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  1. I have a script that I am trying to code. But when the text is written somewhere in the box, I want it to go down. I don't want the text written in the white area to overflow. Screenshot: https://ibb.co/sWq5PdQ
  2. Hi, I set up an mta server on a virtual server, but all players ping over 100. I pinged my virtual server using the speed test site and the result was 11. And I also tested my own ping and got ping 8 What should I do, the firewall and antivirus server are also turned on. Virtual server information 16 GB RAM 4 CORE
  3. Brohx


    ¿Cómo instalo mods en mi servidor?
  4. Olá, meu objetivo com este script é desativar algumas "binds" presentes no jogo quando o player entrar no server, e depois, reativa-las quando o player sair.. . Entre tanto, não consegui faze-lo.. Desde já obrigado pela a ajuda! function DesativarComandosJogo (key, keyState, command) unbindKey (localPlayer, "v", down, change_camera) unbindKey (localPlayer, "e", down, next_weapon) unbindKey (localPlayer, "num_enter", down, next_weapon) unbindKey (localPlayer, "q", down, previous_weapon) unbindKey (localPlayer, "num_dec", down, previous_weapon) unbindKey (localPlayer, "e", down, vehicle_look_left ) unbindKey (localPlayer, "q", down, vehicle_look_right ) unbindKey (localPlayer, "mouse3", down, vehicle_look_behind ) end addEventHandler("onClientPlayerJoin", getRootElement(), DesativarComandosJogo) function ReativarComandosJogo (key, keyState, command) bindKey (localPlayer, "v", down, change_camera) bindKey (localPlayer, "e", down, next_weapon) bindKey (localPlayer, "num_enter", down, next_weapon) bindKey (localPlayer, "q", down, previous_weapon) bindKey (localPlayer, "num_dec", down, previous_weapon) bindKey (localPlayer, "e", down, vehicle_look_left ) bindKey (localPlayer, "q", down, vehicle_look_right ) bindKey (localPlayer, "mouse3", down, vehicle_look_behind ) end addEventHandler("onClientPlayerExit", getRootElement(), ReativarComandosJogo)
  5. Olá, meu objetivo com este script é simplesmente desligar todos os veículos que estão no server quando o script for iniciado, não somente o do player local, mas de todos no server.. Entre tanto, não consegui faze-lo.. Desde já obrigado pela a ajuda! function resetarVeiculos () for i,v in pairs(getElementsByType("vehicle")) do if i and getVehicleEngineState (i) == true then setVehicleEngineState (i, false ) setVehicleOverrideLights (i, 1) else return false end end end addEventHandler("onResourceStart", resourceRoot, resetarVeiculos)
  6. Hello guys. I want to make a script for my mta server. The Player have hunger and thirst, I want to make a script what kills the player if the players hunger or thirst went down 0. I show you my script. setTimer( function() local hunger = getElementData(localPlayer, "Player:Hunger") if (hunger > 0) then setElementData(localPlayer, "Player:Hunger", hunger - 2) end local thirst = getElementData(localPlayer, "Player:Thirst") if (thirst > 0) then setElementData(localPlayer, "Player:Thirst", thirst - 3) end end , 150000,0) function ehenhalt ( localPlayer ) if (hunger < 0) then killPed ( localPlayer) end addCommandHandler ( "kill", ehenhalt ) Please help me, god bless yall.
