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  1. i wanna activate this F1 menu but idk how to do that in a Dayz MTA Server private on localhost
  2. Matrix Network is a server that gathers many gamemodes into one place; connecting them all with Freeroam. The server has been officially released the 25th of March 2023. We offer you multiple well-refined features that we're sure you'll enjoy very much. The server supports the following languages: English, Turkish, Portuguese, Russian and Estonian. We plan on adding support for more languages in the near future. We will also be expanding to include a full-on multi gamemode lobby that offers: DM Racing, Shooter, Clan Wars & and other new gamemodes. Our server contains a lot of vehicle/character/weapon mods that will not impact your performance much at all. We took great care in making sure our server is very optimized, specifically our mod loader. Most of our vehicles were made uniquely for the server by our previous 3D Modeler, including some incredible handlings. Our server is very potato-friendly for the content it actually offers. Have you ever seen vehicles in MTA:SA that allowed you to use indicators? Or, vehicles that have high speed deployable spoilers? Maybe you have, but Matrix Network implements the original 'ImVehFt' mod in-game in a way that simulates it very well in comparison with the original mod. GUI in the last few years has become very crucial to the basic user experience. Our server offers modern looking GUI, with our own hand-drawn artwork. We offer you an implementation of new/classic game-modes directly through Freeroam: Domination: Some of us are Call of Duty fans, and one of the gamemodes that captivated us there was Domination. Two teams fighting to capture objectives, defending them to gain points and overthrowing the opponent to win the round. Race: Classic race is fun, but, have you ever tried racing with real cars with semi to full realistic handlings? FFA Deathmatch: We take the Deathmatch part of Freeroam very seriously. Therefore, we managed to create an amazing bullet sync logic along with a weapon balance that took the assault gameplay to another level. Team Deathmatch: Fight the opposing team to continuously gain points and win! Derby: We all played the classic Demolition Derby in GTA San Andreas, but we thought it would be even more fun to play it with players. So why not? Progression within the server matters to us, therefore, you can level up in-game and show off your skills against other players. We didn't forget about team competition. Clans are definitely a main thing in our server, with the capturable bases & Heists! Speaking of those, you can rob casinos with your clan mates and deliver the stolen goods to your base! Crack the vault open and escape from your opponents! And if you're a fan of dogfight, you'll be in the right place. We have tirelessly worked on improving the dogfight logic in the game and ended up with something completely game changing. Aside from all this, our staff and community are very friendly and we're always open to communicate! You would see more if you watch our trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xv5zQQFT6FE Here's some more of our online content: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/Hm9a2od2ZaI https://www.youtube.com/shorts/o0nOUZJV0RE And our most popular one yet (for some reason...): https://www.youtube.com/shorts/tnd_21jxOSY Join our discord server: https://discord.gg/matrixnetwork Our website: https://mxgaming.net/ And don't forget to follow us on our other socials: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mxgamingnetwork/ TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@mxgamingnetwork/ Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/mxgamingnetwork/ Our IP: mtasa://
  3. AİRQUİCK GAMİNG Sevgili Multi Theft Auto Oyuncuları, öncelikle AirQuick Gaming adlı (IP: sunucumuzu tercih ettiğiniz sizlere minnettar olduğumuzu belirtmek isteriz. Sizler sayesinde her gün geçtikçe birer adım daha ileri atabilmiş olacağımız, sizlerle güzel anılar biriktirebileceğimiz günleri görebileceğimiz ve daha nice durumları yaşamak için sabırsızlanıyoruz. Her bir oyuncumuzun görüşünü ve isteğini dikkate alıp hareket etmeyi planlıyoruz. Herkesin memnuniyeti için elimizden geleni yapacağız. Sunucumuzdaki genel huzuru sağlamak için belli başlı kuralları sizler için belirledik. Kiminize göre okumak güç gelebilir veya çok fazla kasıntı yaptığımızı da düşünebilirsiniz fakat sunucumuzun huzuru için en ideal kurallar tarafımızca belirlenmiştir. Sizlerden kurallar konusunda ricalarımız ise atlamadan, usanmadan okumanız ve sunucu içerisinde harfiyen uygulamaktan çekinmemenizdir. Okuduğunuz için teşekkürler. Saygılarımızla, AirQuick Gaming ? Discord: https://discord.gg/8ux5XW6aDe IP: