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  2. ACABEI DE BAIXAR O MTA PELA PRIMEIRA VEZ E ESTOU BANIDO, SENDO QUE NUNCA JOGUEI PRINT DO ERRO: file:///C:/Users/willi/OneDrive/Imagens/Capturas%20de%20tela/Captura%20de%20Tela%20(2).png /Suporte /help
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  4. Hi. I have came here with small question. I've made login panel. And everything works fine with standard sha256 function. But i want add salt to passwords and i have no idea how to do it.maybe someone of you can help. Thanks function etcetc(pass,log) --pass is string if log and pass then local passwd = sha256(pass+"salt") dbQuery(myBasePass,"INSERT etc etc.."passwd" ") end --i realy don't know what i'm doing xDD, maybe --it's time for sleep Edit1 Nevermind. Contagenation in lua is made by two dots operand. Small thing. And can take whole day.
  5. miguel19877

    VF#33 help

    Please help, I don't have NetLimiter installed..... and nothing related to it on Drivers folder of System32. https://pastebin.multitheftauto.com/5986437385
  6. me encontraba instalando unos cuantos carros modificados instale 5 pero solo el juego visualizo 2 y todos su numeros e nombres esta bien ayuda?
  7. I asked to be deleted and it hasn't happened. Since I'm depressed, unmotivated and bored, I will use this opportunity to bitch and moan about MTA Team's, in my opinion, bad decision. This is to help prevent a psychotic (?) episode (please feel pity for me!! (please feel pity for me!!)). First up, I hate the computer/tech industry. Everyone is made to upgrade, so they can forget about what was possible using better software. If you think I'm stupid, you never went down this rabbit hole (you're uneducated) or you don't care to (you're stupid). I'm writing this on a 2004 laptop with a low wattage CPU clocked at 1.2ghz (although as of MTA 1.2 or 1.3, it can not play anymore due to the added Shader Model 2 requirement (?)). You can STILL have an acceptable experience, even on hardware this age, it's just getting harder to do so, and there needs to be resistance. Why on earth would you require Windows 10? Every iteration of Windows is the worst thing that has happened yet, again and again. Each uses a little more RAM, adds new requirements, and so on. Windows purely exists to raise the bar of entry, to what is considered a good computer. I will not use Windows 10. Many people make the point "barely anyone uses this hardware anymore". Okay, would you have upgraded if there was no need to? Some software gave you that "need" to upgrade, it was probably Windows, a web browser (Chrome, Firefox) or an app based on a web browser (Discord, Teams). You wouldn't be saying this if there wasn't people like that, ruining optimization. My 2010 laptop I play MTA on will soon not be able to do so anymore. I don't want to use Windows 10 because it sucks, I don't want to buy a new laptop because it won't have the qualities I desire, I can't use Linux because the GPU (Intel HD) driver on it has insufficient capabilities for some DirectX 9 apps (as of now). With the discontinuation of XP I gave you the benefit of doubt, but not with this. Don't make CEF mandatory. Don't allow code of newer and newer MSVC versions. Don't make breaking changes just for the sake of bolstering the anti cheat. In my fantasy, MTA could be compiled without anti cheat, making it fully open source. Then it could potentially be ported to compile with mingw instead, to re-acquire XP support. But that's a pipe dream. Don't drink the Kool-Aid.
  8. Hey Dear MTA Creators, Serial: 4E5687FBCE632114F23648D308D457F2 I would like to get unban in MTA i cant join any server anymore because of TRAINER im ban 10 days and i cant play for 5 days and 5 days left but im sorry please unban me i cant wait for 5 days pleaseeei miss for mta please unban me i want to play mtaaa
  9. I am not familiar with these programs, can you please mark the 13th bit for me? How can I find it?
  10. https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/SetElementVisibleTo Can you explain exactly what you want?
  11. local hidemark -- define hidemark as a global variable function createMarkers() hidemark = createMarker(10, 50, 5, "cylinder", 1, 0, 255, 0) end addEventHandler("onResourceStart", resourceRoot, createMarkers) function mark(thePlayer, matchingDimension) if matchingDimension and isElement(thePlayer) and getElementType(thePlayer) == "player" then local markerveh = createMarker(0, 0, 5, "cylinder", 1, 0, 255, 0) -- Do something with markerveh end end addEventHandler("onMarkerHit", hidemark, mark) function job1(thePlayer) setElementVisibleTo(hidemark, root, false) end addCommandHandler("hidemark", job1) this test code, i hope helps to you
  12. hi guys i want call marker from another function like this code local hidemark = createMarker(10,50,5,"cylinder",1,0,255,0) function mark(theplayer) markerveh =createMarker(0,0,5,"cylinder",1,0,255,0) end addEventHandler("onMarkerHit",marker1,mark) function job1(theplayer) setElementVisibleTo(markerveh,root,false)-- for here end addCommandHandler("hidemark",job1)
  13. @jafar90 I have gone ahead and move your post into a separate thread. Like Dutchman explained in the other thread it's best that you contact the author first as locks are there for a reason. Some locks can also be removed by using a HEX editor and changing the 13th bit from 01 to 00
  14. Hello friends, I downloaded this file https://www.gtainside.com/en/sanandreas/cars/175252-toyota-supra-1993-jza80-us-spec/ , but inside RW it is displayed like this and I can't make any changes
