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  1. kukimuki


    how to make that to the weapon shows in my back??
  2. Hello, I want to make a repository for groups but I am not very knowledgeable. My goal thing is a locker or warehouse where they can store weapons. I would be very happy if you help
  3. Oque está acontecendo é o seguinte quando eu equipo a arma e logo em seguida eu equipo a munição ele equipa qualquer munição porém quando vc dá /garma ele volta com a munição correta eu gostaria q desse pra arrumar esse bug e colocar pra equipar somente a munição certa na arma q o jogador estiver na mão --arquivo onde você equipa os items do iventario if itemClass == "Armas" then if quantidade == 1 then useWeapon(player, itemID, Config["Itens"][itemID]["Weapon"]) else exports._infobox:addNotification(player, "Você pode equipar apenas um "..itemName.." por vez.", "error") end elseif itemClass == "Municao" then local weapon = getPedWeapon(player) if weapon and weaponsConfig[tonumber(weapon)] then local weaponID = weaponsConfig[tonumber(weapon)].Item if weaponID then takeItem(player, itemID, quantidade) exports._infobox:addNotification(player, "Arma recarregada", "success") giveWeapon(player, weapon, quantidade) toggleControl(player, 'fire',true) reloadPedWeapon ( player ) else exports._infobox:addNotification(player, "Essa arma usa outro tipo de munição!", "error") end else exports._infobox:addNotification(player, "Fique com a arma na mão!", "error") end --arquivo de configuração das armas weaponsConfig = { [33] = {Item = 3, Municao = 20}, -- Id da arma no mta, id do item da arma, id da municao que ela usa [30] = {Item = 4, Municao = 21}, -- Id da arma no mta, id do item da arma, id da municao que ela usa [31] = {Item = 5, Municao = 21}, -- Id da arma no mta, id do item da arma, id da municao que ela usa [29] = {Item = 6, Municao = 22}, -- Id da arma no mta, id do item da arma, id da municao que ela usa [32] = {Item = 7, Municao = 22}, -- Id da arma no mta, id do item da arma, id da municao que ela usa [24] = {Item = 8, Municao = 23}, -- Id da arma no mta, id do item da arma, id da municao que ela usa [22] = {Item = 9, Municao = 22}, -- Id da arma no mta, id do item da arma, id da municao que ela usa [23] = {Item = 10, Municao = 0}, -- Id da arma no mta, id do item da arma, id da municao que ela usa }
  4. How to check the recoil of a weapon. Notice that when you shoot, for example, with an ak47, it starts with a slight recoil and after 3 seconds when you hold it, you have a large recoil and it stops at this recoil, then the bullets fly in all directions when you are, for example, on poor level. Therefore, is there something to check the recoil of a given weapon so that the int changes at the time of the initial recoil and the final recoil? Maybe the getWeaponProperty function but I don't see anything that could check it because "spread" for example stops on the same recoil.
  5. Hello i creating a skin weapon system but dont working to removing a skin dont send debugscript 3 nothing just dont deleting skin my code: (obs: i calling all into server side he can see my skin but can't take this skin just me) ``` local engineSET = {} function SetarSkinAK(localPlayer) engineSET[localPlayer] = {} engineSET[localPlayer][1] = dxCreateShader("texturechanger.fx", 0, 100, false, "ped") engineSET[localPlayer][2] = dxCreateTexture("files/ak1.png") if engineSET[localPlayer][1] and engineSET[localPlayer][2] then dxSetShaderValue(engineSET[localPlayer][1], "TEXTURE", engineSET[localPlayer][2]) engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture(engineSET[localPlayer][1], "T1", localPlayer) end end addEvent( "DarSkin", true) addEventHandler("DarSkin", getRootElement(), SetarSkinAK) function RemoverSkin(localPlayer) destroyElement(engineSET[localPlayer][1]) destroyElement(engineSET[localPlayer][2]) engineSET[localPlayer] = nil end addEvent( "DelSkin", true) addEventHandler("DelSkin", getRootElement(), RemoverSkin) ```
  6. İP: mtasa:// GoodFellas Roleplay Kaliteli MTA:SA Roleplay Sunucusu Türk/Medium/Global/Sesli Discord Adresi:https://discord.gg/G3shD4ksMC
  7. function StandardWep() local x, y, z = getElementPosition(getLocalPlayer()) wep = createWeapon("m4", x+5, y, z) setWeaponFlags(wep, "shoot_if_blocked", false) setWeaponFiringRate(wep, 35) setWeaponProperty(wep, "damage", 25) setWeaponClipAmmo(wep, 35) setWeaponAmmo(wep, 100) end addCommandHandler("OnStandardWep", function(command, state) local s = string.upper(state) if s=="ON" then setWeaponState(wepM16, "firing") elseif s=="false" then setWeaponState(wepM16, "ready") else outputChatBox("There is no such condition of the weapon, you can only use 'ON / OFF'", 255, 50, 0) end end ) The point is that it does not hurt other players, what's more, other players do not even see the line of fire (I mean the yellow line which means how fast the bullets are moving and in which direction) and the weapon itself (M4), I know that you need to use triggerClientEvent but no I know how to apply it, please help me with an example ; -;
  8. I wanted to ask if there is a possibility of the disappearance of the weapon that we are currently holding ... for example, I will enter a function in the script addEventHandler(" onResourceStart ", root, function () giveWeapon (source, 31, 69) end) And the gun I got, I want her to disappear. So how can I do that?