Kurallar: Sunucumuzun kuralları, en ideal durumda olup **AirQuick Gaming** yönetiminin onayı ile beraber tarafınıza sunulmuştur. __NOT__: Kurallar listemizde belki gözden kaçırabileceğimiz bazı durumlar olabilir. Bu yüzden çok önemli bir konuya değinmek istiyorum. Hepimizin bildiği gibi gerçek hayatlarımızda bulunan sık sık karşımıza çıkan __Görgü, Ahlak Kuralları ve Gelenekler__ kavramları vardır. Bu kavramlar **yazılı olmayan kurallar** olarak nitelendirilirler. Aşağıda maddeler hâlinde bulunan kurallar sunucu içerisinde bulunduğumuz vakitlerde nasıl davranmamız gerektiğini belirten kurallar olacaktır. __Reklam__ • Sözlü reklamlar, link ile reklam, özelden reklam, resim ile reklam ve benzeri şekilde reklamlar yapmak yasaktır. __Küfür, Argo, Hakaret__ • Her kanalda küfür etmek ve argo kullanmak yasaktır. • Üyelere karşı hakaret etmek ve dalga geçme yasaktır. __Kanallar__ • Komut kanalı haricinde komut kullanılması yasaktır. • Sesli müzik kanalı haricinde müzik açılması yasaktır. __Yetkililer ve Yetki__ • Yetki istemek yasaktır. • Yetkilileri boş yere @etiketlemek ve @etiketleyerek spam yapmak yasaktır. • Yetkililere saygılı olun. __Spam ve Etiketleme__ • Spam yapmak yasaktır. • Bir kelimeyi sürekli bir mesajda yazmak yasaktır. • Bir üyeyi sürekli @etiketlemek yasaktır. __Din, Siyaset, Cinsellik__ • Din ile ilgili konuşmak, tartışmak, kullanıcı adlarını din ile ilgili koymak yasaktır. • Siyaset ile ilgili konuşmak, tartışmak, kullanıcı adlarını siyaset ile ilgili koymak yasaktır. • 18+ fotoğraflar paylaşmak ve konuşmak yasaktır. __Kavga, Tartışmak__ • Kavga etmek, kavgaya dahil olmak ve tartışmak yasaktır.
  4. Boa noite, gostaria de saber se tem solução o bug do "MODO GHOST ATIVADO" que fica floodando no chat pelo sistema de ativo e passivo, revirei toda a internet e nao achei nenhum script que nao de esse bug, todos ativos e passivos que achei dão esse problema, e são todos compilados alguma solução??
  5. Hi All Are you looking for a freeroam server that has tons of custom mods and features, but don't want too many rules and restrictions? Then COOPERA Freeroam boredom just might be the right server for you! We have options like mapping and attaching for creative players, command line based so you actually can learn from it. We also have a lot of car mods and drifting opportunities to race yourself towards the finish! So, that's only a part of what our server can offer you, and if you are interested to check it out please copy the following link in your MTA: Server IP: mtasa:// LINKS : Join our forum site: https://powercs.ro/forum/ Vote Server : https://serverstoplist.com/server-coopera-powercs-ro-freeroam-server-18-564668 Server informatin : https://www.game-state.com/
  6. Heya all, Are you looking for a freeroam server that has tons of custom mods and features, but don't want too many rules and restrictions? Then JohnFlower's Freeroam boredom just might be the right server for you! We have options like mapping and attaching for creative players, command line based so you actually can learn from it. We also have a lot of car mods and drifting opportunities to race yourself towards the finish! Not knowing what to do and got some spare time left? We got you covered with our in-game cinema and skins to start off an RPG. JohnFlower started the server in 2010, in collaboration with Cave Johnson. Since then the player base grew rapidly and the community became larger and larger. We basically have one rule when you are online and that's not to be a cu*t. We assume you know yourself what's okay and what not. Our staff members will act tho when things start to escalate. So, that's only a part of what our server can offer you, and if you are interested to check it out please copy the following link in your MTA: Server IP: mtasa:// Links: Join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/sC2DNRV Join our Steam group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/JohnFlowers_Freeroam_boredom# Join our forum site: https://ilypetals.net/forum/ Join our IRC channel: https://www.irccloud.com/invite?channel=%23Flower.mta&hostname=irc6.rizon.net&port=6697&ssl=1 (If you use a different nickname than you use ingame, or if you are not affiliated with JohnFlower's server at all, ping @n0rt0x on IRC) Join our Facebook community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/318236555248301/ Regards, n0rt0x
  7. ?? ?? ?? LATAM FREEROAM ?? ?? ?? > ¡Ven y diviértete asesinando gente por montones, dónde sea y cuándo sea! ? - Vehículos modificados - Zonas de zombies ? - Vehículos voladores ? - Sistema de música 3D y mucho más... Mantente al tanto de las actualizaciones del servidor visitando nuestro servidor de Discord. IP: mtasa://