  7. It's me again. I was testing my edited vehicle script and found a error, when the player enters in the vehicle, It's doesnt matter the chair, they can turn on the engine even if they sit down behind the driver position. I was wondering, there is a recourse that could prevent this? I mean, only execute the comand "turn on the vehicle" when player is sitting in the driver's chair
  8. Ayuda cuando intento inciar un mapeo me aparece (start cancelled by script) ayuda porfavor
  9. Selamlar Beyler Askeri Rp Sunucum İçin F2 Plugini Gerek Sadece Can Ve Zırh Olcak Yapabilcek Arkadaş Varsa Discorddan İletişime Geçerse Çok İyi Olur TravisSakat#0001
  10. function onPlayerJoin () setPedWalkingStyle( thePlayer, 121) end addEventHandler('onPlayerJoin', root, onPlayerJoin) Ajudem me
  11. Hi , I wanted to create a scroll for rectangles that i have inserted into a table. I tried to avoid rendertargets Does anyone have idea of how i can make that scroll so it acctually works. Or maybe someone correct me because i might have made the whole function just wrong local przecho = { {1000.79, 1069.15, 11.07-1,"CODELV",981.18, 1070.89, 10.81-0.98} } local oknoprzecho = false local data = nil local gridlisto = {} for _,v in ipairs(przecho) do local markerekPrzecho = createMarker(v[1],v[2],v[3],"cylinder",1.0,255,255,255,255) local markerOdbior = createMarker(v[5],v[6],v[7],"cylinder",2.0,255,255,255,255) addEventHandler("onClientMarkerHit",markerekPrzecho,function(plr) if plr == localPlayer then oknoprzecho = true showCursor(true) data = getElementData(localPlayer,"veh:list") showVehicles(748, 375, 416, 37) end end) addEventHandler("onClientMarkerHit",markerOdbior,function() end) end function showVehicles(x,y,z,h) local offset = 0 for k,v in pairs(gridlisto) do gridlisto[k]=nil end for k,v in ipairs(data) do table.insert(gridlisto,{x=x,y=y+offset,z=z,h=h,model=v.model}) offset = offset + 50 end print(#gridlisto) end --dxDrawRectangle(732, 321, 450, 294, tocolor(255, 255, 255, 255), true) addEventHandler("onClientRender", root,function() if oknoprzecho then dxDrawRectangle(561, 207, 798, 666, tocolor(32, 32, 32, 255), false) dxDrawRectangle(1290, 236, 41, 34, tocolor(255, 0, 0, 255), false) for i,v in ipairs(gridlisto) do dxDrawRectangle(v.x,v.y,v.z,v.h,tocolor(255,255,255,255)) dxDrawText(v.model, v.x, v.y, v.z, v.h, tocolor(0, 0, 0, 255), 1.00, "default", "left", "top", false, false, false, false, false) end end end) addEventHandler("onClientClick",root,function(btn,state) if btn == "left" and state == "down" then if oknoprzecho then if isMouseIn(1290, 236, 41, 34) then oknoprzecho = false showCursor(false) end for k,v in ipairs(gridlisto) do if isMouseIn(v.x, v.y, v.z, v.h) then outputChatBox(v.model) end end end end end) function isMouseIn( x, y, width, height ) if ( not isCursorShowing( ) ) then return false end local sx, sy = guiGetScreenSize ( ) local cx, cy = getCursorPosition ( ) local cx, cy = ( cx * sx ), ( cy * sy ) return ( ( cx >= x and cx <= x + width ) and ( cy >= y and cy <= y + height ) ) end
  12. Galera to fazendo um sistema de painel q vc digita no painel tipo 255, 0, 0 dentro de um carro e seta a cor vermelha no carro q e do rgb 255, 0, 0 e etc. mas da forma que achei que era possivel ao abrir o painel e digitar a cor em rgb eu fiz uma função que na teoria era pra pegar oq foi digitado na editbox e setar oq foi digitado na editbox como cor do carro usando setVehicleColor so q n aparece nada e n seta cor no carro mais se o carro ta vermelho e coloca tipo 255, 0, 0 na editbox e da ok a cor sempre muda pra preto espero q de para entender function SetarCor (playerSource, getMsg) --local mensagem = tonumber(getMsg) local uVehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle( playerSource ) if isPedInVehicle( playerSource ) then if uVehicle then -- if mensagem == "Vermelho" then setVehicleColor( uVehicle, tonumber(getMsg)) end end --end end addEvent("SetarCor", true) addEventHandler("SetarCor", getRootElement(), SetarCor) PARTE DO CLIENT function rgbtrigger (button, state) if painel == true then if button == "left" and state == "down" then if isCursorOnElement(screenW * 0.6384, screenH * 0.5885, screenW * 0.7379, screenH * 0.6185) then local getMsg = tostring(getElementData(msgstaff, "CMT_Txt")) removeEventHandler("onClientRender", root, dx) triggerServerEvent("SetarCor", getLocalPlayer(), localPlayer, getMsg) painel = false showCursor(false) end end end end addEventHandler("onClientClick", root, rgbtrigger)
