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  1. - Most time jumping from a 200 story high buidling without dieing - Longest time spend in a lava pool alive - Longest time spend without moving - Bigest game build ever (In Peta Byte) - longest time spend without playing a game More to come
  2. well I play guitar I study I work on gta-wo
  3. Can some one lock this up? no w8 lets spam tell the will lock this. So how are you all?
  4. oke and now for the n00bs, What is wmm2 and where can I download it?
  5. why am I feeling kidding then? he is kidding me. I KNOW IT!
  6. Well if the will keep up going for 1 year more then I think that more ppl wold forget mta-vc and start playing mta-SA But I do hope that gta SA will have multiplayer.
  7. well mutch ppl here who play music sayI have musical fingers
  8. I still remember when I saw your site first. I am one of the first ppl who did. Then the site looked just like the 1-year site. Well Congratulations
  9. Well I did but still cant diside.
  10. On the forums some one asked: Were can I find the MTA forums?
  11. Yea mebe, thats the point. But I just cant diside.
  12. Well just a normal piano. Not a keyboard. well the are kinda the same. But still we keep it at the piano
  13. What do you ppl think that sounds bether? a piano or a Normal (acostic) guitar?
  14. And I think that day is today. Downt you? Well the sooner the bether.
  15. ArtiGamer


    Yeah it does. Doesent it?
  16. yeah why do you ppl post here? Go find a other forum to spam.
  17. ArtiGamer


    Talking about spam. Why not make a sticky topic for servers.
  18. ArtiGamer

    Funny Pictures

    Lol, Well thats blocker. Translation: Cool dude
  19. Na we dident we always respected other gangs
  20. Stick to our forums you will find the newest info out there.
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