  8. Hello all. This is another custom map open to the public of the MTA community made by me. It's a new island where players are free to go and explore. Please be aware this map will not come with any resources other than the map itself, draw distance and some custom textures. Feel free to use the map for any gamemode. This map offers the following stuff (Total Objects: 1622): - Airport - Beaches - Bridges - Contruction Area - Dock - Factories - Fire Department - Forested Area - Gas Station - Hospital - Parking Lots - Police Station - Restaurants - Ships - Shopping Area - Skyscrapers - Small Mountain - Stunt Objects - Suburban Area - Traffic Lights, Lampposts - Warehouses VIDEO: SCREENSHOTS: INSTALLATION: 1 - Simly unpack the ZIP file. Open the "resources" folder and copy the "Custom-City-LS" folder to: <MTA installation directory>\server\mods\deathmatch\resources 2 - Connect to your server and type "refresh" in the console window so the server will detect the new resources. 3 - Now in the console again type in: start Custom-City-LS. That's it Note: you can also open it with the map editor. LOCATION: Los Santos X: 2904 Y: -792 Z: 11 CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD This map wasn't rushed in any way, I've always tried to deliver high quality maps, also it has been tested for bugs and gameplay. Please do not upload these files on any other site. However, you are welcome to share the link to this site whereever you want. Cheers and have fun! MORE MAPS FOR FREE: [RACE] Reiko's Map-Pack [RACE] RG's Map-Pack [RACE] Custom Racing Circuit Map-Pack
  9. Matrix Gaming is a clan server founded by particularly skilled people in content creation and development. We offer you a completely new environment to have fun in, with limitless possibilities and constant improvement. We're players that always wanted to take the gaming experience in MTA:SA to the next level, and this server is proudly a project we dedicated a lot of time on to ensure you the best gameplay you'll ever experience. Our IP: mtasa:// (Click to beam inside your MTA:SA client) Our website: https://mxgaming.net Our discord server: https://discord.com/invite/ncJxqsY9Wz Our Freeroam gamemode is very diverse, it differs a lot from the usual freeroam where all you do is pretty much drive all day until you get bored. We offer you custom vehicles models made by our talented 3D Modeller (-mx-Wanted), models that even lower end computers can properly run. Not only that, but with our IVF 2.0 mod, you can use realistic vehicle features in-game, just like the original GTA:SA mod. In addition to that, thanks to -mx-Bolm, we also offer you a whole lot of character skins that you can use and have your fun with. Our Freeroam also contains multiple events that run after a specific interval of time, such as Car Treasure. This event challenges you to find a hidden vehicle through a hint, you'll have exactly 10 minutes to find it to win Money and XP. Besides all of this, you can customize your game however you like through our main panel (can be accessed by pressing F7). You'll find a bunch of settings ranging from QoL to Graphics that'll completely transform how your game behaves. We also care for laid-back and competitive players, we provide custom weapon models and sounds with completely REBALANCED properties and synchronized damage. Although, if you're not a big fan of Deathmatch, you can just toggle your PASSIVE MODE through our panel. You have the ability to customize your environment, your gameplay, edit your handlings, fly, hover and jump using your vehicles too! * Shooter: The classic Shooter experience, where you're given an Infernus and a jumping ability to eliminate all your enemies and be the last one standing to win. You can switch your vehicle, obtain nitro or a vehicle repair through the custom pickups in the game mode's maps. * DD: A fun Destruction Derby experience, where you push the players off the map towards the water or ram them until their vehicle explodes. The last one standing wins. Maps include nitro, repair and vehicle change pickups as well. * Domination: A game mode inspired from the Call of Duty game series, where two teams 'Alpha' and 'Bravo' compete against each other to capture the 3 flags: A, B and C. For each flag a team captures, they gain 1 point every 5 seconds. The team that reaches 200 points first, or has the most points by the end of the 10 minute match wins. * Team Deathmatch: In this game mode, two teams 'Grove' and 'Vagos' fight each other with enabled respawn inside the event. Each kill equals 1 point, headshots grant double points. The match's duration is 10 minutes. The team that has most points by the end of the match wins. * Heist: Our server offers a heist game mode that allows clans in-game to compete between each other to crack a vault's code to rob the goods inside and obtain a briefcase. The briefcase must be delivered to the