  13. مسوي مود مسابقة كتابية وقت يكتب الاجابه ياخد فلوس ، بس المشكل انه يتكرر كل مرا يكتب ياخد فلوس كيف اخلي اني اقدر كل مرا اسوي فيها مسابقة اخد الفلوس بس مرا وحده ومايتكرر اني اقدر اخد الفلوس ولو هتقول لي setElementData فا اعطيني من فضلك مثال لاني جربت وفشلت وتجربتي هيا كالتالي كانت بتنفع معي بالمرا الاولة بس كنت انشئ سؤال مرا تانيه ماكنت اقدر اخد فلوس مرا تانيه تجربتي بالـ setElementData setElementData (thePlayer, "themoney", true) -- كنت احطه تحت اعطاء المال getElementData (thePlayer, "the money", false) -- وهاد كنت واضعه مع كل مرا اضغط فيها علي زر انشاء السؤال بمعني اني كل مرا اضع السؤال تنغلق وكل مرا اجيب علي السؤال يكون بس مفتوح مرا وحده هاد الي فهمته ولو في طريقة تانيه اني اقدر اخلي الشي مرا وحده وفيك تقلي عنه
  14. Hello, this is my problem: I made a cigarette system for my server but I've been testing it and I found only 1 problem, when the player "spams" the command "/smoke" the part where the object it's deleted doesn't work corectly and DO NOT delete the object. How could I solve this? The part where the system deletes the object: setPedAnimation(thePlayer, "-", "-",false,false,false,false) local cancelsmoke = setTimer(function() exports.pAttach:detach(smoking,thePlayer) destroyElement(smoking) iprint("Destroyed") end, 2500, 1) If the player puts the command it works, the bug only happens when the player spam the command
  15. I can't find any tutorial about something like this but I know it's possible because I searched if this question was made before in the forum and yes, I saw some codes and explanation from users and mods, but it doesn't work for me, because I'm using mysql and phpmyadmin, the examples doesn't match with my project, so I was wondering if someone could help me to understand how to save the data from the player's weapon and ammo... this is what I tried first: ---------this is inside of a function that saves all the player's info-------- local weapon1 = getPedWeapon (source) local weapon = getWeaponNameFromID (weapon) local ammo = getPedTotalAmmo(source) --------the info it's send to the table (this was simplified)----------- local sendInfo = exports.mysql:_Query("UPDATE characters SET weapon=?, ammo=? WHERE account=?", weapon, ammo, account) Since i've started, many problems as "getPedWeapons a nill value" appeared in the console, also "expected number, got boolean", etc. If there is a way to make a system like this without the getaccountdata/setaccountdata... I would like to know how to make it. I'm not asking for a full code, just some of knowlegde
  16. I've been trying to save the position of the player's character and it saves... but in a new table, not in the main one where its the account's name, the character's name and the rest. -> This is what happens<- This is the code I'm using for the "character money, position, and health" // i translated some concepts to english so you can understand easly what I'm trying to make: (server-side) function saveDataCharacter() local x, y, z = getElementPosition(source) local money = getPlayerMoney(source) local health = getElementHealth(source) local sendInfo = exports.mysql:_Exec("INSERT INTO characters (x,y,z, money, health) VALUES (?,?,?,?,?)", x, y, z, money, health) if (sendInfo) then iprint("Data saved") else iprint("Error saving") end end end addEventHandler("onPlayerQuit", getRootElement(), saveDataCharacter)
  17. Well, it's too late to delete it, so if a mod or admin see this, please delete this or move it, I solved the problem
  18. It's always giving this error, causing the download to be very slow. Someone can help me?
  19. I was testing the "create character" system I been working on with a friend, and we did not expect this... when we both register our accounts and create our characters we can't see each other, we are invisibles, I don't know how to prevent this or what did I scripted wrong, please, help This is the part that TP our characters and I think here it's the problem: (Client-Side) addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick", btnSeleccionar, function() showCursor(false) guiSetVisible(ventanaElegirSkinsM, false) setElementPosition ( getLocalPlayer(), 1742.9543457031,-1862.6853027344,13.575992584229) setElementDimension( getLocalPlayer(), 0) setElementRotation( getLocalPlayer(), -0, 0, 357.78338623047) setElementInterior( getLocalPlayer(), 0) triggerServerEvent("descongelar", getLocalPlayer(), localPlayer) setPlayerMoney(2500) All the rest of the code runs like I wanted, the money, the triggerevent, the position, etc, but for some reason, the script send us to different "interiors" or "dimensions". And, most important thing is that when we both create our character, we can't see each other new nickname, the skin neither
