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  1. Çiftçi Mesleğinin Script Yapımı 1.Client.lua 2.server.lua 3.shared.lua 4.meta.xml Client .lua İçeriği -- Reappersz İyi Oyunlardiler. local dxMarker = createMarker(markerT[1],markerT[2],markerT[3]-0.1, "cylinder", 1, 255, 255, 255, 0) local ped = createPed(skinTractor,markerT[1],markerT[2],markerT[3]) setElementRotation(ped, 0, 0, 90) addEventHandler( "onClientRender", root, function () local x, y, z = getElementPosition(dxMarker) local Mx, My, Mz = getCameraMatrix() if (getDistanceBetweenPoints3D(x, y, z, Mx, My, Mz) <= 20) then local WorldPositionX, WorldPositionY = getScreenFromWorldPosition(x, y, z +1, 0.07) if (WorldPositionX and WorldPositionY) then dxDrawText("Çiftçi Mesleği", WorldPositionX - 1, WorldPositionY + 1, WorldPositionX - 1, WorldPositionY + 1, tocolor(0, 0, 0, 255), 1.52, "default-bold", "center", "center", false, false, false, false, false) dxDrawText("Çiftçi Mesleği", WorldPositionX - 1, WorldPositionY + 1, WorldPositionX - 1, WorldPositionY + 1, tocolor(255, 255, 255, 255), 1.50, "default-bold", "center", "center", false, false, false, false, false) end end end ) --------------------------------------------- local markerState = 1 function getMarkerCurrentState () return markerState end function updateMarkerCurrentState () markerState = markerState + 1 end function restoreMarkerCurrentState () markerState = 1 end function isMarchEnd () if getMarkerCurrentState () >= #tractorMarks then return true else return false end end local markerT = createMarker(markerT[1],markerT[2],markerT[3]-1, "cylinder", 1, 255, 255, 255, 0) local blip = createBlipAttachedTo(markerT, 25) setBlipVisibleDistance(blip, 400) function centerWindow ( center_window ) local sx, sy = guiGetScreenSize ( ) local windowW, windowH = guiGetSize ( center_window, false ) local x, y = ( sx - windowW ) / 2, ( sy - windowH ) / 2 guiSetPosition ( center_window, x, y, false ) end local sw,sh = guiGetScreenSize() local window={} local label={} local button={} wndTra = guiCreateWindow(0,0,400,120,"Çiftçi Mesleği",false) centerWindow(wndTra) guiSetVisible(wndTra,false) labeTra = guiCreateLabel(5,25,390,50," Merhaba, bu tarlayı traktör ile sürmeni istiyorum,\nbunu yapabilirmisin ?.",false,wndTra) guiSetFont(labeTra, "default-bold-small") guiLabelSetHorizontalAlign(labeTra, "center", false) buttonTra1 = guiCreateButton(10,70,180,35,"...",false,wndTra) guiSetFont(buttonTra1,"default-bold-small") guiSetProperty(buttonTra1, "NormalTextColour", "FF00FF00") buttonTra2 = guiCreateButton(210,70,180,35,"Hayır Kalsın.",false,wndTra) guiSetFont(buttonTra2,"default-bold-small") guiSetProperty(buttonTra2, "NormalTextColour", "FFFF0000") function createMarkerTractor(player) if player == getLocalPlayer() then m = tractorMarks[ getMarkerCurrentState () ] updateMarkerCurrentState () local marker = createMarker(m[1],m[2],m[3]-1, "corona", 2, 0, 255, 0, 80) setElementData(marker,"tractor_mark",true) setElementData(player,"tractor_mark",marker) local blip = createBlip(m[1],m[2],m[3],41,3) setElementData(player,"tractor_blip",blip) local obj = createObject(804,m[1],m[2],m[3]) setObjectScale(obj, 1.0) setElementCollisionsEnabled (obj, false) setElementData(player,"tractor_obj",obj) end end function deleteMarkerTractor(player) if player == getLocalPlayer() then local marker = getElementData(player,"tractor_mark") local blip = getElementData(player,"tractor_blip") local obj = getElementData(player,"tractor_obj") if marker then if isElement(marker) then destroyElement(marker) end end if blip then if isElement(blip) then destroyElement(blip) end end if obj then if isElement(obj) then destroyElement(obj) end end end end addEvent("deleteMarkerTractor", true) addEventHandler("deleteMarkerTractor", getRootElement(), deleteMarkerTractor) function startClick() local player = getLocalPlayer() if (source == buttonTra1) then guiSetVisible(wndTra,false) showCursor(false) local state = getElementData(player,"tractor_works") if not state then