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  1. Hi. I've always thought of making 3D houses in this village, and it happened. You can see the effect on the recording ?
  2. Hello, I have been tormented for a long time by a question related to blurring, namely on texture. I tried many methods to implement blur on a graphic element, but they all failed, and the fact is that in all shaders or resources, the player's screen is used for the blur texture and a shader is applied to it. And if you apply a blur to a transparent texture, then the blur will not work, and a black texture will be in the background in its place. After reading a lot of information on the implementation of blurring on different sources, I realized that blurring works in such a way that several images are taken that overlap each other and the transparency and position of the texture change and thus the blur effect is created, but here's the catch is it possible to implement this through a shader at all? Namely, to apply a blur to a transparent texture? Because I needed to create a 3d transparent image on which a blur will be superimposed and so that looking at the picture you can see the background behind it from the map well, this is more specific - below is an example of what exactly I wanted to implement. As you could see in the picture you can see a blurred box with glass effect blur, I need to do the same blur on a 3d element, but again, how can I apply a blur if the texture is transparent?
  3. Hi. Today I have another model from the "crime base" series to present ?
  4. Hi! New huge rework ?
  5. Hi. I wanted to share a new project with you ?
  6. Hello dear friends, I had an idea to create some idea related to the rotation of the element, let's say the dxDrawRectangle of the plate by 180 degrees and at the same time with a clear rotation effect! below is an example, this effect is needed on the player's reflection of this plate, namely on the screen on the graphic design, and not in the world, if you understand me of course
  7. Hi, today I show this model to you. This model changes the Come a Lot Hotel, by a mall with interior and business. My Discord: Andrewss2#2404, information here on Discord! Payment: Paypal. Images:
  8. Hi everybody, I'll start to publish my creations here in this forum. Today I show off this modelling. Replaces the circus hotel of Las Venturas by a cinema based on a real life building. The cinema screen is a resource called: Loki's Cinema Experience, you can find it in the mta community. Please contact me by Discord: Andrewss2#2404. UNIQUE DISCORD!!!!. Images:
  9. I was bored and long time without do any script so I started looking in the wiki some functions what I not used yet and I found dxDrawMaterialLine3D. You have a video and code about a scoreboard what I made for test this function. Maybe this can be useful for you ( take scrollbar, etc ). Client-Side code:
  10. Hi, I'll showcase in this post the custom maps & 3D models that are available on the San Andreas Roleplay server (you can find the link for + info in my signature). 1. New roads near Angel Pine Remodelled the mountain terrain near the Angel Pine junkyard adding a paved road and a dirt road next to it. Seamless textures. Fits the game's atmosphere. Perfect collisions. BEFORE: AFTER: 2. New Palomino wooden bridge Remodelled the Palomino terrain that includes: - a wooden bridge that has flawless collisions and perfect textures - fixed the famous collision bug on the red bridge next to it BEFORE: AFTER: More creative 3D models and other interesting maps will be added to this post in the future.
  11. These 3 cars could be yours, if you are a SV owner or if u play as a VIP User etc... | Estos vehiculos pueden ser tuyos, si eres un visionario dueño de SV o si juegas como VIP dentro. You can talk with the sv´s Admin to install those inside the SV to your PJ | Puedes negociar con el administrador que te los coloque a tu PJ en el SV. I have the RAR archive | Tengo el archivo RAR - Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2020 HD Model - Audi A7 Sline 2017 HD Model - Ferrari 1995 F50 HD Model Pay info: $20 Per Car / $20 por auto (Via PayPal ) | Bitcoin / Ether Accepted!! Requirements: Have Paypal or BTC Wallet Take a look to those images / Imagenes en el URL
  12. PAY METHOD: PAYPAL. PRICE: TALKING WITH CLIENT. Hi, I made this project a month ago, and finally is finished. I've recreated the Dubai's Audi Terminal (Audi Dubai Showroom Al Nabooda Automobiles LLC), in a 3D Model for GTA San Andreas, I tried to texturize the most HD possible, but you can change it whenever you want from the TXD file. If you want to load this model in your roleplay server of MTA (Multi Theft Auto), contact me on DISCORD! My user is below: ---[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[----Andrewss2#2404----]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]---- If you want the map (Decoration) too, let me know and we can make a deal. Details of the model on Discord :), feel comfortable asking me!. See ya :D. Shaders were used in the video: MTA San Andreas - Carshow Audi [Model 3D] - Vídeo Dailymotion
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