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    • Thank you very much, works yeah it works
    • Surely it is because of your version of VPS, in my case I did not have any problem, the update works very well for me. I am using ubuntu 18.04
    • executeSQLCreateTable ("huntertimes","map TEXT,name TEXT,serial TEXT,country TEXT,country2 TEXT,date TEXT,time INT") local HunterTable = {} local function getTopPos(time,map) local rank = executeSQLQuery("SELECT count(*)+1 as rank FROM huntertimes WHERE time < "..time.." and map='"..map.."' LIMIT 1") return rank[1].rank end local function msToTimeStr(ms) local centiseconds = tostring(math.floor(math.fmod(ms,1000)/10)) if #centiseconds == 1 then centiseconds = '0' .. centiseconds end local s = math.floor(ms/1000) local seconds = tostring(math.fmod(s,60)) if #seconds == 1 then seconds = '0'..seconds end return tostring(math.floor(s/60))..':'.. seconds ..':'..centiseconds end local function getDate() local time = getRealTime() local m = time.month+1 local d = time.monthday if tonumber(d) < 8 then d = "0"..d end if tonumber(m) < 8 then m = "0"..m end return d.."."..m.."."..tostring(tonumber(time.year)+1900) end function HexToRGB(hex) local hex = hex:gsub("#","") return tonumber("0x"..hex:sub(1,2)), tonumber("0x"..hex:sub(3,4)), tonumber("0x"..hex:sub(5,6)) end local function rDarkColor(str) local hexpos = string.find(str,"#%x%x%x%x%x%x") if hexpos then local hex = string.sub(str,hexpos,hexpos+6) local r,g,b = HexToRGB(hex) if 60 > r and 60 > g and 60 > b then str = string.gsub(str,hex,"") end hexpos2 = string.find(str,"#%x%x%x%x%x%x",4) if hexpos2 then local hex2 = string.sub(str,hexpos2,hexpos2+6) local r2,g2,b2 = HexToRGB(hex2) if 60 > r2 and 60 > g2 and 60 > b2 then str = string.gsub(str,hex2,"") end end end return str end local function createLocalTopTable(player,map) local table = {false} local accountname = getPlayerSerial(player) local t = executeSQLQuery("SELECT time,name,date,country2 FROM huntertimes WHERE serial='"..accountname.."' AND map='"..map.."' LIMIT 1") if t[1] then table = {msToTimeStr(t[1].time),rDarkColor(t[1].name),t[1].date,t[1].country2,getTopPos(t[1].time,map)} end return table end local function createTopTable(map) local table = {} local amount = 0 local te = {"--Empty--","","",""} local t = executeSQLQuery("SELECT time,name,date,country2 FROM huntertimes WHERE map='"..map.."' ORDER BY time ASC LIMIT 8") local hm = executeSQLQuery("SELECT count(*) as count FROM huntertimes WHERE map='"..map.."' LIMIT 1") amount = hm[1].count local i = 0 while i ~= 8 do i = i + 1 if t[i] then table[i] = {msToTimeStr(t[i].time),rDarkColor(t[i].name),t[i].date,t[i].country2} else table[i] = te end end table[12] = {type,string.sub(map.."("..amount.." tops)",1,44)} return table end addEvent("onClientWantRanking",true) addEventHandler("onClientWantRanking",root, function(player) local map = string.gsub(getElementData(player,"Map"),"[(')]+","") local ranking = createTopTable(map) ranking[11] = createLocalTopTable(player,map) triggerClientEvent(player,"onServerSendRanking",player,ranking) end) addEvent("onRaceStateChanging",true) addEventHandler("onRaceStateChanging", root, function(new,old) if new == "LoadingMap" then setTimer(function() HunterTable = {} end,1000,1) setTimer(function() local map = string.gsub(getMapName(),"[(')]+","") local ranking = createTopTable(map) for k,v in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do if getElementData(v,"state") and getElementData(v,"state") == "alive" then local t = ranking t[11] = createLocalTopTable(v,map) triggerClientEvent(v,"onServerSendRanking",v,t) end end end,8000,1) end end) local block = {}; function removeBlock(player) block[player] = nil; end function addTT(time,source) if not block[source] then block[source] = true; setTimer(removeBlock,20000,1,source); local map = string.gsub(getElementData(source,"Map"),"[(')]+","") local pos = getTopPos(time,map) if not string.find(map,"Hunter") then outputChatBox("#BF4343*[Map] #ffffff "..map,root,255,255,255,true) if pos == 1 then outputChatBox("#BF4343*[Hunter]#ffffff "..getPlayerName(source).."#ffffff has made the #00ff00WORLD RECORD #ffffffwith time "..msToTimeStr(time),root,255,255,255,true) else outputChatBox("#BF4343*[Hunter]#ffffff "..getPlayerName(source).."#ffffff has got the hunter #BF4343["..msToTimeStr(time).."]