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  1. Whoa, wheelman died? I remember tearing ass around .3 in the sabre turbo's racing him. I used to love the old days when a nice stubby would take out hackers haha. I happen to browse back and hear bad news :\
  2. Well, it's been awhile. I'll probably start jumping on with friends in a week or so. Can't say I agree with how it changed from .3 to .5, but it's up to the dev's and not me. And, worse comes to worst I could lan it at cons heh.
  3. UA runs a pretty nice server...it's a shame they are all crying 12 yo's with no sense of justice...well that's about all I have to say about this issue. Don't play on the server if you don't like playing with immature brats.
  4. Yeah I was there for the beginning of the whole bitching whining fest. A lot of people seem to think they are gods...when they die they get...well...into a hissy fit suited to a 5yo. Theman really shouldn't have the right to admin a server if he's going to be such a person. In the end everyone needs to take a god damned chill pill and realize it's just a game. I also think that we need to make sure people understand the difference berween cheating and skill is before we give them admin rights.
  5. 1.0 installs from the disc, a clean install, you can obtain the 1.1 patch (this is MAINLY for geforce systems with graphic corruption) from: http://www.take2games.com/index.php?p=support_patches select vice, and download 1.1 patch. Might want to rename the original exe before you instal the patch, just in case.
  6. a) correct, people are using it for unfair advantages, and disrupting gameplay. Imagine on cheater...who controls ANOTHER cheater like a puppet, it becomes quite annoying when you're trying to have a fight and a retard swoops in with clones. b) I think the main problem is it's impossible to monitor everyone, and who know how easy it is to turn the bot off and make everyone look the fool when it comes around to banning.
  7. Bladexen was telling me something about being banned from smoker's recently now that I think of it, any of the server's admins got info on that? I'll get his ip whenever I can.
  8. I've seen people make it "clone" their movements with about a second delay...it's like fighting fucking clones, altho the cheater was quite suprised when I killed him, then his pussy bot ;P Anyway, blocking mutliple connections from one ip would suck, too often I have a friend come over to play mta. If it's another app, couldn't it be stopped...well, attempted to be stopped the same way a trainer can? On a side note: I'm really getting fed up with these people...be nice if they'd have some respect to those who really want to fucking play a game. Damn kids.
  9. experienced this problem with a certain person who said "live with it, I kill everywhere." Is it possible to have the camera fly over the spawn, so the textures will load, then move the character there afterwards? Or is it dependant on the camera
  10. Often kagato (current bns member) would drop by my house to play on my dsl since he only has dialup...we cranked up .4 and only one of us could play at a time. He could play fine while it was all my client could do to stay on the server lol I believe I have 1mbit down, 512 up. (whatever it is, it needs to be faster ) I got curious, and opened bittorrent while we were both connected, mta absorbed so much of my bandwidth the program couldn't even connect to trackers lol.
  11. I noticed that both systems of mine that run 1.1 crash less, the one with an ati card running 1.0 crashes the same as before...anyone else's experiences correlate with mine? BTW: I'd still like my posts back if that's alright lol
  12. hmm, i'm running a 2.8ghz p4, 768mb ram, 64 mb geforcego something or other...and I found fraps ran fine until more than 3 people/ used cars got on screen. It'd go from 30 fps to 7-9 even if they were all just standing there. I found it a bit odd.
  13. why wasn't this posted for the past mta's? ace says "i have the reged version" and he never told about it? lol Not only did it keep mta from crashing, it solved a bastard driver issue that caused explorer to crash when previewing divx...first adaware now anticrash Edit, oh yeah and my post count just completely disappeared, someone replace those plz
  14. lol, reminds me of the old "futuristic cars" gsv2 code I wanted to note, in my experience, in spec mode typing '/next' and '/prev' seems to crash A LOT less than using the arrows, I can scroll thru the players with nearly no crashes til something demanding happens (two nades in close succession) and then it crashed on me.
  15. My main concern was the respawn crash, but I think this had to do with the .3 uninstaller not deleteing that dll in the windows folder, I deleted it manually reinstalled .4 and I think it works now. I also crash in spec mode if i hit the arrow more than once. I also noticed, i've been killed by fire a few times, and it never seemed to count as a kill to anyone lol, is this on purpose?
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