  9. I have a problem with setElementTarget recently, because I would like to make a script in which when I aim at something, "CreateWeapon" will shoot in that direction, but no matter what I do, it shoots too close or crooked. Anyone got any idea for this?
  10. How to get the weapon position we are currently holding?
  11. I am creating a new weapon, and is in the aiming phase, but I would like to set the aiming position for the player, that createWeapon ("m4", 0, 0, 0) would aim where the player is aiming, and that the animation set by me [setPedAnimation (getLocalPlayer (), "shop", "shp_gun_aim", -1, true, true, false, false, 250, true)] aimed where the player looks while holding the right mouse button, How can I do it? By the way, I would like to ask if it is possible for the player not to hit when the animation is on?
  12. I have a question, I would like to know if it is possible to make a shot effect, it means that when I hold the M4, it shoots and you can see where these bullets are falling and at what speed, and I would like to recall these bullets. If it is not known what is going on, I did the "M1" weapon model and I would like to make this model as a new weapon, and if the player was holding this M1 then it would have to shoot and the bullets would fall out of the weapon. At the beginning I was thinking about the "CreateWeapon" function but it is possible that there is another option because on average I know this function and if there was any other option it would be great
  13. Okay, so I would like to give M4 to each person from the "Red" team, and to every player from the "Blue" team I would like to give Ak47, How can I do it? -- server side red = createTeam("Red team", 255, 0, 0) blue = createTeam("Blue team", 0, 255, 0) giveWeapon("red team????", 31, 9999) giveWeapon("blue team????", 30, 9999) Something like this is on my mind but I do not know what to put in the "string" red team and blue team...
  15. Selam. MTA sunucuları basite indirgenmiş "Araç,Karakter,Silah,Blip (Haritada Simge),Kodlu Kapı,3D Ses" oluşturucu programımı bitirip sizlerle paylaşmak istedim. Klasörleri programın çalıştığı dizine oluşturur. Araç ve Silah ID'leri isimleri ile beraber sizin için hazır olarak ComboBox'a eklenmiştir. Programa dair görüntüler; VirusTotal: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/ab64043693b44cec50caa1358bc7b6fe279758f5962b08cbded351fb706a1d5a/detection Link: http://link.tl/1jzJ9 Programın sorunlarını ve eksik bulduğunuz kısımları bildirirseniz mutlu olurum.
  16. I've made a server-type .Lua that should apply several 'setWeaponProperties' to the weapons. It works for some weapons, but not for others. For example, I've set the Deagle (replaced with a 6 bullet drum) to 'maxiumum_clip_ammo' = 6. This works correctly. However, with other weapons, it doesn't. Here's the script: function weaponProps () -- M9 -- setWeaponProperty(22, "pro", "maximum_clip_ammo", 14) -- Revolver -- setWeaponProperty(24, "pro", "maximum_clip_ammo", 6) -- Shotgun -- setWeaponProperty(25, "pro", "maximum_clip_ammo", 7) -- Uzi -- setWeaponProperty(28, "pro", "maximum_clip_ammo", 30) -- AKMS -- setWeaponProperty(30, "pro", "maximum_clip_ammo", 35) -- G36 -- setWeaponProperty(31, "pro", "maximum_clip_ammo", 40) -- Kar -- setWeaponProperty(33, "pro", "maximum_clip_ammo", 5) -- Mosin -- setWeaponProperty(34, "pro", "maximum_clip_ammo", 1) end addEventHandler ("onResourceStart", getRootElement(), weaponProps) Essentially, it runs as soon as the resource is started. As a beginner's test, I'm only modifying the max ammo clip. It works for: - Deagle (Revolver) - Shotgun - AK-47 (AKMS) - M4 (G36) - Rifle (Kar) - Sniper (Mosin) It doesn't work for: - Colt (M9) - UZI
  17. I've been messing around with 'setWeaponProperty' in order to understand how it works. I changed how the deagle is handled. Decided to undo the changes and, upon resetting everything, the weapon bugged. Image Any script with 'setWeaponProperty' has been removed, and the resource has been stopped and removed from metaserver.conf. Fixed after several restarts and total wipe of downloaded resources.
