free ) when you go to download scroll to the bottom there are 2 lists of servers, the first list is for paying people, the second list is free. Kent
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