  20. I made a login menu for my server, I wanted to put some buildings as a background so I used setCameraMatrix, all works perfectly, but when I try to cancel the camera position and the music (I added playSound too) it doesn't work and the camera keeps far from the player, and the music keeps playing Client-Side function fondoLogin(thePlayer) local cancion = playSound("loginSoundtrack.mp3") setSoundVolume(cancion, 0.5) setElementPosition(thePlayer, -1400.2099609375,106.88999938965,1032.2734375) setElementInterior(thePlayer, 1) setCameraMatrix ( 1709.7098388672,-1449.96484375,151.87727355957, 1537.9990234375,-1276.736328125,238.57434082031, 0, 100 ) triggerServerEvent(source, "parartodo", source) end addEvent("posicionar", true) addEventHandler("posicionar", getLocalPlayer(), fondoLogin) ---------Suposed to stops the music and cameraMatrix---------------- function parartodo(thePlayer, cancion) setCameraTarget (thePlayer) stopSound(cancion) end addEvent("pararmusicaycamara", true) addEventHandler("pararmusicaycamara", getLocalPlayer(), parartodo) Server-Side function registroHRP(user, clavecreada) if(addAccount(user, clavecreada))then outputChatBox("Bienvenido") triggerClientEvent(source, "cerrar", source) logIn(source, getAccount(user, clavecreada), clavecreada) setElementPosition(source, 209.41818237305,-33.872188568115,1001.9296875) setElementInterior(source, 1) setElementDimension(source, 1) setPedRotation(source, 180) triggerClientEvent(source, "pararmusicaycamara", source) else outputChatBox("La cuenta ya existe.") end end -----------"triggerClientEvent(source, "pararmusicaycamara", source)" doesn't work--------------
  21. I have been editing a vehicle script to make it work in a RP but I have a problem when executing the command to lock the vehicle, it locks perfectly from the outside, nobody can enter unless the owner unlocks the vehicle, but the problem is that if the owner locks inside, you can still go out. I did some research and found that something could be done with cancelEvent and "onClientVehicleStartExit", I've tried everything but nothing seems to work for me with that command, any advice? This is the code: function setPlayerVehicleLocked(player, vehicle) local vehname = vehicle:getName() if (vehicle:getData("vehicles:locked") == 1) then vehicle:setData("vehicles:locked", 0) vehicle:setLocked(false) player:outputChat("Desbloqueaste tu "..vehname..".", 214, 37, 37) connection:exec("UPDATE vehicles SET locked=? WHERE id=? AND owner=?", 0, vehicle:getData("vehicles:id"), vehicle:getData("vehicles:owner")) elseif (vehicle:getData("vehicles:locked") == 0) then vehicle:setData("vehicles:locked", 1) vehicle:setLocked(true) player:outputChat("Bloqueaste tu "..vehname..".", 141, 229, 22) connection:exec("UPDATE vehicles SET locked=? WHERE id=? AND owner=?", 1, vehicle:getData("vehicles:id"), vehicle:getData("vehicles:owner")) end end function onclientVehicleStartExit() if (vehicle:getData("vehicles:locked") == 0) then cancelEvent(onVehicleStartExit) end end ("onclientVehicleStartExit", root, onVehicleStartExit)
  22. Hello, i'm working on editing IFP animations from GTA San Andreas, using Blender and the GTAToolsForBlender Addon, but I have a enoying problem. When I try to export my IFP file, an error message appears to me: https://imgur.com/gallery/1zINVGK It's an error from the addon or there is a step that I'm not seeing?
  23. Hello everyone, I would like to know how I could enable bind spamming as it was done in the old mta servers, I am creating a new server and I need help to enable bind spamming, since currently it is not possible because the server blocks it
  24. -- Ez a server oldali script local rigPrice = 50000; function buyMiningRig(player, amount) local money = getPlayerMoney(localPlayer); if (money >= rigPrice) then money - rigPrice outputChatBox("#ffffff[Bitcoin] Sikeresen vettél egy bányászgépet!", 0, 0, 0, true); end end addCommandHandler("buyminingrig", root, buyMiningRig); -- Ez pedig a kliens oldali local maxMiningRigs = 50; local btcPrice = 1500000; local minerToggle = false; local playerBtc = 0; local miningRigs = 0; function mineBtc(howMuch) playerBtc + howMuch; if (minerToggle) then setTimer(mineBtc, 1000, 1, 0.00001); end end function displayBtc() outputChatBox("[Bitcoin] A jelenlegi bitcoinjaid száma:"..playerBtc.. ", és értéke :" ..btcprice/playerBtc); end addCommandHandler("btcamount", root, displayBtc) function toggleMinerOn() if (minerToggle == false) then minerToggle = true; outputChatBox("[Bitcoin] A bányászgép bekapcsolva!"); mineBtc(); elseif (minerToggle == true) then minerToggle = false; outputChatBox("[Bitcoin] A bányászgép kikapcsolva!"); end end addCommandHandler("togglebtc", root, toggleMiner); (A két script ugyan abba a meta-ba van beleírva!) A lényeg annyi lenne, hogy a szerver oldali scriptből hogy tudnék hozzáadni a "miningRigs" változóhoz egy adott mennyiséget. Ha valaki tudna ebbe segíteni, azt megköszönném, legyen bármilyen hosszú a script csak jó legyen.