  18. Estou tentando fazer um script de recuo que funcione de forma mais realista mexendo o eixo Z também, porém da forma que tentei fazer não funcionou, se alguém puder me dar uma ajuda fico grato. local weap = {shot=false,timer=false} addEventHandler("onClientPlayerWeaponFire", localPlayer, function() local rot = getPedCameraRotation(localPlayer) if (isTimer(weap.timer)) then killTimer(weap.timer); end if (not weap.shot) then setCameraMatrix (x, y-0.2, z+0.3, lx, ly, lz) setCameraTarget ( localPlayer ) weap.shot = true weap.timer = setTimer(setPedCameraRotation, 50, 1, localPlayer, -(rot+0.28)) else setCameraMatrix (x, y+0.2, z+0.3, lx, ly, lz) setCameraTarget ( localPlayer ) weap.shot = false weap.timer = setTimer(setPedCameraRotation, 50, 1, localPlayer, -(rot-0.28)) end end)
  19. Preciso que quando o player pegue determinada arma na mão o dx fica visible e quando ele coloca outra arma diferente daquela em sua mão o dx fica invisível, como posso fazer isso ? Se puderem me informar como consigo colocar apenas 2 linhas de escrito no canto direito da tela em qualquer resolução me ajudaria demais, desde já agradeço! PS: Nunca fiz um DX.
  20. Sorry by my english. I need to get a value with the whole number of weapons the player has. (Whole Number from player's weapon). I'm trying to do this, but with no sucess: function getPedWeapons(ped) local playerWeapons = {} if ped and isElement(ped) and getElementType(ped) == "ped" or getElementType(ped) == "player" then for i=2,9 do local wep = getPedWeapon(ped,i) if wep and wep ~= 0 then table.insert(playerWeapons,wep) end end else return false end return playerWeapons end function SaberArmas (player) outputChatBox("Armas (Caso tenha armas elas serão listadas abaixo!)",player,255,0,0) for i,wep in ipairs(getPedWeapons(player)) do outputChatBox("Você tem: " .. getWeaponNameFromID(wep),player,0,255,0) end end addEventHandler("onMarkerHit", MarkerInfo, SaberArmas) The script is making a list not a Whole Number. Someone can help me ?
  21. Gente eu to criando um script e sou novato com programação em Lua queria saber se existe algum codigo, algum jeito de mudar o estilo de segurar da arma no caso o estilo de mira. Um exemplo seria fazer o jogador segurar a colt 45 como se fosse a desert eagle. Nessa foto ai o policial segura uma COLT como se fosse uma DESERT eu queria algo assim pros players
  22. Ola gente, então eu to tentando criar um script e me deparei com um problema pra resolver eu iria precisar fazer com que uma certa arma n atirasse ou conseguisse ficar com ela na mão munição. Alguem sabe me dizer se isso é possivel?