triggerServerEvent("start_Tractor",player,player) setElementData(player,"tractor_works",0) createMarkerTractor(player) outputChatBox("#1E90FF[BİLGİ] #FFFFFFİşe başladınız, işarete sürün.",255,255,255,true) setElementData(player,"Model Danışmanı",getElementModel(player)) setElementModel(player,158) setElementData(player,"tractor_plus",0) setElementData(player,"Kazanılan Gelir",moneyTra) else triggerServerEvent("stop_Tractor",player,player) local hodok = tonumber(state) local profit = getElementData(player,"Kazanılan Toplam kon") if not profit then profit = 0 end setElementData(player,"Kazanılan Toplam Kon",nil) setElementData(player,"Şuan Kazanılan Kon",nil) triggerServerEvent("giveMoneyTractor",player,player,profit) setElementData(player,"tractor_works",nil) setElementModel(player,getElementData(player,"Önceki Cilt Danışamanı")) deleteMarkerTractor(player) end elseif (source == buttonTra2) then guiSetVisible(wndTra,false) showCursor(false) end end addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick", getRootElement(), startClick) function onClientMarkerHit(player, mdim) if player == getLocalPlayer() then if mdim then local veh = getPedOccupiedVehicle(player) local state = getElementData(player,"tractor_works") if getElementData(source,"tractor_mark") then if veh then setElementData(player,"tractor_plus",tonumber(getElementData(player,"tractor_plus")) + 1) if getElementData(player,"tractor_plus") >= #tractorMarks then restoreMarkerCurrentState () local pacienty = tonumber(getElementData(player,"tractor_plus")) if pacienty > 0 then setElementData(player,"tractor_works",tonumber(state) + pacienty) setElementData(player,"tractor_plus",0) if not getElementData(player,"kazanılan total ") then setElementData(player,"kazanılan total",0) end if not getElementData(player,"total") then setElementData(player,"total",0) end setElementData(player,"kazanılan total",getElementData(player,"kazanılan total") + getElementData(player,"kazanlan total")) deleteMarkerTractor(player) outputChatBox("#1E90FF[BİLGİ] #FFFFFFKazanç : #00FF00"..getElementData(player,"total kazanılan").." #FFFFFFmoney.",255,255,255,true) outputChatBox("#1E90FF[BİLGİ] #FFFFFFMaaşınızı aldınız.",255,255,255,true) end else deleteMarkerTractor(player) createMarkerTractor(player) end end end end end end addEventHandler("onClientMarkerHit", getRootElement(), onClientMarkerHit) addEventHandler ( "onClientMarkerHit", getRootElement(), function(ply) if ply ~= localPlayer then return end if source == markerT then local state = getElementData(ply,"tractor_works") local veh = getPedOccupiedVehicle(ply) if not veh then guiSetVisible(wndTra,true) showCursor(true) if not state then guiSetText(buttonTra1,"İşe Başla.") else guiSetText(buttonTra1,"İşi Bitir.") end end end end) Bu Client.lua İçeriğimiz Sırada Server.Lua -- Türkçe Çeviri Reappersz---- -- Reappersz İyi Oyunlardiler. function start_Tractor(player) local veh = createVehicle(531,spawnTractor[1],spawnTractor[2],spawnTractor[3], 0, 0, 160) setElementData(player,"tractor_veh",veh) trailer = createVehicle(610, 0, 0, 4, 0, 0, 160) attachTrailerToVehicle(veh, trailer) setElementData(player,"trailer_veh",trailer) setElementData(veh,"tractor_plus",0) warpPedIntoVehicle(player,veh) setElementData(veh, "vehicle:Work", true) setElementData(veh, "vehicle:Work:Owner", player) end addEvent("start_Tractor", true) addEventHandler("start_Tractor", getRootElement(), start_Tractor) function enterVehicle ( player ) local data = getElementData(source, "vehicle:Work") if not data then return end local owner = getElementData(source, "vehicle:Work:Owner") if owner ~= player then cancelEvent() outputChatBox("#1E90FF[BİLGİ] #FFFFFFBu araç senin değil...",player,255,255,255,true) end end addEventHandler ( "onVehicleStartEnter", getRootElement(), enterVehicle ) function stop_Tractor(player) local state = getElementData(player,"tractor_works") local veh1 = getElementData(player,"tractor_veh") local veh2 = getElementData(player,"trailer_veh") if state then if veh1 then