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  1. Gamefreek

    10 Years..

    Ahh MrBump..did you finally get a decent internet connection besides dial up?
  2. Gamefreek

    10 Years..

    Cant believe its been 10 years since i joined this forum. Time sure does fly by P.S. What the hell is a Jacker?
  3. Yeah i had a knack for pushing buttons that shouldnt of been pushed. Shit happens and people move on no harm no foul
  4. To avoid another discussion about why it says banned as my title
  5. Holy crap my account is 8 years old...Time flys when you actually step away from the computer and enjoy real life Im suprised it hasnt been deleted yet due to inactivity
  6. Yeah i saw that while i was browsing around the forums.. Makes me wanna find my VC discs and play it again
  7. I'm not banned... About 3yrs ago IJs banned me for a stupid thing i said and when i was unbanned the title wasnt removed No one else is still around? Figured a couple people would still on here..
  8. So who is still around from the good ol times? I'm talking MTA:VC .02 beta era
  9. Meh you can leave it alone *pokes Brophy*
  10. STFU Hai Hazj/Jani/Boss <-- lol still banned
  11. Yeah no idea why im still under the banned member group.
  12. Well its been a while but im back!
  13. Gamefreek


    No one can outdo you in ass kissing, so be sad once again
  14. Do you have GTA:SA Second edition?
  15. We learned about that in 9th grade lol
  16. Then don't post here if you don't care. Happy B-day Smartie
  17. Dont bump old threads... FYI this project died 2months ago Locked
  18. Those rumors are based off of the Xbox Live support, but so far they have only announced that you can download extra storylines with it. If GTA IV will have multiplayer it wont be cheater free, even Valve has a hard time with cheaters with VAC2
  19. Massive fanboy advertisement..."Wii60.com" can you be any more biased? Also taking things out of context and editing them together is extremely low and cheap
  20. Thats what makes them fun. If you play in a server with regular maps the better players always win and can make the game boring since the same people win all the time. With fall maps everyone has an equal chance of winning the race and some people like that
  21. That doesnt solve the problem because the point is to reduce the number of posts like that. You will never be able to stop newcomers who dont read other parts of the site from posting a topic asking for a release date or a link for DM
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