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  1. hey guys back again! heh ill be more into it once San An comes out hehehe im getting bored of vc done every single stunt spot miss u guys ^^
  2. ill always miss your stupid robot MTA news thing and your wacky vids . cya Hunty
  3. whats up? i just finished my 7 exams and il be hoping to get on MTA and IRC soon! hope i didnt miss much guys!!!!!
  4. Yeah... That whole war thing is a piece of crap, hope he's okay (Bye Curly!)
  5. theres some Illeagal form of MTA 0.3r2 goin around that bypasses checking your handling.cfg and default.ide, it also skips trainer usage. I just hope everyone using it is aware that it IS illegal and you can get in trouble witht eh LAW *BUMBUMBUM* Plus thats just having norespect for the great people that made this community, this game. Please people DONT screw around. if you want to create your own freaking game
  6. man that sucks for chaoswolf... probobly dont send my regards, he doesnt like me very much ^^ but good news, i can make it this friday!!! now i just need the time in GMT -8
  7. likewise, just got my comp back and my VC is sitting at my dads work (Where they fixed our comp, VC was in the CD drive still =D) and my dads gone to "Kamloops" stupid... well actually im glad hes gone.. but... yeah... =D and yeah i guess my fav weapon need changaroonieing. hmm... My Face! LoL that works everytime!
  8. haha i know! well the mods were in there for some fun. a real GB video would be boring as hell... plus i never said hey look at me i didnt use mods =P thats frowned upone when making mod videos =D and the rock to jazz thihng... i dont know, thats just how my brain works. R.B.F to iron maiden, to the Brian setzer orchestra!
  9. =P hey what can i say =D ima a video maker and i dont want this to get deleted from TGA =(
  10. no-one likes the rocket van! =p rockert vans I R teh l33t! =P
  11. *watches DJ not know how to spell* ^^
  12. also, its called " san andreas" because in the original GTA there was 3 places, Lib city, VIce city, and San andreas so THERE
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