#ffffff and pos. #BF4343["..pos.."]",root,255,255,255,true) end end local accountname = getPlayerSerial(source) local result = executeSQLQuery("SELECT time FROM huntertimes WHERE serial='"..accountname.."' AND map='"..map.."' LIMIT 1") if not result[1] then executeSQLInsert ("huntertimes", "'"..map.."','"..string.gsub(getPlayerName(source),"[(')]+","").."','"..accountname.."','"..tostring(getElementData(source,"country") or "Europe").."','"..tostring(getElementData(source,"Country") or "EU").."','"..getDate().."',"..time.."") else if result[1].time > time then executeSQLUpdate("huntertimes","time = "..time..",name = '"..string.gsub(getPlayerName(source),"[(')]+","").."'","serial='"..accountname.."' AND map='"..map.."'") end end local ranking = createTopTable(map) ranking[11] = createLocalTopTable(source,map) triggerClientEvent(source,"onServerSendRanking",source,ranking) triggerClientEvent(source,"onServerSendRanking2",source,ranking) end end Error on line 94 = local map = string.gsub(getElementData(player,"Map"),"[(')]+","")  error 
    • It is  updateState(value, total, radius), like updateState(50, 100, 250) should give half a circle. It could be edited to remove radius param in our case. This is the way I update the svg :  local function setProgress(value) local svgXML = svgGetDocumentXML(mySvg) -- get xml local path = xmlNodeGetChildren(svgXML, 1) -- get path node (second node, following first example I gave) xmlNodeSetAttribute(path, "d", updateState(value, 100, 250)) -- editing the attribute svgSetDocumentXML(mySvg, svgXML) -- saving end You could imagine a command to test it like : local function startDemo() local value = 0 setTimer(function() value = value + 1 setProgress(value) end, 10, 100) end addCommandHandler("demo", startDemo) A little animation 0 to 100 % of the circle progress.
    • I tried to use this function, but unfortunately I didn't quite understand how to use it :(((   local rawSvgData = [[ <svg viewBox="0 0 600 600" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg"> <defs> <linearGradient id="gradient"> <stop offset="5%" stop-color="#FF0000" /> <stop offset="95%" stop-color="#00FF00" /> </linearGradient> </defs> <path id="progress" fill="none" stroke="url(#gradient)" d="M300,50 A250,250,0,1,1,299.99,50" stroke-width="20" /> </svg> ]] local svgs = {} local function render(svg) if (not isElement(svg)) or (getElementType(svg) ~= "svg") then removeEventHandler("onClientRender", root, svgs[svg].handler) svgs[svg] = nil end local width, height = svgGetSize(svg) dxDrawImage(500, 500, 430, 430, svg, 0, 0, 0, tocolor(255, 255, 255), false) end local function onUpdate(svg) print("fe") if (not svgs[svg]) then svgs[svg] = { state = true, handler = function() render(svg) end } addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, svgs[svg].handler) end iprint("SVG texture updated", svg, getTickCount()) end addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", root, function() mySvg = svgCreate(430, 430, rawSvgData, onUpdate) end) bindKey("l", "down", function() local newPath = updateState(100, 100, 300); addSVGRectNode(mySvg, path) end) function addSVGRectNode(svg, path) local svgXML = svgGetDocumentXML(svg) local rect = xmlCreateChild(svgXML, "rect") xmlNodeSetAttribute(rect, "d", path) local status = svgSetDocumentXML(svg, svgXML) print(status) end function updateState(value, total, R) local center local alpha = 360 / total * value local a = (90 - alpha) * math.pi / 180 local x = 300 + R * math.cos(a) local y = 300 - R * math.sin(a) local path if (total == value) then path = "M300,"..(300 - R).." A"..R..","..R..",0,1,1,299.99,"..(300 - R) else if (alpha > 180) then center = 1 else center = 0 end path = "M300,"..(300 - R).." A"..R..","..R..",0,"..center..",1,"..x..","..y end return path end The problem is that for some reason I can't change the source data of the svg file already (I tried to do as you said, well, for some reason it doesn't work) - besides, I didn't quite understand working with the arguments of this function, let's say I tried to manually call the function and replace the arguments the same as from the debug, but this it didn't work quite correctly, maybe I didn't quite understand the principle of these arguments of this function, what is responsible for what. Please help me

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