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    I leave the work to morally corrupt people
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  1. Doesn't really matter, as long as we're mostly vets and still willing to play MTA... edit Point... i mean, Santa... how about shoving the AKA's and clan next to the [MC] name of members lower in the list... just to make it look formal... and so everybody knows who everyone else is and shiz...
  2. [MC]Sprouts ready to make lives a misery...
  3. You can't play MTA and NOT glitch... Type !tip into the Partyserver and you get some glitch advice, so n00bs can't complain. The only glitch we dispise seeing used eccessivly is the nade glitch... but glitches are part of the game so its adapt or get owned.
  4. What Kung said^ Am I old KFC or new KFC? Or Classic KFC? Concidering in 0.3 i was a 56k lag whore... used as bait during wars. 0.3 was the greatest... I doubt we'll ever get that sort of vibe back into the community unless something drastic happens soon... because if you want those wars again, KFC can't stay active forever.
  5. That gif. owns you all... remember that
  6. If i have DSL by mid August I'll prolly make it too... then we'll be able to notch another point onto KFC's 0.3 win streak... lol
  7. Kung runs MTA behind the smokey scenes. You must obey...
  8. Join date is the new Post Count... Iv'e been here nearly 2 years and I wanna celebrate my Anniversary on Thursday in some wierd style. I think I'll play MTA for the first time in a month and a half this weekend... im bored and have nothing to do.
  9. Theres a year old threat on the first page muttered by Mr.Bill Take heed... I am. Consider my pos. Kung may recommend my services...
  10. [KFC] El Burro


    GTASA for PC released in Europe today. [weak]yey[/weak] Not really that interested in buying it untill a Multiplayer mod is released for it.
  11. Yeah, cops bust up a Street Cruiser race, impound and end up going home with shiney new cars. Not to worry, we'd just steal some more
  12. Hey, Ransom... come here often baby. Lemme buy you a drink... I should be in... just look at that join date...
  13. lol, Kung... the Bobbies Rock... do thier work really well. For one... they did me for Firearms offences... but my Uncle is a DCI in the force and got me gun back. Friends in high places... Oh, and btw... SAP is just... wrong. And here I am in a gang called KFC... w00t...
  14. Yeah, can't they somehow remove the lock on and just give us back a crosshair. lol, Rockstar did this on purpose...
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