  15. GELE.

    Serial problem

    Hello! The problem was detected yesterday (06.08). While playing, I was ejected from a MTA server ( windows screen, blue background, error message) and then restarted my computer. Currently it is the biggest Hungarian roleplay server, SeeMTA, which is still based on MTA, although it uses a separate client. After reconnecting I got this error message when logging in: This serial has a different user. After a short discussion with the SeeMTA support team, we found out that the user has 2 accounts, owned by a completely different player from me, and on a completely separate computer. I contacted him and it became clear that we had the same serial. SeeMTA support can't handle the problem, so they sent me to you. My serial: F6AE69981F3B6E30C67625D9D7CD92E4 Can you help me with this problem? Thank you in advance!
  16. Dica sobre os markers: Crie uma tabela com todos os markers para poupar espaço na memória mantendo todos eles na mesma variável. É melhor fazer assim do que vários createMarkers em variáveis diferentes. local theMarkers = { createMarker(0, 0, 3.5, "cylinder"), createMarker(0, 4, 3.5, "cylinder"), createMarker(0, -4, 3.5, "cylinder"), } function function1(keyPresser, key, keyState) -- Função que é ativada ao apertar a tecla bindada G. if isElementWithinMarker (keyPresser, theMarkers[1]) then -- Se o jogador que apertou a tecla estiver dentro do primeiro marker, então: -- Faz tal coisa. elseif isElementWithinMarker (keyPresser, theMarkers[2]) then -- Senão, se ele estiver no segundo marker, então: -- Faz outra coisa. elseif isElementWithinMarker (keyPresser, theMarkers[3]) then -- E assim por diante. -- Faz outra coisa. end end -- Não precisa da function2, pois todos os markers ativarão a function1 que vai determinar oq cada um faz.
  17. Prefira usar variáveis predefinidas. Troque todos os getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()) por resourceRoot. Troque todos os getRootElement() por root. Ao usar getElementsByType, a ordem dos elementos não importa. O pairs é um pouco mais rápido que o ipairs. Troque todos os ipairs por pairs. Por não ser necessário o índice, você pode ignorar a variável i dos loops, trocando eles por _ (underline). Troque todos os i dos loops por _ Não adicione o mesmo evento várias vezes. No seu exemplo você está adicionando 2 onPlayerJoin e 2 onResourceStart. Coloque todos os bindKey na mesma função onde está o onPlayerJoin e o onResourceStart. Delete as funções e eventos repetidos.
  18. Cześć, mam problem ponieważ nie wiem jak mogę oświetlić model który wykonuje, chodzi o to że jeżeli importuje model z mta do blendera to jak go skończe to jest w środku albo biały model w sensie bardzo jasne tekstury albo muszę włączyć doubleside aby to normalnie wyglądało.
  19. Redesign of the Multi Theft Auto website. SOURCE CODE AND DOCS I decided to help MTA and make a remake of their old website, and that's what I got, you can see my source code at the link above, there is also a screenshot there. The MTA team, notice this) Special Thanks: The MTA Team for maintaining this great game.