delivery drop-off location using the special Heist bulletproof and damage tolerant Van. Our clan is very fond of dogfighting. Because of that, we decided to take the Dogfight experience to the next level by implementing new things. Our aircraft rockets are improved and are patterned through custom AI that allows a very engaging aircraft combat experience with high speeds and required accuracy. Where and how you aim actually matters. We were heavily inspired by how GTA V's aircraft work. Besides Hydra, we have also improved Hunter and Rustler by granting them additional features. For hunters: You can use advanced missiles to take down your enemy, in addition to the usual explosive cannon. For rustlers: the aircraft is now faster and generates less drag. And its explosive cannons are way more powerful now. All our combat aircraft are given a targeting vizor to help track enemies down. EXTRA FEATURES: * Clans: Allows you and your friends or other players to be part of one team. Customize your clan with any kind of tag, color and name you want. We have a special clan panel that allows you to view your clan logs, invite new players to your clan, be invited to a clan and list all the clan invitations you are the source or target of. Each clan has 3 ranks: Member, Leader, and Owner. Only one person can own a clan. * A custom rank/level system: Currently, the max Level is set to 35. You level up by gaining XP points through killing other players or winning events. * Responsive, modern and fluid GUI, for an amazing user experience. * A full-on game customization panel with plenty of settings and graphical modifications. * Responsive damage system: Weapons are rebalanced, and damage is properly synchronized. Damage is bodypart responsive, which means hitting a player on the leg would deal less damage to the target than hitting them on the torso or the head. * Car Treasure: Every 30 minutes, a car spawns in the Freeroam. Players have 10 minutes to find the car to win a good amount of XP and money. * Lotto: Your usual lotto feature, starts every 30 minutes and generates a random number. If the player purchases the ticket with the lucky number, they win a good sum of money. MORE TO COME SOON! THE SERVER IS HEAVILY OPTIMIZED SO THAT EVEN THE LOWEST END COMPUTERS USERS CAN ENJOY A MESMERIZING EXPERIENCE. We look forward to seeing you. -mx- Administration.
  10. Hello friends, today I will share with you a very simple and under development hud. To get rid of FPS and screen pollution, it is enough to install and run the hud I made on your server. Download > Link
  11. İP: mtasa:// GoodFellas Roleplay Kaliteli MTA:SA Roleplay Sunucusu Türk/Medium/Global/Sesli Discord Adresi:https://discord.gg/G3shD4ksMC
  12. I have issues editing freeroam in MTA. When I edit the welcome text and save it it changes it back to default settings automatically. If anyone have this problem how to fix it? function joinHandler(player) if not player then player = source end local r, g, b = math.random(50, 255), math.random(50, 255), math.random(50, 255) setPlayerNametagColor(player, r, g, b) g_PlayerData[player] = { vehicles = {}, settings={} } g_PlayerData[player].blip = createBlipAttachedTo(player, 0, 2, r, g, b) addEventHandler("onFreeroamLocalSettingChange",player,onLocalSettingChange) if getOption('welcometextonstart') then outputChatBox('Welcome to Freeroam', player, 0, 255, 0) outputChatBox('Press F1 to show/hide controls', player, 0, 255, 0) end end
  13. So, i've tryed to edit allowed/disallowed weapons, and from weapon ID list in P>Freeroam>Settings comes [ 0 ] for no reson. In console i've got this error: ERROR: [gameplay]/freeroam/util_server.lua:35: bad argument #1 to 'pairs' (table expected, got number) I have tryed to delete settings.xml from deathmatch folder (Not work) Reinstalling FreeRoam itself (Not Work) Restarting FreeRoam (NW) Help me repair that without restarting server please D=
  14. KWKSRV One of the oldest test servers on MTASA, from back in the day, is still here. Currently running on the best connection yet, but soon i'll try starlink. Its all KWKSND's maps and resources connected by a highway that circles SanAndreas. You'll see Zombies, Peds, Hookers, Traffic, UFOs, Stunts, Races and much more. You can buy Drones, Toys, Homes ETC. Visit Odies Stunt Park and Liberty Island. Visit the Theme Park and Ride a Ferris Wheel or Pirate Ship. Go on a Cruise. Operate the Crane, Train and Titan Ship. Get Abducted, Escape, get Revenge. Want a job? Crush Cars, Deliver Pizza and Stolen Vehicles or Blast n Move rock. Be a Wanted Criminal or Join the SAPD and Clean Up The Crime Wave. Win Lottos, Demo Buildings, Hold a Drug Lab or Raid a Nightclub for Big Money. Login For Stats Tracking, Visit Shooting Range, Gain Skills, Camp for Stamina. See 2 YouTube Theaters, Miniplayer, 3D Radio, add Your URL everyone hears it. There has been tons of bug fixes in the last year to the point its pretty much error free now. The IP can change from time to time unfortunately, so i kept my classic old web page alive. http://kwksrv.8bit.ca/KWKSRV2021.html From there you can always get the correct IP and click to join. Drop in and say hi