  23. Here is the "nemesis" script: function boss ( ) Nemesis = exports [ "slothBot" ]:spawnBot ( -1935.5480957031, 665.44055175781, 47.0, 90, 312, 0, 0, Nemesis, 0, "chasing", true ) exports.extra_health:setElementExtraHealth ( Nemesis, 2500 ) outputChatBox ("Nemesis!!!") myBlip = (createBlipAttachedTo ( Nemesis, 23 )) setElementData ( Nemesis, "nemesis", true ) end addEventHandler ( "onResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()), boss ) In which line and what should I add to make the slothbot (nemesis) have any weapon? Please help :|
  24. To com uma duvida, eu tenho uma colt45.ifp, mas quando vou tentar colocar no servidor, ele fica bugado O que eu posso fazer nessa situação? Alguma alternativa? PS: Eu tbm estou com um ped.ifp, tem algum problema? script abaixo: local animTable = { ifp = {}, anims = { "abseil", "ARRESTgun", "ATM", "BIKE_elbowL", "BIKE_elbowR", "BIKE_fallR", "BIKE_fall_off", "BIKE_pickupL", "BIKE_pickupR", "BIKE_pullupL", "BIKE_pullupR", "bomber", "CAR_alignHI_LHS", "CAR_alignHI_RHS", "CAR_align_LHS", "CAR_align_RHS", "CAR_closedoorL_LHS", "CAR_closedoorL_RHS", "CAR_closedoor_LHS", "CAR_closedoor_RHS", "CAR_close_LHS", "CAR_close_RHS", "CAR_crawloutRHS", "CAR_dead_LHS", "CAR_dead_RHS", "CAR_doorlocked_LHS", "CAR_doorlocked_RHS", "CAR_fallout_LHS", "CAR_fallout_RHS", "CAR_getinL_LHS", "CAR_getinL_RHS", "CAR_getin_LHS", "CAR_getin_RHS", "CAR_getoutL_LHS", "CAR_getoutL_RHS", "CAR_getout_LHS", "CAR_getout_RHS", "car_hookertalk", "CAR_jackedLHS", "CAR_jackedRHS", "CAR_jumpin_LHS", "CAR_LB", "CAR_LB_pro", "CAR_LB_weak", "CAR_LjackedLHS", "CAR_LjackedRHS", "CAR_Lshuffle_RHS", "CAR_Lsit", "CAR_open_LHS", "CAR_open_RHS", "CAR_pulloutL_LHS", "CAR_pulloutL_RHS", "CAR_pullout_LHS", "CAR_pullout_RHS", "CAR_Qjacked", "CAR_rolldoor", "CAR_rolldoorLO", "CAR_rollout_LHS", "CAR_rollout_RHS", "CAR_shuffle_RHS", "CAR_sit", "CAR_sitp", "CAR_sitpLO", "CAR_sit_pro", "CAR_sit_weak", "CAR_tune_radio", "CLIMB_idle", "CLIMB_jump", "CLIMB_jump2fall", "CLIMB_jump_B", "CLIMB_Pull", "CLIMB_Stand", "CLIMB_Stand_finish", "cower", "Crouch_Roll_L", "Crouch_Roll_R", "DAM_armL_frmBK", "DAM_armL_frmFT", "DAM_armL_frmLT", "DAM_armR_frmBK", "DAM_armR_frmFT", "DAM_armR_frmRT", "DAM_LegL_frmBK", "DAM_LegL_frmFT", "DAM_LegL_frmLT", "DAM_LegR_frmBK", "DAM_LegR_frmFT", "DAM_LegR_frmRT", "DAM_stomach_frmBK", "DAM_stomach_frmFT", "DAM_stomach_frmLT", "DAM_stomach_frmRT", "DOOR_LHinge_O", "DOOR_RHinge_O", "DrivebyL_L", "DrivebyL_R", "Driveby_L", "Driveby_R", "DRIVE_BOAT", "DRIVE_BOAT_back", "DRIVE_BOAT_L", "DRIVE_BOAT_R", "Drive_L", "Drive_LO_l", "Drive_LO_R", "Drive_L_pro", "Drive_L_pro_slow", "Drive_L_slow", "Drive_L_weak", "Drive_L_weak_slow", "Drive_R", "Drive_R_pro", "Drive_R_pro_slow", "Drive_R_slow", "Drive_R_weak", "Drive_R_weak_slow", "Drive_truck", "DRIVE_truck_back", "DRIVE_truck_L", "DRIVE_truck_R", "Drown", "DUCK_cower", "endchat_01", "endchat_02", "endchat_03", "EV_dive", "EV_step", "facanger", "facgum", "facsurp", "facsurpm", "factalk", "facurios", "FALL_back", "FALL_collapse", "FALL_fall", "FALL_front", "FALL_glide", "FALL_land", "FALL_skyDive", "Fight2Idle", "FightA_1", "FightA_2", "FightA_3", "FightA_block", "FightA_G", "FightA_M", "FIGHTIDLE", "FightShB", "FightShF", "FightSh_BWD", "FightSh_FWD", "FightSh_Left", "FightSh_Right", "flee_lkaround_01", "FLOOR_hit", "FLOOR_hit_f", ":Ou", "gang_gunstand", "gas_cwr", "getup", "getup_front", "gum_eat", "GunCrouchBwd", "GunCrouchFwd", "GunMove_BWD", "GunMove_FWD", "GunMove_L", "GunMove_R", "Gun_2_IDLE", "GUN_BUTT", "GUN_BUTT_crouch", "Gun_stand", "handscower", "handsup", "HitA_1", "HitA_2", "HitA_3", "HIT_back", "HIT_behind", "HIT_front", "HIT_GUN_BUTT", "HIT_L", "HIT_R", "HIT_walk", "HIT_wall", "Idlestance_fat", "idlestance_old", "IDLE_armed", "IDLE_chat", "IDLE_csaw", "Idle_Gang1", "IDLE_HBHB", "IDLE_ROCKET", "IDLE_stance", "IDLE_taxi", "IDLE_tired", "Jetpack_Idle", "JOG_femaleA", "JOG_maleA", "JUMP_glide", "JUMP_land", "JUMP_launch", "JUMP_launch_R", "KART_drive", "KART_L", "KART_LB", "KART_R", "KD_left", "KD_right", "KO_shot_face", "KO_shot_front", "KO_shot_stom", "KO_skid_back", "KO_skid_front", "KO_spin_L", "KO_spin_R", "pass_Smoke_in_car", "phone_in", "phone_out", "phone_talk", "Player_Sneak", "Player_Sneak_walkstart", "roadcross", "roadcross_female", "roadcross_gang", "roadcross_old", "run_1armed", "run_armed", "run_civi", "run_csaw", "run_fat", "run_fatold", "run_gang1", "run_left", "run_old", "run_player", "run_right", "run_rocket", "Run_stop", "Run_stopR", "Run_Wuzi", "SEAT_down", "SEAT_idle", "SEAT_up", "SHOT_leftP", "SHOT_partial", "SHOT_partial_B", "SHOT_rightP", "Shove_Partial", "Smoke_in_car", "sprint_civi", "sprint_panic", "Sprint_Wuzi", "swat_run", "Swim_Tread", "Tap_hand", "Tap_handP", "turn_180", "Turn_L", "Turn_R", "WALK_armed", "WALK_civi", "WALK_csaw", "Walk_DoorPartial", "WALK_drunk", "WALK_fat", "WALK_fatold", "WALK_gang1", "WALK_gang2", "WALK_old", "WALK_player", "WALK_rocket", "WALK_shuffle", "WALK_start", "WALK_start_armed", "WALK_start_csaw", "WALK_start_rocket", "Walk_Wuzi", "WEAPON_crouch", "woman_idlestance", "woman_run", "WOMAN_runbusy", "WOMAN_runfatold", "woman_runpanic", "WOMAN_runsexy", "WOMAN_walkbusy", "WOMAN_walkfatold", "WOMAN_walknorm", "WOMAN_walkold", "WOMAN_walkpro", "WOMAN_walksexy", "WOMAN_walkshop", "XPRESSscratch" } } addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, function() animTable.ifp["block"] = "ped" animTable.ifp["ifp"] = engineLoadIFP("ped.ifp", animTable.ifp["block"]) for _, v in ipairs(animTable.anims) do engineReplaceAnimation(localPlayer, "ped", v, animTable.ifp["block"], v) end end ) local customBlockName = "Colt455" colt45Animations = { "2guns_crouchfire", "colt45_crouchfire", "colt45_crouchreload", "colt45_fire", "colt45_fire_2hands", "colt45_reload", "sawnoff_reload" } local IFP = engineLoadIFP( "colt45.ifp", customBlockName ) if IFP then for i,v in pairs(colt45Animations) do engineReplaceAnimation( localPlayer, "colt45", v, customBlockName, v ) end else print('Failed to load - ','colt45.ipf') end
  25. MTA • Звездный Десант. Вас на нашем проекте будут ждать: а) арахниды - основной боевой материал пауков; б) летающие пауки - арахниды с возможностью полета и истребления летательной техники в) альфа жуки - арахниды которые в разы сильнее обычных жуков г) жуки плазмоиды - система пво жуков. д) танкер - жук который поливает все живое огнем. и многие другие виды. - Огромный звездолет - Крейсер Роджер Янг - Уникальная погода - Уникальное оружие - Уникальное и не повторяющееся сопоставление нескольких планет: а) марс б) нептун Работа над проектом идет полным ходом! Вы уже можете посетить наш сервер. ◘ Хороший паук - мертвый паук Открытие сервера состоялось 1.03.2019года. Уже сейчас все перечисленное выше. Например, - система бронирования своя (на данный момент состоит из 12 сборных частей брони). В настоящее время идет работа над дополнительными видами, которые позволят сделать около 30 различных видов каждой детали бронекостюмы, что позволит максимально кастомизировать вашего персонажа) - Квестовая система, где Игровые НПС помогут вам освоить наш проект. Наша группа в ВК: https://vk.com/desertolive Ип адрес проекта: П.с. как говорится убивай всех у кого больше двух ног! Не давай им пощады! Вы же хотите чтобы Вас помнили ?!)
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