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Where did you hear about MTA?


Where did you hear about MTA?  

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  1. 1. Where did you hear about MTA?

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I had a dream, it involved people in the street sliding round without moving their feet in a spooky fashion, all had massive grins on their faces and where laughing with sheer glee as they fired large caliber machine guns into the air, there was another guy standing at a gate saying 'come in here instead we have seventy five thousand choices of clothing and you legs can move, but the few who entered came straight back into the slidey street, then this cheetah came driving down the road and knocked everyone flying. When i awoke the next morning internet explorer was @ http://www.multitheftauto.com and there was this start gta3mta icon on my desktop!

OK so thats BS ;) i was told by a guy from my old CS clan about gta3mta and the dream began for real..

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i found mta on my pc allready :P was running a public ftp and someone uploaded the gta mta (before vice) sat in an upload folder for weeks before i got bored and decided to see if there was a such thing as gta mp and there was! and here i am hehe

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