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  1. What do u think is better? GTA VC or True Crime Streets of L.A. well i know that every1 here is a vc fan.But maybe somebody think that True Crimeis better or its the same.
  2. really not a bad idea, a mess in the air sounds nice, but can the game still worx? i mean over 30 helis in the air at the same time, in d same point?
  3. if ur not sure if theres an other topic, u better sould use the search function. ( not a dis, jst a help 4 noobs) well about ur idea, i dnt think theres a chance 4 it.
  4. destroy the city? c'mon the city cnt be destroyd, or have u ever seen that if u shoot a building, that it looks like ground zero or something?
  5. hmm...well we have some good ideas and the hunted thing is cool, but whos gonna make that?
  6. very nice, i like the style, and the sound is cool, not really my style but ok. well i wnat 2 c more of ya vids. 9.5/10
  7. what a question? what do u mean with that?
  8. just in case my favorite is the flammetroher and the railgun.
  9. hm...aha no cars and bikes allowed 4 the hunted, and the hunters only can us rollers
  10. i read in a gamemag that the new gta will come nera end of the year 2004. and 4 the thing with japan on site one, ive been there and its a bIG mess there u really get lost in d traffic its a pain in d a**, num sayn? future, hm not a bad idea buti think its the present again, we had something like NY and LA in gta 3, and in 4 (VC) miami, so what about something in europe or asia?
  11. many german users with probs? lol ur damn ryt, also swiss users (im a swisscheese) had many probs at the start, but only bcoz they dnt know how to speak english. probs = problems ok?
  12. cool but, is it possible to make some pipes or ramps on the roof? nice work, go on.
  13. Whats ur favorite weapon in mta, and ur favorite way to kill ur enemy? with guns, cars or fist's?
  14. oh wow what a interesting post, now i feel much better after u said that, if u want to ask him dat, y u dnt send him a PM ( Privat Messages)
  15. no way, lowrider is the coolest gangcar in VC, it makes me feel like a P.I.M.P or a wicked hiphop gangstarapper
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