  25. Olá estou aqui com uns mods de empregos que permitem ganhar exp sempre que conclui o trabalho porem estava a funcionar perfeitamente mas depois de colocar o servidor na host começou a aparecer este erro : "ERROR:[Agencia]/ir-lixeiro/Danilin_S.lua:147:attempt to perform arithmetic on a boolean value" e ja nao esta ganhando EXP Alguem sabe resolver? Apenas tem Server-Side local Marker_Emprego = createMarker ( 2182.86792, -1982.49438 +6, 13.55141 -1, "cylinder", 1.5, 16, 111, 231, 50) local Blip_Emprego = createBlipAttachedTo( Marker_Emprego, 11 ) local Veiculo = createVehicle( 408, 2178.33301, -1982.59888 +6, 13.55138 +0.5, 0, 0, 90 ) setBlipVisibleDistance(Blip_Emprego, 150) setElementFrozen( Veiculo, true ) setVehicleDamageProof( Veiculo, true ) setVehicleLocked(Veiculo, true) Marker_Aleatorios = { {2182.49585, -1996.44495, 13.54688}, {2190.50732, -2002.93738, 13.54688}, {2165.94678, -1986.73853, 13.55469}, {2193.5373535156, -2009.6970214844, 13.55469}, -- AS MESMA POS DA DE CIMA (PRA NÃO SAIR O MESMO TODA HORA) {2190.50732, -2002.93738, 13.54688}, {2182.49585, -1996.44495, 13.54688}, {2193.5373535156, -2009.6970214844, 13.55469}, {2165.94678, -1986.73853, 13.55469}, } --[[ ><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>< >< Infos Trab >< ><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>< --]] local Blip_Marcar = createBlipAttachedTo( Marker_Emprego, 0 ) setElementVisibleTo ( Blip_Marcar, root, false ) function Infos_Emprego ( source ) local Emprego = getElementData ( source, "Emprego" ) if Emprego == "Lixeiro" then if isElementVisibleTo ( Blip_Marcar, source ) then setElementVisibleTo ( Blip_Marcar, source, false ) outputChatBoxInfo ( "Seu Local de Trabalho foi Desmarcado do Mapa!", source, 255, 165, 0, true ) else setElementVisibleTo ( Blip_Marcar, source, true ) outputChatBoxInfo ( "Seu Local de Trabalho foi Marcado no Mapa!", source, 255, 165, 0, true ) end end end addCommandHandler ( "infos", Infos_Emprego ) --[[ ><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>< >< Carregar Lixo >< ><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>< --]] Object_Lixo = {} Marker_Entregar = {} function Pegar_Lixo (source) local Emprego = getElementData ( source, "Emprego" ) local Px, Py, Pz = getElementPosition( Marker_Emprego ) local Lixo = getElementData( source, "Lixo" ) local Random_Pos = math.random ( #Marker_Aleatorios ) if not isPedInVehicle ( source ) then if isElementWithinMarker(source, Marker_Emprego) then if Lixo == false then if Emprego == "Lixeiro" then setPedAnimation( source, "CARRY", "liftup", 1.0, false ) setTimer(function() if isElement( Object_Lixo[source] ) then destroyElement( Object_Lixo[source] ) end if isElement( Marker_Entregar[source] ) then destroyElement( Marker_Entregar[source] ) end setElementData(source, "Recompensa", 0) setPedAnimation( source, nil ) setElementData( source, "Lixo", true ) toggleControl( source, "jump", false ) toggleControl( source, "fire", false ) toggleControl(source, "aim_weapon", false) setPedAnimation( source, "CARRY", "crry_prtial", 4.1, true, true, true ) Object_Lixo[source] = createObject( 1264, Px, Py, Pz ) Marker_Entregar[source] = createMarker ( Marker_Aleatorios[Random_Pos][1], Marker_Aleatorios[Random_Pos][2], Marker_Aleatorios[Random_Pos][3] -2.2, "cylinder", 2.5, 16, 111, 231, 50) setElementVisibleTo ( Marker_Entregar[source], root, false ) setElementVisibleTo ( Marker_Entregar[source], source, true ) addEventHandler("onMarkerHit", Marker_Entregar[source], Fim_Emprego) exports.bone_attach:attachElementToBone(Object_Lixo[source], source, 4, 0, 0.4, - 0.6, -90, 0, 0 ) end, 1000, 1) else outputChatBoxError ( "Apenas lixeiros podem trabalhar aqui!", source, 255, 165, 0, true ) end end end end end addCommandHandler("lixo", Pegar_Lixo) function