  15. Kopyalanabilir adreslerimiz; Discord: https://discord.gg/Uqh3ZQh4XS Sunucu İP: mtasa://
  16. THE DARKNESS FREEROAM Sunucu ismi: THE DARKNESS Freeroam Sunucu Adresi: mtasa:// Sunucu Host Bölgesi: Türkiye Slot: 50 Giriş: Kalitesiz modlardan sıkıldınız mı? İçerisinde kaliteli bir ortam bulunduran güzel araba modları bulunan sunucu mu arıyorusunuz? Tam yerine geldiniz! Kaliteden ödün verilmeyerek hazırlanan mod paketimizle sizlere mükemmel bir deneyim sunuyoruz! Her gün düzenlenen vip çekilişleri ve etkinliklerle sizde her zaman kazanabilirsiniz! Biz Kimiz? THE DARKNESS 2007 yılında Erşan Oklu tarafından kurulmuş bir Metin2 klanından ibaretti. 2010 yılında tesadüfen Erşan'ın bir Counter Strike 1.6 jailbreak sunucusuna girip komutçu olmasıyla Yiğit ile yolları kesişti. 2-3 yıl boyunca birlikte oyun oynayıp mükemmel bir kardeşlik kurdular. Bu yılların sonunda oynadıkları sunucu ile ilişkilerini kesip yanlarında bir kaç arkadaşları ile Darkness Gaming adı altında ilk defa ortak bir klan kurdular. Counter Strike 1.6 sunucularında zaten tecrübeleri bulundukları için kaliteli bir ortam kurmayı başarıp çıktıkları klandan kat ve kat güzel bir arkadaşlık yeri oluşturdular. 6 yıl boyunca Counter Strike 1.6 sunucuları yöneten bu ekip zaman zaman 6 sunucuyu bir anda yönetmeye kadar yükselmiştir. Ardından Counter Strike 1.6 panelleri zorla kapatılan ekip bu olay üstüne Counter Strike 1.6 olan sunucu ilişkilerini bitirmiştir. Kısa bir süre sonra 2018 yılında CS:GO üzerinden bu sunucu yönetme serüvenine tekrar katılan ekip burada da başarılı olup Darkness Gaming adını tekrar tepelere taşımıştır. Hali hazırda 3 sunucu yönetmekteyiz. ekibimizle diğer oyunlara da yönelerek oyunculara güzel ve kaliteli sunucular sağlamayı hedefliyoruz. Sıkça Sorulan Sorular(S.S.S.): - Sunucu aktifliği ne kadar? • Sunucuyu yeni açmamızdan kaynaklı pek fazla bir online görmemektedir. Siz oyuncuların desteğiyle daha yüksek değerlere ulaşacağız! - Sunucuda ne kadar mod / araç var? • Sunucumuzda anlık olarak 48 araba/motor modu, 16 karakter modu, 3 harita modu bulunmaktadır. - Sunucu MB'ı ne kadar? • Modloader eklentisi sayesinde ilk girişinizde 85 mb dosya indirmektesiniz. Ardından yaklaşık 700 mb'lık araba dosyaları arka planda inmektedir. - Sunucu hazır paket mi? • Kesinlikle hayır, sunucuyu açarken dikkat ettiğimiz hususlardan biri de buydu. Hazır paket kullanımına karşıyız. Araba modlarımız da dahil olmak üzere teker teker yönetici ekibimizle seçip sunucuya eklemekteyiz. - Diğer sunuculardan farkınız nedir? • Öncelikle diğer sunucularda gördüğünüz hazır paket arabalar bizde bulunmamaktadır. Her araç özenle seçilmekte ve eklenemktedir. bir markadan 10-15 araba koymamaktayız. Her Marka arabayı sunucumuzda barındırmak isteriz. - Yetkili alımı var mı? • Sunucumuzdaki yetkili kadrosu şu anlık yeterli durumda fakat ilerleyen zamanda online sayımız arttıkça alımlar açılacaktır. Sunucudan Kareler
  17. • Grand Freeroam Brasil • • Ip: • • Discord : https://discord.gg/wMkcasT • • Gangs Gratis • • Policia • • Handling • • Eventos Diarios • • Carros BR • • Arenas Hs e Cbug •
  18. Ola pessoal meu sistema de radar esta dando o aviso de função deprecated não sei oque é isso pois sou novo no .lua, mas se alguem conseguir me explicar e me ajudar a resolver fico grato:) Codigo Erro 1: local states={ ["radar_zoom_in"]=false, ["radar_zoom_out"]=false, ["radar_move_north"]=false, ["radar_move_south"]=false, ["radar_move_east"]=false, ["radar_move_west"]=false, } local mta_getControlState = getControlState function getControlState(control) local state=states[control] if state==nil then return mta_getControlState(control) else return state end end local function handleStateChange(key,state,control) states[control]=(state=="down") end for control,state in pairs(states) do for key,states in pairs(getBoundKeys(control)) do bindKey(key,"both",handleStateChange,control) end end Codigo Erro 2: function checkMovement() -- Zoom if getControlState("radar_zoom_in") and zoom<maxZoomLimit then zoom=zoom+zoomRate if zoom>maxZoomLimit then zoom=maxZoomLimit end elseif getControlState("radar_zoom_out") and zoom>minZoomLimit then zoom=zoom-zoomRate if zoom<minZoomLimit then zoom=minZoomLimit end zoomOutRecalculate() end -- Move if getControlState("radar_move_north") then local newY=y-yOffset*zoom+(yOffset+movementSpeed)*zoom if newY<0 then yOffset=yOffset+movementSpeed end end if getControlState("radar_move_south") then local newY=y-yOffset*zoom+(yOffset-movementSpeed)*zoom if newY>(-vSize+screenH) then yOffset=yOffset-movementSpeed end end if getControlState("radar_move_west") then local newXOff=(xOffset+movementSpeed) local newX=x-xOffset*zoom+newXOff*zoom if newX<0 then xOffset=xOffset+movementSpeed end end if getControlState("radar_move_east") then local newX=x-xOffset*zoom+(xOffset-movementSpeed)*zoom if newX>(-hSize+screenW) then xOffset=xOffset-movementSpeed end end end addEvent("onClientPlayerMapHide") addEvent("onClientPlayerMapShow") Erro: https://prnt.sc/uca2gd essas 2 funções esta dando deprecated pfv alguem me ajude.
