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  1. why is it that everytime i come here it's the same people posting? its always that kung fu guy or deathb or one of those others...and everytime its just them flaming nOObs...i think this is the last time i visit these forums, theyre getting too lame and redundant (this word doesn't fit, oh well). i guess i'm saying goodbye to you, mta forums, so if you want, you can close my account to save space, k? eh...
  2. i am sick of this game...i go to a university where about 20 of us used to play...now maybe i played 2 times over last month...maybe 4 other people still play one a week or more. everybody say, people on game, all irritating, and too much cheating. this game become very boring because map too big...not enough players...more fun single play people always spend time spam in game instead of just playing...maybe half playing everyone cheating now...makes game have no point. will wait till team develops a beta at least... multiplayer is not fun anymore, i play enemy territory more now
  3. hehe now i got cudda's map mod its totally sick. i recommend the mta team makes it optional (or mandatory) for the stunt servers. I do not use it in deathmatch though. ppl nowdays are cheating in every way they can, using miniguns and invincible health and everything they can. just last night, these two ppl, AgentSmith and AgentJohnson were cheating in every way imaginable. the admin wasn't there, so they were there cheating nonstop for about 3 hours, I guess, since I left and came back 3 hours later. I think that the mta should check while you're in game whether or not your files are modded, every five minutes or so, as we all know how ppl edit cars, weapons etc (i won't post how so that those ppl who want to cheat wont learn here). lastly: haha u rode in a guy? lmao
  4. what do you mean by garbled? like extra symbols or something? because ppl type really bad while theyre playing . idk, sometimes the text looks like its jumping for me too, although it wasn't a problem in v.2. very strange...I don't think it's anything wrong with your card at all, just another little bug in the mta programming. as long as you can still play I think it's okay, it's not like your computer is restarting itself when you start vice (was having that problem for awhile with my stupid video card not working) so just ignore it is my advice.
  5. did you delete the Rockstar folder after uninstalling? idk if that would be a problem, but maybe some files from before were still remaining in the folder? also, is yours patched to 1.1? cause that causes problems I heard. lastly, did you check the rite version in the mta server? 1.0 vs 1.1? cause i remember when i first tried i didnt notice that, totally nOObism on my part
  6. hehe i like ur vid . the msn sign in this was so dumb jk. very good, well put together set of stunts. good luck if u make more!
  7. fuku

    New MTA Clan [SYK]

    idk, a lotta ppl cheat on stunt. imho it's okay, as long as they only use it in stunt. the problem is when people start using invincible cars and helis or even worse cheats (infinite health, all that s*it) in deathmatch. i think that these ppl should get permbanned... anyway, just sent my application, hope i get accepted, but wat dus syk stand for? or is it just sike (however u spell that), like sike, this isnt a real gang-jk. but what does it mean?
  8. mta is still ffa. i usually spawn as a cop, and as there are two spawn points, i don't find spawn killing a prblm. still, it must be 4 ther to be a topic . maybe the spawn points could be random within an area, i think that could help, if the spawn killer couldn't be sure where you might appear. then you might spawn behind him and be able to kill him b4 he can get a bead on ur a$$.
  9. has anybody noticed how many ppl are using Cuddakine's map mod? it seems to cause people who don't have it to crash...often. i think these people could make their own servers so that they don't cause other people to crash.
  10. is this olympics unique? like special? is it a special olympics?
  11. is there a seperate record for pcj stoppies? because with the faggio u can make it as long as you can drive, but the pcj can't. cause i can pull off consistant 313's (maxed at 382) with the pcj, and its a totally different kinda thing, if that makes any sense. i mean, basically, u could just keep driving forever with the faggio doing a stoppie, i know ive tried, and even wheelie with it infinitely too...although ive never gone as long as these guys, gj
  12. great, i find this topic only after i spent an hour driving around a stunt server looking for car locations
  13. ive seen this $mrvercetti$ and i dont think he cheats all the time. the reason: i killed him i think he is using some mods though, cause sometimes he is driving on water and stuff
  14. i dont think its a very good idea to hit ppl if ur doing the taxi thing
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