  20. About Us Coopera LS Roleplay is an English-based MTA Server. The community is here to provide quality roleplay along with a welcoming experience.Coopera has been in dormant existence from 2017.Coopera Los Santos is supposed to give that nostalgic feeling to players and a warm and welcoming community based in Red County (Los Santos County) to support newcomers, and oldtimers alike. We are here to ensure that we can keep the English MTA Roleplaying scene alive, even if it's only on a small scale! We are determined to show true passion towards the roleplaying scene. --------------------------------------------------------- هو خادم MTA مقره باللغة الإنجليزية. المجتمع هنا لتقديم لعب أدوار عالي الجودة إلى جانب تجربة ترحيبية ، كانت كوبيرا في حالة نائمة منذ عام 2017 ، ومن المفترض أن تمنح كوبيرا لوس سانتوس هذا الشعور بالحنين للاعبين ومجتمعًا دافئًا ومرحبًا في ريد كاونتي (مقاطعة لوس سانتوس) لدعم القادمين الجدد وكبار السن على حد سواء. نحن هنا للتأكد من أنه يمكننا الحفاظ على مشهد لعب الأدوار الإنجليزي MTA على قيد الحياة ، حتى لو كان ذلك على نطاق صغير فقط! نحن مصممون على إظهار شغف حقيقي تجاه مشهد تمثيل الأدوار. Goal Our goals are easy... create a community for all to enjoy, hang out, meet new friends and rekindle with old friends. The English RP community is something that is closely-knit and often brings familiar faces around. We're not here to compete against other gamemodes, we're just here to provide what the players want. With that being said, we are always happy to take suggestions and feedback so that we can provide a community that the players can call home. --------------------------------------------------------- أهدافنا سهلة ... أنشئ مجتمعًا يستمتع به الجميع ، ويتسكع ، ويلتقي بأصدقاء جدد ويعيد الحيوية مع الأصدقاء القدامى. مجتمع اللغة الإنجليزية RP هو شيء مترابط وغالبًا ما يجلب الوجوه المألوفة حوله. لسنا هنا للتنافس ضد ألعاب أخرى ، نحن هنا فقط لتقديم ما يريده اللاعبون. مع ما يقال ، يسعدنا دائمًا تلقي الاقتراحات والتعليقات حتى نتمكن من توفير مجتمع يمكن للاعبين الاتصال به في المنزل. Staff Team Our staff team is combined with hardened veterans in the roleplaying community, along with newcomers. We have some interesting and talented folk that are with us on this project. Our staff team is the driving force behind the works, keeping the cogs turning so that players can enjoy a fluid experience. Some of our key staff members have returned to take the reigns once again to ensure that the players can achieve the experience they desire. --------------------------------------------------------- يتم دمج فريق العمل لدينا مع قدامى المحاربين في مجتمع لعب الأدوار ، جنبًا إلى جنب مع الوافدين الجدد. لدينا بعض الأشخاص المثيرين للاهتمام والموهوبين معنا في هذا المشروع. فريق العمل لدينا هو القوة الدافعة وراء الأعمال ، حيث يحافظ على التروس تدور حتى يتمكن اللاعبون من الاستمتاع بتجربة سلسة. عاد بعض أعضاء فريقنا الأساسيين لتولي زمام الأمور مرة أخرى للتأكد من أن اللاعبين يمكنهم تحقيق التجربة التي يرغبون فيها. Useful Information I have explained in detail and checked previously watch video: How to create character: 4:25 Name Character must: Full Name EX: Texas Andor YO: example : 26 minimum: 16 DD: example : 7 HT: example : 178 minimum: 160 WT: example: 89 ------------- Factions Jobs system Maps Car shops Rob system ---------------------------------------------- Custom Skin Uploads per Character(DFF/TXD) Multiple Factions per Character Imports & Exotic Vehicle Dealership NPC Drug Dealers & Buyers New Unseen before Jobs Advanced Finances and Banking, allowing for multiple bank accounts, investments, businesses etc. Monopolize the city! Advanced and realistic Weapon System with countless possibilities. Advanced and realistic Vehicle System that really sets apart the value of owning a brand new vehicle or an old beater. Scripted Vehicle & Interior Break-ins/thefts. Advanced and realistic smartphone capable of storing data, applications, custom wallpapers etc. 150+ Custom Vehicles, 100+ Custom Objects, 40+ Vehicle Upgrades, 50+ Custom Weapons and currently 50+ Uploaded Skins, all added NOT replaced. Custom Environment modding to suit the atmosphere and location we are roleplaying. Useful Links UCP: https://powercs.ro/ Forums: https://coopera.ahlamontada.com/login Discord: https://discord.gg/RXDAeQv5zm Server IP: mtasa:// Thank You! Thanks for taking the time to read. We hope that you stop by and check us out. We are always looking to interact with the community, because at the end of the day, without the people, a community is nothing. From the bottom of our hearts, the Coopera Staff do truly appreciate the time that people take to play, interact and contribute to the community. If you have made it this far, thank you for reading. Your time and patience is greatly appreciated. We look forward to seeing you on launch! Please visit the Forums or our Discord to stay up to date for the server's release. --------------------------------------------------------- شكرا لأخذ الوقت الكافي لقراءة. نأمل أن تتوقف وتراجعنا. نتطلع دائمًا إلى التفاعل مع المجتمع ، لأنه في نهاية اليوم ، بدون الناس ، لا يكون المجتمع شيئًا. من أعماق قلوبنا ، يقدر موظفو Coopera حقًا الوقت الذي يستغرقه الأشخاص للعب والتفاعل والمساهمة في المجتمع. إذا كنت قد وصلت إلى هذا الحد ، أشكركم على القراءة. نقدر كثيرا وقتك وصبرك. نتطلع إلى رؤيتك عند الإطلاق! يرجى زيارة المنتديات أو موقع Discord الخاص بنا للبقاء على اطلاع دائم بإصدار الخادم.