  19. Hi! I want to sell my drone system Contains: Model Images VIDEO: Use autumn coupon code to get 25% off! Coupon will expire at 30/10/2020 If you want to buy this script, please PM me or email: [email protected] or use this link: BUY HERE Other scripts HERE
  20. 17 Nisan 2020 tarihinde kurulan ve şuan da aktif şekilde kullanılabilir olan Estim Bozkurt Freeroam, Multi Theft Auto sunucusu sizleri bekliyor! İyi Oyunlar! IP : mtasa:// İsim : [TR] ❀ ESTİM BOZKURT ❀ - [FREEROAM] Yetkililer : [Kurucu] ES|o02'6 , [Kurucu] ES|Lykia 岺 , [Admin] SeRO , [Admin] Orhan , [Moderatör] RipJaws , [Destek] Noxus , [Destek] Hyper Kayıtlarımız oyun içindendir. İyi eğlenceler :)
  21. Hola !! Los invitamos a jugar en nuestro servidor Anime Network, acá podrán jugar libremente con los demás usuarios ya que contamos con un modo de juego freeroam. Dentro podrás encontrar diferentes recursos como Construcción Permite a los usuarios construir donde ellos quieran usando determinados objetos, seria como un map editor pero para cualquiera. Algunos de estos objetos cuentan con funciones, como por ejemplo las puertas con contraseña o los misiles anti-aereos. Dimensión caótica Es una dimensión llena de zombies, con el mapa de SA totalmente destruido, muy bueno para los roles. Zonas especiales -Zona Chernobyl ( una ciudad destruída donde debes tener un traje radioactivo para entrar ) -Warehouse ( Donde hacen duelos ) -Cine -Zonas de PVP -Mega Drop ( el clasico mega drop donde pueden escuchar musica o hacer pvp ) -Zonas de carreras -Zona de batalla pokemon Entre otras... Armas OP en venta Se venden armas OP como un Rifle Laser, RPG, Granadas, etc... Vehículos OP en venta Como en el mismo caso de las armas OP, se venden vehículos OP como el Hunter, el Hydra, etc... Skins variadas El servidor cuenta con una gran variedad de skins como: -Soldados -Anime -Videojuegos -Series Entre otros... Clanes El server cuenta con un buen sistema de clanes. Eventos Se hacen eventos todos los dias Guerras Ocurren muchas guerras entre clanes o jugadores. Para añadir más caos en ellas, el servidor cuenta con distintos recursos como: -Turfs -Torretas -Aviones rustler con bombas atómicas -Sistema de headshot -Artilleria pesada ( RPG, Granadas, Explosivos, Rifle laser, etc... ) -Coches Bomba Entre otros... Buen staff Lo más importante de un sv es el staff, en nuestro caso contamos con un buen staff y una comunidad limpia y sana. No aceptaremos ningún tipo de toxicidad en nuestro servidor. Gracias por leer ! Esperamos que entren al server y se diviertan. IP: mtasa://
  22. mtasa:// Introduction: Forseti is an old school Freeroam/RPG with a retro theme. We wanted to re-capture the nostalgia of GTA San Andreas. Well, what can you do in this server? Let's give you some examples. You can: Buy houses, change property name, lock/unlock them, set them for sale, and change their price & more. Buy vehicles, add unique upgrades, park them, change their price and set them for sale, etc. Trade your vehicles with other players, buy and sell them for amounts you set. This includes new vehicles we added ourselves, as well as new upgrades. You can create or join gangs and fight with others for very valuable areas on the map. You can capture or invade gang bases and make use of the amazing features they have. You can buy gang vehicles for your base, buy ammo from your base for a cheaper price, upgrade your base protection, add homing missiles that will protect you from attackers. We also went ahead and re-balanced/replaced some weapons that were inferior to encourage more players get into these big fights. It's worth mentioning that these fights are completely optional and if you want to play more casually, you can completely avoid them if you are not interested. The gang bases are located in LV only. Cut the crap, how do I make money? We have a few options. You can press 'F3' to open GPS menu and go to mission locations. Driving a taxi: You can pick up customers and drop them off where they want to go. Simple and efficient. Fishing: You can buy a fishing rod for $50 from fishermen at coast areas and fish anywhere you want. Just press 'B' and wait for the fish to bite, then press 'B' again to reel them in. You will get a