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Found 17 results

  1. Hey guys, I'm doing freelance on MTA. Prices are very cheap, I accept almost any pay method. Can do: Lua scripting, web development (React/Vue) + Backend (express.js), UI/UX design, simple low poly GTA SA style models, shaders Portfolio: https://imgur.com/a/39PFt56 (click see more) Shaders portfolio: I don't respond on forum, text me on discord borsuk#1102
  2. Hi I wanted to learn how to create my own shaders for this game from lighting starting to moving texture on the wall. I would really like someone to give me a link to a page where I can find all the functions or if someone wants to explain to me what it is all about
  3. Hello i creating a skin weapon system but dont working to removing a skin dont send debugscript 3 nothing just dont deleting skin my code: (obs: i calling all into server side he can see my skin but can't take this skin just me) ``` local engineSET = {} function SetarSkinAK(localPlayer) engineSET[localPlayer] = {} engineSET[localPlayer][1] = dxCreateShader("texturechanger.fx", 0, 100, false, "ped") engineSET[localPlayer][2] = dxCreateTexture("files/ak1.png") if engineSET[localPlayer][1] and engineSET[localPlayer][2] then dxSetShaderValue(engineSET[localPlayer][1], "TEXTURE", engineSET[localPlayer][2]) engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture(engineSET[localPlayer][1], "T1", localPlayer) end end addEvent( "DarSkin", true) addEventHandler("DarSkin", getRootElement(), SetarSkinAK) function RemoverSkin(localPlayer) destroyElement(engineSET[localPlayer][1]) destroyElement(engineSET[localPlayer][2]) engineSET[localPlayer] = nil end addEvent( "DelSkin", true) addEventHandler("DelSkin", getRootElement(), RemoverSkin) ```
  4. Galera, desculpe minha ignorância, mas sou leigo com shaders, olhando alguns posts aqui do fórum cheguei nesse código e finalmente consegui mudar a textura dos objetos do jeito que eu queria, só que percebi que assim eu teria que adicionar a textura já com cor por que eu não consegui mudar a cor, porém dessa maneira eu ocuparia muito espaço com imagens das texturas. Enfim como eu poderia colocar cores(r,g,b,a). Como os shaders dos veículos ? Só que no objeto de meu desejo ? Imagem 1: Imagem 2:
  5. I would like to ask where I can find a guide on: createElement, ElementData, Shaders etc. I need it because soon I will be making radar and inventory system. It would be nice if you would share your knowledge on the things I gave
  6. I have an imitation of reflections on a car body using a shader (cube-texture environment). I want to apply a glare on top (exactly repeating the standard gta sa glare). Imitation of reflections I use from Ren712.
  7. Hello guys! I've recently found out that i can't use 2+ different shaders on same texture. I tried to work around layered argument in dxCreateShader function and DepthBias variable in shader and got nothing. Only one shader can exist at the time. I tried to apply one shader over another one so I used gTexture0 variable (defined in mta-helper.fx) to get material and draw my own texture over it. What am i missing? shader pseudo-code: // Fix by JeViCo // Link: https://vk.com/jevico texture gTexture0 < string textureState="0,Texture"; >; texture tex; technique Draw { pass P0 { Texture[0] = gTexture0; AlphaBlendEnable = true; } pass P1 { Texture[0] = tex; } } Of course i can make single-file shader however this is not what i'm trying to achieve
  8. Well guys, i have a RP server, and i wanted to find a script that could make my nights even more darkness. i found the "dynamic_lightning_nightmod", what is a script for Zombie's servers. But in this script, the lampposts are all off. Like, the lights in it are off. How can i solve it? I want the lights of the lampposts. But i wanna keep the night darkness as she are. Thank you for the attention.
  9. Hello, everyone! After watching the video i got a question about vertex shader... Someone know how shader defines coordinates and direction, which we change? Video:
  10. Hi, Im looking for shader whichch makes the object transparent and looking like window. This is what I have found: But there is no download link Somebody knows where can I find it?
  11. Hi im using "UV scripted" shader to set textures to my objects but im wondering if I can set texture color in MTA using shaders? This method is possible in SAMP by setting the "materialcolor" parametr using the SetObjectMaterial function. I would like to use it like changing the texture scale in UV Scripted, its just: dxSetShaderValue ( myShader, "gUVScale", 1, 1); and the scale changes. I would like to have something like this dxSetShaderValue ( myShader, "gUVColor", 255, 0, 0); for red color. Does anyone know how to do it?
  12. Hello everyone! I started to learn render targets in lua. So the question is: Can i use dxDraw functions on vehicles? I think i should apply a shaders to use it. Some people use texreplace.fx for drawing. As i know, this people create a render target, draw some stuff on it, get pixel colours and apply a texture on the vehicle with shaders. Is there any other ways? Maybe i can draw text/images directly on vehicle texture (i added special texture to car called "bodytex" for this action) somehow\\\ Applying shaders each time reflects on perfomance a lot
  13. Sup guys this is my first post in MTA forums I play MTA when at home sometimes singleplayer I play samp on my laptop when I'm not at home via cellular network so don't need to download any huge resources that emptys my package data So want to run MTA shaders on singleplayer and samp. I can't enb due to my GPU problems I have lower pixel shader. But I found MTA shaders working without any lags problems, Does MTA uses software renderer ? Like DLL files that make software rendering, I found some DLL files such as libgles.dll. Libgles2.0.dll and d3d9_42.dll on mta directory I tried copying these files to GTA SA directory and tried to run enb but didn't works Any way I can get it work on singleplayer and samp pls help guys
  14. Hola, queria saber si alguien me puede facilitar la informacion de como crear una textura y ponersela a un objeto usando shaders. Seria de micho ayuda. Tambien me serviria alguna miniguia de fx que anduve jugando con eso y solo logre cambiar los float de los colores. Gracias de antemano!
  15. Hi, I was wondering if any of you could give me some advice or some information about shaders and how they work, and also if its possible, with .png, create some textures for the game and dont remplacing any of them at all. It really would be very useful to me, because on my own I only could make some shaders that change the colors of the screen at that's all. Thank you!
  16. Hey guys, i've made a script which should apply textures on wall on both sides. Problem is that only one side of wall has applied texture and don't know why. Maybe i did some mistake in code. http://pastebin.com/Ju47WaMD
  17. hi all i want to know how can i make my own shader when i open any shader file i saw a marks then isn't in LUA can someone explain to me how can i make my own shader ? and what's the language that the shader use cause of it isn't lua thx.
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