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  1. For the record, there never was maturity in the MTA clans. Ever. I just thought I'd make that clear before someone gets the wrong idea and thinks that mta wasnt full of a bunch of whiny punks at one point.
  2. your all sick pervs. .... But this is the internet so... signed.
  3. Mr.Bill

    I'm baaaaaaaaack

    Its about damn time me. Welcome back
  4. Stupidest thing Ive done.... Is read these forums. and not ban all of you. OH BURN! But in all honesty, I doubt this forum has the ability to talk about stupid things seriously. Prove me wrong children! Prove me wrong!
  5. oh, and for the sake of the gang double post.
  6. Don't make me crush you ransom, god knows I still can. Blasta can be declaired pver when you take it from my cold dead hands! and before that happens I plan to ban the lot of ya! Blasta isn't dead, it will never die. If I cease to exist Blasta will live on. Blasta isn't just a "gang" consisting of some of the greatest minds** of our time, it's a way of life. (**-MrBill/Xerox)
  7. A: if he is, he gets the kids. We get the car. Q: but then again, how do we as a sociaty define "car"?
  8. * [FKU]Jani killed [FMJ]DomSpy. (Rofldog) * [FMJ]DomSpy killed [FKU]Jani. (Silenced Ingram) * [FKU]Jani killed [FMJ]DomSpy. (Rofldog) * [FMJ]DomSpy killed [FKU]Jani. (Molotov) * [FKU]Jani killed [FMJ]DomSpy. (Rofldog) * [FMJ]DomSpy killed [FKU]Jani. (Cleaver) * [FKU]Jani killed [FMJ]DomSpy. (Rofldog) * [FMJ]DomSpy killed [FKU]Jani. (MP5) * [FKU]Jani killed [FMJ]DomSpy. (Rofldog) * whitey|laptop killed [FMJ]Domspy (Harry) * [FMJ]DomSpy killed [FKU]Jani. (Tec9) * [FMJ]DomSpy killed whitey|laptop. (Grenade) that's why you were banned. domspy would of be been banned, but on the initial kick he did not rejoin.
  9. Here's how I see things Whenever things go a way that Deathb dosnt agree with, it automatically is BS and GAY and is stupid and absive every fucking time. I dont think Ive ever seen deathb hold up an arguement with nothing more then "that's a gay rule you abuser ass" So, Deathb, thats why no one listens to your whiny ass anymore, it's all you do is whine.
  10. Mr.Bill

    2 things

    k, There is a rule, and Im here to enforce it. if Any of you have problems with it, take it to pm, this little "Ill start a post and get the community on my side" bs is not going to be tolerated by ME. Deathb, dont even try.
  11. Merry christmas to you all! Sorry I was out of it, didnt know mods was fixed, had I known, I'd of gladfully passed out the ban.
  12. Guys! Guys! it's pretty obious NEITHER of you have friends, so lets quit this bickering and get back to the game... not that thats any improvment, but atleast its on topic
  13. Mr.Bill

    If your banned!

    If you go on to the right irc, you need to talk to the right mod, with the right attitude. EXAMPLE! Wrong: Yo dawgg, Why am I banned? you flamed, banned for a week Well im sorry, just unban me now it dosnt work like that No, you dont understand, unban me ok? This is where I usually go off to block that said person, and probably ban him from the channel. Im nice that way. Right: Hey, is there a super mod around here? Yeah? I was banned, I don't know why, could you tell me? *If I know why, I'd tell you, if I don't, I'd tell you I don't Well, when can I get unbanned? "Usually a week if it wasnt that bad, mind you it's best you remind me to unban you because I forget very easily Oh, k. thanks then. Cya If that would ever happen, My faith in the gangs section would be partially restored. THINGS NOT TO DO!: *Boss the super mod around, as in, order him to unban you. that makes things worst *say such things as "I was banned for no reason bs!" - Lately, theres usually a reason for the ban. So that is usually not true, also makes things worst *Swearing at the super mod for being a nazi prick... Guess what that will get you. *Bitching about the ban wont help either.
  14. Mr.Bill

    If your banned!

    I don't think people are understanding the purpose of a ban. If your account is banned, it means stay of the forums. If you want to get unbanned, you DONT make a new account and pm a mod, you go on IRC or get someone else to pm him for you. Pm from another account you just made is not going to help you in getting unbanned, since it's breaking the rules.
  15. You guys are, REAL smart. U.F.F.E. is banned for doing exactly what I told him not too. and as for chode, you actually had a point, thing is I had ot warn duck first before I could ban him because when I doont warn people bitch about it, THEN he got banned. your pms did do something. So dont think your always being ignore. Im locking his thread since its pointless.
  16. ha, funny how people are all like "ban him, he's spamming our thread" Yet, I see a lot of people here doing the SAME THING! Keep it up and the lot of ya will banned.
  17. nice try posty, but I think thats also a TAD large.
  18. Wheel, youve been taking shots at the mods none stop dont give me shit about insulting you, I rarely even post, the only time I do is when stuff has to be said, and Im telling you now, keep making cracks about how we mod and youll be banned. Once or twice Ill live, but when every post you freaking make is directed as us, it pass's the limit
  19. Keep pusing wheel, a lot of people would be happy to see you banned again.
  20. Ron, you wonder why you got banned in the first place. Wheel, your one lucky punk, so quit your whining, you almost never get picked on.
  21. Ron wasnt banned for the avatar, He was banned for other reasons. and as for Brophy, If you try to take everything we do and turn it around to make it look like its unfair to someone by forgetting to add a few facts here and there, or adding a few too many, you will be banned. Ron was banned for other reasons. NOT his avatar, and as it seems that no one knows why he was banned, it seems like it was a pointless ban. There is still evidence of why he was banned. He "unofficially" lashed out, and got banned for it. If this type of behavior continues on this forums, I will do what I have to, to stop it. This forum is not for you gang people, its for new people to help find about the game and ask questions, when you people go on and flame and spam in every whichc direction, new people get turned away. We are LETTING you use our forums, not the other way around, remember that.
  22. Im unbanning nick, ron, and quig today, so you alll can relax, you not getting anymore info.
  23. It started with GTa3 code, then they made their own. I think thats how it went
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