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  3. Good day everyone, i dont really know much about scripting but i have this problem, i bought a dayz gamemode but then the problem is when you aim the sniper it will appear in front of the scope here take a look . Can anyone do a code for me please??? As I've said i know nothing about scripting i am really sorry guys https://reccloud.com/u/hf0eq3g Thanks,
  4. Venho por meio desta mensagem Alertar todos do grupo sobre um picareta chamado Punk ou PunkStudios, se diz programador de MTA infelizmente eu caí em um golpe com esse malandro que fica Oferecendo Mods de escadas no Discord, que fiquem de alerta para você ou outras pessoas não caírem no mesmo golpe, cuidado com quem vocês realizam suas compras. https://ibb.co/Sxd4mt0 (imagem da loja dele), cuidado rpz!
  5. Venho por meio desta mensagem Alertar todos do grupo sobre um picareta chamado Punk ou  PunkStudios, se diz programador de MTA infelizmente eu caí em um golpe com esse malandro que fica Oferecendo Mods  de escadas no Discord, que fiquem de alerta para você ou outras pessoas não caírem no mesmo golpe, cuidado com quem vocês realizam suas compras. https://uploaddeimagens.com.br/imagens/rehy8ZA

  6. You could use shaders to add image layers, I remember doing this back then with clothes textures so I could have NBA jerseys on CJ, so it should be possible what you mention
  7. I haven't tested it as I dont have a model available right now, but would it be possible to load a ped or a car with engineRequestModel, get the ID with getElementID, then replace it to whatever with engineSetModelTXDID? For example, let's say we wanted to add Tommy Vercetti to the game, and assign him ID 313 (I think that's the first free ID), would it be possible to create a tommy element, get its id, then change it to 313? (and ofc destroy the element afterwards) If this is possible, how cars and peds created this way can have sounds? Can I somehow load ped voices from vice city so we can have the "official teta inspector" line in game?
  8. Nebla

    Nebla - Knave

    Hi there, Today, I would like to present you with my latest Old School map creation: "Knave." Inspired by my admiration for G.I character Arlecchino, I decided to create a map centered around her instead of basing it on a region. Arlecchino has become one of my favorite characters due to her intriguing backstory, past, and captivating character design. Known as the Fourth of the Fatui Harbingers and also known as “Knave”, Arlecchino is the Director and Owner of the House of the Hearth, an orphanage in Snezhnaya. Enjoy the video! Inspiration I was inspired by the Arlecchino character demo video to create the map. The video starts in Mondstadt Cathedral and moves through Inazuma and the Sumeru desert region known as Mausoleum of King Deshret before ending in the Opera Epiclese of Fontaine. After the next part, we don't know where she went, only that she is sitting on a throne. I tried to replicate the scenes from the character demo video and synchronize the map's music with the atmosphere like as in my previous concept old school maps, Inazuma, Sumeru, Mausoleum of King Deshret & Fontaine However, I made a reinterpretation of one part. When the song becomes soft again with clouds and kids, I instead created a green zone covered with a hundreds of flowers. I added Arlecchino's character ascend material flower, the rainbow rose. Credits Video & Edit by VonKasty Detailed credits can be found in the video's description. You may subscribe to Nakvie's YouTube channel as the owner of the Channel) Special thanks to Nico for assisting me with fixing the Red Flash part in the map! Best regards, Nebla
  10. I want to open the door of a model in gta and like pd game mod owl when you open the door there is still a black box inside and how to remove it. https://s8.uupload.ir/files/screenshot_2024-05-29_080703_y4m3.png https://s8.uupload.ir/files/screenshot_2024-05-29_080717_wx45.png
  11. Last week
  12. the issue with the function itself it is no longer works https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/SetVehicleDirtLevel
  13. @TutI also want to make it clear that the Cordoba Al Piso server is solely mine since I manage all their social networks and I have had it for many years. thank you

  14. For those who want to achieve a more GTA-like prelight on their models, when creating a color attribute, choose "face corner" (https://prnt.sc/0uO-QH1jA-jW). This will help to prevent the 'leakage' of color onto other faces in Blender. Additionally, it is recommended to use "set vertex color" instead of a brush. With 'leakage': https://prnt.sc/lBK51pFfJhKL Without 'leakage': https://prnt.sc/ivXUniA0_ZWD In other words, this will allow you to clearly define the prelight on specific faces, without the 'dirt' that is not present on the original models in GTA.
  15. how can I make a Timestamp, I want the time in the chat, I took resources, they either do not work, or there will be 2 messages each example of what I want:
  16. Dude, thank you very much, it worked perfectly
  17. kiw4551

    Duel Script

    Does anyone know where to download this script? I'd like to use it on my Dayz server, please. (Please ask permission from the owner of the photo)
  18. Prunya

    Обращасю с проблемой , менял комлектубщие на свой компьютер , и переустонавливал виндоус , после переустановления скачал мта и заходя на любой сервер выдало ошибку СD47. Я в игре уже много лет и никогда не пользовался запрещеными программами . причина бана не указана а так же не указано на какое время .

    I'm dealing with a problem, I changed the components on my computer, and reinstalled Windows, after reinstalling I downloaded MTA and when I went to any server I got error CD47. I've been in the game for many years and have never used prohibited programs. The reason for the ban is not specified and it is also not specified for how long

    serial number CDD1D2AA4209F4D48FDDB9EA5365E292


  19. Hello guys, i know nothing about scripting and i also got the same problem bindKey("aim_weapon","both",function(key,state) local weapon=getPedWeapon(localPlayer) if weapon==34 then local objs=getElementsByType("object",root,true) for i,obj in ipairs(objs) do if isElementAttachedToBone(obj) then local alpha=getElementAlpha(obj) if alpha==0 and state=="up" then setElementAlpha(obj,255) elseif alpha==255 and state=="down" then setElementAlpha(obj,0) end end end end end)
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  21. Как вы решили эту проблему ,помогите
  22. Jak sama nazwa wskazuje numer seryjny (serial) tego urządzenia został zablokowany albo przez MTA albo przez sam serwer.
  23. Hello I Want Create Custom Charcter System My Qustion Is : how To Change A Skin Texture 4 Example : My Skin Is ID 1 And I Have Truth With Blue Cloth And My Friend Have Skin ID 1 With Defualt Truth Cloth or Somthing Like This - Sorry 4 My Very Very Bad English And Tnx 4 Ur Time ! - Alireza
  24. Hi, I am new to MTA in general and i encountered a problem when i tried to play for the first time. Then i Joined First Time it says Error CC23 Connection Time Out i can Only Join my own server that i hosted my self on my laptop . i am using my own laptop to play MTA
  25. i have an error : ERROR: mysql/connection.lua:62: attempt to call global 'mysql_ping' (a nil value)
  26. Hello friend, u have a discord?


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