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  1. GTA3 - The talk shows Vice - The talk shows GTA:SA - Nothing really stood out for me The GTA:SA talk shows were pretty much crap IMO. Comparing the GTA:SA talk shows to the Vice or GTA3 ones is like comparing MadTV/SNL to Monty Python/some other equally brilliant comedy show.
  2. me

    I'm baaaaaaaaack

    that's the plan
  3. me

    I'm baaaaaaaaack

    The majority of you have no clue who I am, since it's been a really long time since I've been around. To bring those who don't know up to speed: I started posting on the forums around the first MTA release, and became a fixation on IRC around 0.3. Then I became a mod. Then I disappeared for about a year. But now I'm back. Actually, that should about sum it up for anyone who *does* know who I am. Hey again everyone. <-- Man, I really missed being able to do those
  4. Me? You! I, for one, miss that lovable character him. He was like a brother to me.
  5. me


    muffin (I'm hungry right now...)
  6. I write down a word, you write down the first word you think of, then the next person writes down the first word they think of, etc. etc. Taco
  7. They all suck, except for perhaps and
  8. One of the forum rules is to not ask for release dates... Because no one knows when MTA 0.4 will be released, not even the developers. The best release date I can give you is "when it's done". Thread Closed
  9. Now now, don't be mean =P Testers are usually chosen on IRC, and they're usually people who are fairly well known =) Since this is going nowhere.... Thread Closed
  10. You wander around town, looking for hidden packages. You find hidden packages while wandering around town. You find 100 hidden packages, then wonder why you still can't find the hunter. You don't understand why you're arrested for running around with a flamethrower in plain sight. You don't go outside when it rains, because you think it will lag you. You never hit the replay button on any device, fearing it will desync you. You're confused because you can't see your HUD. You can see your hud. You can hide a magnum, an MP5, an M16, a shotgun, a large assortment of grenades, an M60, and a chainsaw under your jacket. You jump off the roof of your house, then you're confused when you break your leg.
  11. In my defense as to the noticing of the chan, I am an idiot =) And I'm now editing all of Ransom's posts, just for fun. By the way... what about bbiab? No one knows what bbiab stands for, so that doesn't count. be back in a minute you retard
  12. You can probably get an adapter to hook it up to your PC from radioshack or something. Or you can open up the wiring and connect it yourself, there are some tutorials on google, just check there. =)
  13. My, we ARE hypocrites, aren't we? =) The thing is quite good, however there are a large number of strange bugs/errors with it. Player damage/position/whateveryoucalit appears to have been moved server-side, which leads to some odd bugs, but does remove the need to aim ahead. The interface/basic layout needs a lot of work before they can release it, as it is rather unintuitive. The beta looks promising, however a lot of work still needs to be done before it's ready to be released as a stable test version that people can use.
  14. me

    What we do

    gg dev team =) 0mg j00 mu5t h4x! 0mg j00 d0nt? j00 pwn. s3r10usly, j00 pwn m3. ^ That was an uber-compliment =) *huggles team* thanks for putting in what little time you have to make this game. =)
  15. Oh, ya... forgot that you wouldn't have to decompile it if you just edited it directly with a hex editor or summat
  16. Holographic anti-gravity packaging please.
  17. No, you don't need to. Just run MTAServer.exe from your 'MTA\Server' directory. And since this doesn't have anything to do with the add-ons... Thread Moved
  18. This post is three and a half months old. Don't bump the suggestion just to say that you don't understand what they're saying. If you want to raise your post count, head over to BLAST v4 =)
  19. Skimmer: They're working on adding it, but first they need to be able to add boats to the game, something they're having trouble with. Ban on saying cheat of trainer: Can be done easily using MTAMA, but is a rather stupid suggestion, since accusing someone of cheating would result in a ban. Mini games: Golf would be difficult in SP, and waaay too much work for MP, if it's even possible. On another note: What is with the bumping of all the month old topics?
  20. That would be difficult to create, but possible. You'd have to work very very very hard on anti-cheat measures, probably require the addition of a .scm decomplier, and they'd need to create a way to edit the document without screwing things up, but it would add to the game. Personally, I feel that a more realistic goal would be the server being able to change the power of the weapons by toying with the weapons.dat, though that is a formidable task anyways.
  21. Or just use right-click, which shows the location of vehicles on the radar, though sometimes it bugs up.
  22. Answer the following 3 Q's: Is your Vice City english? Is your OS english? Are you using a no-cd crack?
  23. Try forwarding port 2003 and 2103 (I forget if 2103 is still used... Anyone wanna clarify for me? =)
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