Mensagem_Aviso (source) local Emprego = getElementData ( source, "Emprego" ) if isPedInVehicle ( source ) then return end if Emprego == "Lixeiro" then if isElementWithinMarker(source, Marker_Emprego) then --outputChatBox ( "Digite /lixo para pegar no lixo!", source, 255, 165, 0, true ) end end end addEventHandler("onMarkerHit", Marker_Emprego, Mensagem_Aviso) --[[ ><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>< >< Entregar Lixo >< ><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>< --]] function Fim_Emprego (source) local Xp = tonumber(getElementData(source, "minutes")) or 0 local Lixo = getElementData( source, "Lixo" ) local Recompensa = math.random(25, 50) local Recompensaxp = math.random(25, 50) if not isPedInVehicle ( source ) then if isElementWithinMarker(source, Marker_Entregar[source]) then if Lixo == true then setPedAnimation( source, "CARRY", "putdwn", 1.0, false, false, false, true ) setTimer(function() if isElement( Object_Lixo[source] ) then destroyElement( Object_Lixo[source] ) end if isElement( Marker_Entregar[source] ) then destroyElement( Marker_Entregar[source] ) end setElementData( source, "Lixo", false ) toggleControl( source, "jump", true ) toggleControl( source, "fire", true ) toggleControl(source, "aim_weapon", true) setPedAnimation( source, "CARRY", "liftup", 0.0, false, false, false, false ) --if isObjectInACLGroup("user." ..getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(source)), aclGetGroup("Vip2")) then --setElementData(source, "Recompensa", Recompensa *2) --setElementData(source, "minutes", Xp + getElementData(source, "Recompensa")) --givePlayerMoney(source, getElementData(source, "Recompensa")) --triggerClientEvent(source, "addNotification", root, "#106FE7[ #ffffffVIP#106FE7 ] #ffffffVocê entregou o lixo e ganhou: "..getElementData(source, "Recompensa").."$", "sucesso") --elseif isObjectInACLGroup("user." ..getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(source)), aclGetGroup("Vip")) then --setElementData(source, "Recompensa", Recompensa *2) --setElementData(source, "minutes", Xp + getElementData(source, "Recompensa")) --givePlayerMoney(source, Recompensa) --triggerClientEvent(source, "addNotification", root, "#106FE7[ #ffffffVIP#106FE7 ] #ffffffVocê entregou o lixo e ganhou: "..getElementData(source, "Recompensa").."$", "sucesso") if isObjectInACLGroup("user." ..getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(source)), aclGetGroup("Everyone")) then setElementData(source, "Recompensa", Recompensa) givePlayerMoney(source, Recompensa) setElementData(source, "minutes", Xp + getElementData(source, "Recompensaxp")) if ( getElementData(source,"minutes") > 999 ) then setElementData(source,"minutes",0) setElementData(source,"Level",(getElementData(source,"Level") or 0) +1) end end end, 1200, 1) end end end end addEventHandler( "onPlayerQuit", root, function() if isElement( Object_Lixo[source] ) then destroyElement( Object_Lixo[source] ) end if isElement( Marker_Entregar[source] ) then destroyElement( Marker_Entregar[source] ) end end) addEventHandler( "onPlayerWasted", root, function() if isElement( Object_Lixo[source] ) then destroyElement( Object_Lixo[source] ) end if isElement( Marker_Entregar[source] ) then destroyElement( Marker_Entregar[source] ) end setElementData( source, "Lixo", false ) toggleControl( source, "jump", true ) toggleControl( source, "fire", true ) toggleControl(source, "aim_weapon", true) end) function outputChatBoxInfo(text, player, ...) triggerClientEvent(player, "N3xT.dxNotification", root, tostring(text), "info") end function outputChatBoxError(text, player, ...) triggerClientEvent(player, "N3xT.dxNotification", root, tostring(text), "error") end
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