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    • We no longer provide ban support. If you need to know how long the ban lasts try connecting to a server (if that doesn't work, connect to a MTA:BLUE server through our default client)
    • Hello thank you guys for assisting me, it's now working Sorry for being a bit inquirer. I'm facing another thing, i did find a solution for it tho but it's not very good. Lemme show you    local helic = {} function startM() if (not isElement(source) and getElementType(source) == "player") then return false end if (not isPedInVehicle(source)) then return false end local heli = createVehicle(501, 2625.53247, 733.39642, 10.82031) table.insert(helic, heli) warpPedIntoVehicle(source, heli) setElementAlpha(source, 0) bindKey(source, "h", "down", attachBomb) for i, k in ipairs(Bombs) do Bomb1[i] = createObject(1654, Bombs[i][1], Bombs[i][2], Bombs[i][3] - 0.5) Bomb2[i] = Bomb1[i] setElementCollisionsEnabled(Bomb1[i], false) end addEventHandler("onVehicleExit", heli, onExit) ---triggerClientEvent(source, "clientPed", source, startM) end addEvent("startMission", true) addEventHandler("startMission", root, startM) function onHit(player) if (#m > 0 and #b > 0) then destroyElement(m[1]) destroyElement(b[1]) table.remove(m, 1) table.remove(b, 1) end if (not helic[1]) then return false end local lmnt = getAttachedElements(helic[1]) if (not lmnt) then return false end for i, k in ipairs(lmnt) do if (getElementType(lmnt[i]) == "object" and isElementAttached(lmnt[i])) then detachElements(lmnt[i], helic[1]) plantedBombs = plantedBombs + 1 if (plantedBombs == 1) then outputChatBox("Congratulations, you have passed the mission and got $50,000 as a reward!", root, 34, 139, 34) else outputChatBox("Bomb has been successfully installed, Do the same with the rest!", root, 34, 139, 34) outputChatBox(plantedBombs) end end end triggerClientEvent(player, "updatePlantedBombs", root, plantedBombs) if (plantedBombs == 1) then triggerEvent("stopMission", root, onHit) triggerClientEvent(resourceRoot, "stopM", resourceRoot, onHit) end end I've created a vehicle inside a function, if i knew from the start how to use the variable in other functions when it's inside a function, i wouldn't add it inside a table, i wanna use sometimes the vehicle is client but sadly i couldn't. Can anyone tell me what should i exactly do (Please dont tell me to put the variable global, as i dont want to cause setting it as global will create the vehicle once when the resource start and i dont wanna that)   Also, the getAttachedElements(helic[1]) is sending a warning saying that it requires an argument. i guess it's because i'm using helic[1] as an argument.  Help me, please. i'm new into lua and i wanna create my first working script
    • Добрый день подскажите пожалуйста сколько осталось до конца бана F59A9642DCCAEC6A646132F97E7063F2  
    • Welcome to TDA//Gaming Roleplay Scripts All rights reserved. It is protected by Hasan Özoğlu. It cannot be used for commercial purposes. All scripts I developed in 2017 are now freely available. You can use it to develop your projects or use it directly to set up a server. You can set up any earning system you want on your server, but these scripts cannot be sold or purchased for money. Release Date: Q4 2017 For Multi Theft Auto Game Look at: http://captaintvz.blogspot.com Github Repo: https://github.com/captainTvZx/TDA-Gaming-Roleplay-Scripts.git
    • trigging in the for is not the most appropriate, the best would be outside the for for i, k in ipairs(Bomb2) do if (isElementAttached(Bomb2[i])) then detachElements(Bomb2[i], helic[1]) plantedBombs = plantedBombs + 1 outputChatBox("Bomb has been successfully installed, Do the same with the rest!", root, 34, 139, 34) outputChatBox(plantedBombs) ---- This returns what it should return end end triggerClientEvent(player, "updatePlantedBombs", root, plantedBombs)  

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