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  1. and if u do a tank , it would be a cheat indeed!!! because then you can just run people over!!! and cars would explode and all... Xanni
  2. Im sorry , but with other tools like Inno setup , I just posted in their forums (newsgroups) , and that was public too... anyways , no offense , but I think this will put some presure on the MTA team to make sure that they stop cheaters!
  3. I am a stupid feck song: by xhispage All together now! I am a stupid fecker, a stupid feck am I Im such a stupid fecker all my social skills did die OH I am a stupid feck im stupid all day long thats why I have to feckin cheat cos of my tiny dong. YES I am a stupid feck a stupid feck am I OH I am a stupid feck a stupid feck am I (repeat and fade)
  4. I dont know , ask Bloodymess13 from http://www.thegamersalliance.com if he wants to make a world record... Xanni
  5. anyways , it didnt help , I changed it to front wheel , and it still drived the same! Xanni
  6. well , I looked at the handling.cfg , and the first I see is: ; Author: Bill Henderson ; Created 10/12/1999 But vice city is from 2003 , in 1999 there was GTA2 and GTA1. So what does this mean??? Xanni
  7. okay , I will tell you the result. Xanni
  8. what happens when we change it to Font wheel drive??? Xanni
  9. what about that pic then? maybe JoinX used Photoshop , or maybe it was someone that wanted to give the 'cheater' a bad name... Xanni
  10. bann his nickname , anyone! and do you have his IP adress??? Xanni
  11. you can mail it to me if you are to lazy to upload , then I will host it for you... Xanni
  12. That link doent work russian scoobie , and what about money , is there a rule for that , like a minimm , because I made 665 dollar on a very long stoppie (no screenshot tho). Xanni
  13. Your russian scoobie? , arnt you the one that has a world record at The Gamers Alliance ,well , your link there doent work... Xanni
  14. Is this a good stoppie??? did anybody made abetter one? If so , can you please tell me how???"screenshots are welcome! Xanni
  15. I liked the editing (WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER???) but the stunts wernt that good , all the stunt movies I made where made WITHOUT any trainer / mod exept for MTA , and im proud of it , BTW. 99% of all stunt movies use no mods! Some stunts where cool , but the ending was crap (sorry) , but you interupted the middle of the stunt! Xanni
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