unique fish depending on server time and weather. Let's not spoil it further. Press 'I' to open your fish inventory. Lumberjack Work: You can buy an axe from weapon shops or lumberjacks on the map. Wood you cut will stay in your inventory. You can see how much wood you have by pressing 'I'. You can sell them back to lumberjacks for a good price. Drug Delivery: You can become a dealer at San Fierro and deliver the 'stuff' to junkies. Try not to be seen though. This mission has a built-in leveling system of it's own. More you do it, better rewards you will get. Zombie Purifier: Become a purifier at Area 51 and help the army clean up zombie infested areas. Be careful though. If you get bit you will get infected. It might not end pretty. Deathmatch: Do you have something to prove? Well then. You can join the current deathmatch by pressing 'F2'. You can pick up weapons from the area and fight each other. You get money every time you kill someone, and you get punished for dying." Recovering from a bad divorce? Your wife keeps threatening to take the kids? Went broke already? We got you! Forseti Bank will happly provide you with a loan* and take it back using force if you haven't paid for 4 weeks* in real time! *(1): Loans include interest rate 100% which is a totally humanly amount to take. You should be able to make this kind of money basically working for your all life. But don't worry. Our system has never shown to have failed. *(2): four weeks actually means 1 or 2 hours but don't worry. We will not demand any payment after your death. The map itself is filled with vehicles, why would I pay for one? You can buy vehicles from the car icons on the map ('F11'). Every vehicle shop is different, so don't forget to check other shops if you can't find the vehicle you want. --Player owned vehicles are faster than other vehicles and you can change their properties permanently. You also have full control over them. --You can enter Pay 'N' Spray to paint your vehicle, change headlights, and add upgrades. --Upgrades include: Bumpers, Wheels, Spoilers etc. & Adding a Neon to your vehicle and unlocking burnout. --You can spawn your vehicle, despawn it, lock it, start/stop engine and park it from our main menu. ('F1' or 'M') --You can also use the /car 1, car 2 etc. commands to spawn your vehicles right in front of you. --You can press 'L' to lock and unlock your vehicle from the inside. Other players can't lock your vehicle. --1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 keys are used for some cool features when you are driving a vehicle. Open trunks, doors, change suspension etc. --If you park your vehicle, it will automatically respawn at the parked location and it will be locked. --You can set your vehicles for sale and other players can buy them. When you trade a vehicle, it'll keep the upgrades. --You can track the vehicle economy on our Discord server. Simply take a look at the #vehicles channel. --Every vehicle has a certain stock and it might run out, so buying vehicles with your spare money and selling them is a viable strategy. --Stocks are added every now and then depending on vehicle rarity, so don't worry, you will get a chance to buy them eventually. --Be careful not to leave your vehicles unlocked, other players can vandalize them at Pay 'N' Spray. ;)", I have 4 children and I have nowhere to live! Help me! You are in luck! We have a house system that's detailed but simple and fun to use. But how do you buy a house and what can you do with it? Houses not only provide you with a safe area, but they have other benefits as well. You can see the houses that are on sale on your map. You can walk to a house's pickup in front of their door and see all the information. When you buy a house, you will be granted full control over it. Such as: --If your house is a business, ALL money that are spent in there are yours. --Example: If you own LS Bistro you will gain all the money other players spend there. --You can set any house you own as your spawn point. If you die, you will respawn at your bed. --You will not take damage in your own house. --You can rename your property to whatever you want. --You can lock and unlock your house for other players. Don't want to be bothered? Lock it. --You can set your house on sale or take it off the sale for other players. Bought a house for 35k and you want to sell it for 35m? It's scummy, but go ahead. --You can change your house's sale value. Make it more expensive or cheaper. --You can instantly sell it back for a little less value. Took a loan and can't pay back? Maybe there's a way out. Did I say loans? That's a whole another thing, let's get back to our topic. You can see the houses you own on your main menu ('F1' or 'M') If you want to see where your house is located, clicking on it will start