destroyElement(veh1) setElementData(player,"tractor_veh",nil) end if veh2 then destroyElement(veh2) setElementData(player,"trailer_veh",nil) end end triggerClientEvent("deleteMarkerTractor",player,player) end addEvent("stop_Tractor", true) addEventHandler("stop_Tractor", getRootElement(), stop_Tractor) function giveMoneyTractor(player, summa) local state = getElementData(player,"tractor_works") if state then givePlayerMoney(player, summa) outputChatBox("#1E90FF[BİLGİ] #FFFFFFİşi bitirdin. Maaşın #00FF00"..summa.." #FFFFFF$.",player,255,255,255,true) end end addEvent("giveMoneyTractor", true) addEventHandler("giveMoneyTractor", getRootElement(), giveMoneyTractor) function job_quit_Medik() local player = source local state = getElementData(player,"tractor_works") if state then local veh = getElementData(player,"tractor_veh") if veh then destroyElement(veh) setElementData(player,"tractor_veh",nil) end end end addEventHandler("onPlayerQuit", root, job_quit_Medik) function onVehicleStartEnter( player, seat, jacked ) local veh = source local pveh = getElementData(player,"tractor_veh") if veh == pveh then setElementData(player,"Уничтожение_Автобуса",nil) end end addEventHandler ( "onVehicleStartEnter", getRootElement(), onVehicleStartEnter) setTimer(function() for lol,player in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do local pveh = getElementData(player,"tractor_veh") if pveh then local driverA = getVehicleOccupant(pveh) if driverA == player then if getElementData(player,"Уничтожение_Автобуса") then setElementData(player,"Уничтожение_Автобуса",nil) end else if getElementData(player,"Уничтожение_Автобуса") then setElementData(player,"Уничтожение_Автобуса",tonumber(getElementData(player,"Уничтожение_Автобуса")) - 1) if tonumber(getElementData(player,"Уничтожение_Автобуса")) < 0 then setElementData(player,"Уничтожение_Автобуса",nil) stop_Tractor(player) outputChatBox("#1E90FF[BİLGİ] #FFFFFFİşten ayrıldın.",player,255,255,255,true) end end end end end end,1000,0) function onVehicleExit(player,seat) if seat == 0 then local pveh = getElementData(player,"tractor_veh") if source == pveh then setElementData(player,"Уничтожение_Автобуса",60) outputChatBox("#1E90FF[BİLGİ] #FFFFFFİşi dönmelisin yoksa 60 saniye sonra yok olacak.",player,255,255,255,true) end end end addEventHandler("onVehicleExit", getRootElement(), onVehicleExit) function onPlayerWasted() giveMoneyTractor(source) end addEventHandler("onPlayerWasted", getRootElement(), onPlayerWasted) function onPlayerQuit() giveMoneyTractor(source) end addEventHandler("onPlayerQuit", getRootElement(), onPlayerQuit) Buda Server.lua ' İçeriğimiz İçinden Editlemeler Değişiklikler Yapılabilir Sıradaki İçeriğimiz Shared.lua İçeriğidir -- Türkçe Çeviri Reappersz -- -- Reappersz İyi Oyunlardiler. markerT = {-103.97047424316,9.280517578125,3.1171875} -- Harita İşaretlemesi. skinTractor = 158 -- ID рабочего скина. moneyTra = math.random(1500,10000) -- Satılanların geliri. spawnTractor = {-123.93685150146,58.673442840576,3.1171875} -- Traktor Işınlama. tractorMarks = { -- Koleksiyon Kordinatları. {-129.10345458984,44.776748657227,3.1171875}, {-140.21569824219,35.499088287354,3.1171875}, {-138.20004272461,22.663047790527,3.1171875}, {-148.60707092285,14.514667510986,3.1171875}, {-145.90365600586,3.4965758323669,3.1171875}, {-156.54542541504,-6.012909412384,3.1171875}, {-154.13597106934,-17.593681335449,3.1171875}, {-164.40188598633,-27.394626617432,3.1171875}, {-162.29643249512,-39.118156433105,3.1171875}, {-171.7504119873,-45.86404800415,3.1171875}, {-169.89549255371,-58.790817260742,3.1171875}, {-179.14767456055,-66.964935302734,3.1171875}, {-180.8540802002,-80.188659667969,3.1171875}, {-192.09867858887,-82.351318359375,3.1171875}, {-194.74926757813,-68.188079833984,3.1171875}, {-184.73794555664,-59.438095092773,3.1171875}, {-187.86322021484,-46.48645401001,3.1171875}, {-176.4867401123,-37.576705932617,3.1171875}, {-178.89535522461,-23.708335876465,3.1171875}, {-167.26829528809,-14.703594207764,3.1171875}, {-169.14628601074,0.85636925697327,3.1