  21. local screenW, screenH = guiGetScreenSize() addEvent("alarmSound", true) addEventHandler("alarmSound", localPlayer, function() sound = playSound3D("assets/sounds/alarm.mp3", 2310.35425, -7.48090, 26.74219, true) setSoundMaxDistance(sound, 150) end) addEvent("pBar", true) addEventHandler("pBar", localPlayer, function() function renderText() dxDrawText("Bomb Planting", screenW * 0.14, screenH * 0.48, screenW * 0.22, screenH * 0.51, tocolor(5, 229, 194, 255), 0.60, "bankgothic", "left", "top", false, false, false, false, false) end addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, renderText) local progressWidth = screenW * 0.2 local progressHeight = screenH * 0.03 local progressX = (screenW - progressWidth) / 2 local progressY = (screenH - progressHeight) / 2 progBar = guiCreateProgressBar(progressX, progressY, progressWidth, progressHeight, false) timeBar = 100 setTimer(function() timeBar = timeBar - 6.66666666667 lastTime = timeBar guiProgressBarSetProgress(progBar, lastTime) if lastTime <= 0 then guiSetVisible(progBar, false) removeEventHandler("onClientRender", root, renderText) end end, 1000, 15) end) I didn't test it, but I edited the visible parts, if there are any other problems, let me know.
  22. никогда на подобных проектах не играл купил ноутбук 3 дня назад скачиваю мта и меня банят я не понимаю за что я уже все антивирусы попробылав ничего не помогает я не читер и никогда не читерил надеюсь на ваше понимание пожайлиста помогите мне я даже не поиграл я не оправдываюсь Я НЕ ЧИТЕРИЛ СЕРИЯ6AC588144ADE470901681DBFAACF5F80
  23. I have a small problem.. I made a progress bar so that it is centered on my display but it doesn't fit on the display of other players. How to make one? @Shady1 @FlorinSzasz local screenW, screenH = guiGetScreenSize() addEvent("alarmSound", true) addEventHandler("alarmSound", localPlayer, function() sound = playSound3D("assets/sounds/alarm.mp3", 2310.35425, -7.48090, 26.74219, true) setSoundMaxDistance(sound, 150) end) addEvent("pBar", true) addEventHandler("pBar", localPlayer, function() function renderText() dxDrawText("Bomb Planting", 331, 505, 405, 528, tocolor(5, 229, 194, 255), 0.60, "bankgothic", "left", "top", false, false, false, false, false) end addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, renderText) timeBar = 100 progBar = guiCreateProgressBar(screenW /2 -50 , screenH / 2 - 50 , 159, 34, false) setTimer(function() timeBar = timeBar - 6.66666666667 lastTime = timeBar guiProgressBarSetProgress(progBar, lastTime) if lastTime <= 0 then guiSetVisible(progBar, false) removeEventHandler("onClientRender", root, renderText) end end, 1000, 15) end)
  24. Estou com um script e criei algumas binds, na mesma tecla, porém executa funções diferentes, e para executar a função tem que estar no marker, o código (apenas das binds) é esse: ------------- exemplo1 function bindexemplo1() for i, v in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do bindKey(v, "g", "down", function1) end end addEventHandler("onResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()), bindexemplo1) function bindexemplo11() bindKey(source, "g", "down", function1) end addEventHandler("onPlayerJoin", getRootElement(), bindexemplo11) ------------- exemplo2 function bindexemplo2() for i, v in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do bindKey(v, "g", "down", function2) end end addEventHandler("onResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()), bindexemplo2) function bindexemplo22() bindKey(source, "g", "down", function2) end addEventHandler("onPlayerJoin", getRootElement(), bindexemplo22) queria saber se dá algum problema usar a mesma tecla para executar as funções diferentes, deixando claro que no inicio das funções coloquei para que se o player estiver no marker então executa com a bind, cada função é um marker diferente. Existe algum problema nisso? se sim tem alguma forma correta para usar? edit: Até então não deu nenhum debug e estava funcionando tudo perfeitamente, só queria saber se pode ocasionar algum bug futuramente ou se tem como "otimizar" o código.
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