GPS.", I feel alone in this cold world! Someone take me in! Don't worry, you can join a gang or make your own for 50k. A gang leader can: --Invite players --Kick members --Change member ranks --Invade other gang bases --Change gang name --Change gang tag --Change gang color --Set aside some money for other members to spend on stuff --Upgrade gang gates, make them more resistant to explosions --Buy homing missiles that will attack incoming hostiles Capturing a gang base has a lot of good benefits. Such as spawning it as your spawn point, a steady money stream, buying weapons for cheaper, or using special gang vehicles. Note: You can ping a location on the map for your gang mates. (F11 + X + Right click) That's cool and all, but I got banned in every server I played on. What are the rules? We believe strict rules kill the fun. You are allowed to do anything you want and mess around as long as you aren't ruining it for others. That's all? No. We have a lot of small details and more big features that will make the server feel alive. GTA San Andreas interiors with their unique uses, walking food vendors and vehicles, automated trains that will take a break at stations, custom maps, some mechanical changes, fitting unique weather cycles for every state of it's own that will change on a rotation and much more. So go ahead! Do some fishing for random loot, cut the trees around the map, drive a taxi for NPCs, smuggle drugs or help the army clean up zombie infested areas. There's a bit too much to write about, so we will let you experience them on your own. No point in turning this into a book. Here are some random screenshots from the server we like:
  23. Odyssey Freeroam We're a advanced freeroam server with loads of features that most of the competition doesn't have. Our goal is to satisfy every player playing on our freeroam with a lot of customisable settings and never before seen features. Some of our features are: - A custom hydra lock-on (dogfight) system - Base capturing (something like turfs, but way more action-packed) - A crew system (crew owners/leaders can invite you to their crew, players can join 2 crews per account. Every crew has their own Hydra skin and base if they captured one in base capture) - Custom vehicles and vehicle upgrades - Custom reflection/water/detail/particle/effect shaders - A customisable settings menu (some of the settings are setting the quality of dx elements being drawn on the screen, object draw distance, vehicle draw distance and player draw distance) - A player blacklist menu (blacklisted players can't send you whispers/pms if you've blacklisted them) - A custom group chat (party) system - A custom vehicle/weapon damage system - Custom weapon switch system (similar to GTA V's weapon wheel) - Custom radio stations We're looking forward to see you on our server :). - Odyssey Staff team. IP: mtasa:// Discord: https://discord.gg/3dna9jS
  24. Odyssey Freeroam [English Freeroam Server] IP: mtasa:// We are yet here again with another Free-roam Server Fitting your Needs. With New Dogfight system, Weapon system, Turf System and Damage System we try to offer you the smoothest game-play even on low end PC's. The scripts are carefully optimized to reduce lag and increase FPS. Since we are now in Beta, we Provide a free VIP for Players Who register into our server. VIP have the ability to Spawn specific vehicles and use different Types of Vehicles which normal players wont be able to use. Depending on your Requests we may add new features considering the importance of it to the server. We are also recruiting new staff depending on your capability as a leader. We have our own custom Crew system which allows players to manage their crew in a wide range of ways. Each crew can have their own specific vehicle skin and weapon skin which only the cew members can use. We have Custom Download Manager so that you don't have to spend hours waiting to play the server. To join the server you need maximum 23 MB download. The rest is downloaded while you enjoy your game-play. All features are Under maintenance so we would love it if you could let us know of any bugs within the features. Thank you From Odyssey Team
  25. Está cansado de outros servidores de MTA e quer jogar outro?? Então creio que esse servidor seja sua melhor opção! Freeroam + RP - Carros Modificados + Luxos + Motos + Carros da zueira - Gangues - Corporações - Teleportes Em quase todos os lugares - VIP LIBERADO (TEMPORARIAMENTE) - Arenas X1 - Sistema de neon - Sistema de caixinha de som para os jogadores ultilizarem - Staffs Responsáveis Ativos - PING 10~ 50~ - 100% COMPACTADO =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= IP: mtasa:// Discord: discord.gg/yDMre4G Espero sua presença por la obrigado
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