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  1. i was thinking this through the other day, and i cant find a similar suggestion anywhere on the forums. (this is going to be hard to explain ) when the attacking player, holds down the firebutton to charge a grenade/Molo, an internal counter (distance) should start. So when the attacking player releases the button, the counter stops at a certain number, and send that number to the attacked player, so the attacked player gets the (somewhat) same distance as the attackers molo/gren on his screen. i havent got a clue on how to do programming, but i dont think this sounds like a difficult task.. (lynch me if it is) hope someone understood this, so they can explain to the rest
  2. I can do the danish translation. I speak dansih as mother tounge. I did the step by step guide for 0.2
  3. i see small clans run around. But its usually the same story, with 2-3 guys sitting on LAN.. Same deal with the servers. Just thought i might be lucky, that some of them actually might be small serious clans. i wanted to avoid joining other clans from other countries, because i want to see a danish clan on the mta-euleauge.com - But if my search fails, i'll give it a shot on another clan. The stupid danes thing: you would actually be surprised, if you knew how many danes that suck at english, even tho' they come on english boards. But apart from that, i did it for the feeling of it, if you know what i mean.
  4. jeg har lagt mærke til, at danske klaner ikke optræder meget på mta-scenen. Så jeg ledte efter en klan at slutte mig til, eller eventuelt nogen som er med på at starte en dansk mta klan. Så kunne vi melde os ind i mta eu leauge, og have nogle spændnende kampe med vores nabolande. (hvem ved.. måske tæver vi dem allesammen ) (grunden til at de helst skal være danske, er at det bliver en del nemmere på teamspeak. ) lad mig høre fra jer.. jeg ved i er der. Translation: I've noticed, that danish clans isnt really seen on the mta-scene. So im looking for a danish clan to join, or to find people who are interrested in starting one. Then we could join the mta-euleauge, and have some good games with our neighbour-countries (who knows, maybe even beat the cr*p outta them all ) (the reason that i prefer danes, is that it makes things alot easier on teamspeak ) Lemme hear from you.. i know youre there.
  5. i started playing mta, when i finally bowed under to its system req. (winxp) that was v. 0.1vc (where everyone started at the big chaos at malibou )
  6. I know i might burn my hands by asking this. Isn't the progress bar update, from 50%(as i remember it) to 80% a little too quick a desicion then? Because, i remember that step took shorter time, than the current step from 80% to 100% (or 90%).
  7. bon3101

    Speed running

    yes, thats why i started this thread. Maybe even faster.. oh, and jump like superman.
  8. bon3101

    Speed running

    well, can you code scm?
  9. bon3101

    Speed running

    scm coding? is that hard? if so, is it hard to learn?
  10. bon3101

    Speed running

    yeah, and jumping higher. i just like fiddling with that kinda things
  11. bon3101

    Speed running

    Iv'e recently discovered the joys of modding cars. (not with mta) and i wanted to mod the players run-speed too. Is that possible? And if it is, how is it done? i tried looking around in other cfg's, but didn't find anything that was linked to the players run-speed. Thanks in advance.
  12. Give me something to translate, and i'll do it.
  13. bon3101

    loading screen

    heh. my vicecity takes 1+ min. to load. all hail to my 600Mhz!
  14. try removing/deleting the gta vice city userfiles, in your documents folder. it helped me once. (it contains your savegames, so a backup would do wonders )
  15. bon3101

    Melee Mode

    how about syncronising fistfighting? and put it in stunt mode, so you can slap the guy, who just knocked over your bike.
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