171875}, {-157.40020751953,11.213445663452,3.1171875}, {-163.81475830078,27.186906814575,3.109395980835}, {-151.95930480957,38.768440246582,3.1171875}, {-155.29359436035,53.715530395508,3.1171875}, {-144.55880737305,61.669063568115,3.1171875}, {-153.22250366211,73.040794372559,3.1171875}, {-164.96725463867,64.920394897461,3.1171875}, {-160.10667419434,51.389507293701,3.1171875}, {-172.44535827637,43.420669555664,3.1171875}, {-168.49655151367,27.312816619873,3.1171875}, {-181.05578613281,18.532829284668,3.109395980835}, {-176.61128234863,4.3219885826111,3.109395980835}, {-188.57684326172,-7.4416480064392,3.109395980835}, {-186.15411376953,-23.690855026245,3.1171875}, {-199.10632324219,-34.989559173584,3.1171875}, {-196.35543823242,-49.323276519775,3.1171875}, {-207.32098388672,-57.854675292969,3.1171875}, {-204.13220214844,-74.361557006836,3.1171875}, {-214.03121948242,-81.115821838379,3.1171875}, {-222.42245483398,-71.313377380371,3.1171875}, {-211.78359985352,-60.138431549072,3.1171875}, {-217.53211975098,-41.33757019043,3.1171875}, {-205.04089355469,-31.443368911743,3.1171875}, {-207.49635314941,-12.911985397339,3.1171875}, {-195.17124938965,-1.4358625411987,3.109395980835}, {-199.52687072754,22.681520462036,3.1171875}, {-187.56085205078,33.805614471436,3.1171875}, {-190.6788482666,50.106971740723,3.1171875}, {-178.33522033691,60.7131690979,3.1171875}, {-182.21771240234,76.404037475586,3.1171875}, {-191.54174804688,87.14820098877,3.1171875}, {-203.26365661621,79.401123046875,3.1171875}, {-199.90397644043,61.27318572998,3.1171875}, {-212.61807250977,50.887119293213,3.1171875}, {-209.3896484375,34.510997772217,3.1171875}, {-221.73179626465,23.422630310059,3.1171875}, {-217.9956817627,8.4652395248413,3.1171875}, {-231.29121398926,-4.3941593170166,3.109395980835}, {-227.30709838867,-17.375923156738,3.1171875}, {-238.58776855469,-26.8854637146,3.1171875}, {-234.0107421875,-40.141651153564,3.1171875}, {-245.84834289551,-50.500583648682,3.1171875}, {-243.30256652832,-64.259651184082,3.1171875}, {-253.69897460938,-70.972732543945,3.1171875}, {-261.44381713867,-60.243770599365,3.1171875}, {-264.31607055664,-45.27653503418,3.1171875}, {-253.13627624512,-37.03816986084,3.1171875}, {-256.28436279297,-21.476554870605,2.5999567508698}, {-243.57893371582,-5.2200374603271,2.8984375}, {-246.77336120605,13.520101547241,2.5481338500977}, {-232.55879211426,27.493730545044,2.8690776824951}, {-235.26802062988,47.376792907715,2.5473833084106}, {-221.7456817627,60.752349853516,2.8304569721222}, {-226.7194519043,72.61767578125,2.5015366077423}, {-214.16030883789,83.426750183105,2.7792901992798}, {-217.92860412598,94.814697265625,2.4680054187775}, {-227.80729675293,97.381309509277,2.0782046318054}, {-227.83094787598,81.953834533691,2.3373956680298}, {-242.23078918457,74.386619567871,1.953736782074}, {-236.50303649902,54.08487701416,2.4138503074646}, {-253.51921081543,43.162837982178,1.965989947319}, {-248.65715026855,20.133153915405,2.3974192142487}, {-265.92660522461,3.4994027614594,1.9778387546539}, {-260.5168762207,-20.83599281311,2.453197479248}, {-276.29504394531,-35.595523834229,2.0164685249329}, {-271.26129150391,-54.640983581543,3.1171875}, } Ve Son Adım Meta.XML İçeriğimiz <meta> <script src="shared.lua" type="shared" cache="false"/> <script src="client.lua" type="client" cache="false"/> <script src="server.lua" type="server"/> </meta> Bu Adımları Yaptıktan Sonra Meslek Dosyamızı Bir Zip Açarak İçine Atın Bunları Ardından Servere Yükleme Yapıp Startlayın ve refreshleyin
  2. function StandardWep() local x, y, z = getElementPosition(getLocalPlayer()) wep = createWeapon("m4", x+5, y, z) setWeaponFlags(wep, "shoot_if_blocked", false) setWeaponFiringRate(wep, 35) setWeaponProperty(wep, "damage", 25) setWeaponClipAmmo(wep, 35) setWeaponAmmo(wep, 100) end addCommandHandler("OnStandardWep", function(command, state) local s = string.upper(state) if s=="ON" then setWeaponState(wepM16, "firing") elseif s=="false" then setWeaponState(wepM16, "ready") else outputChatBox("There is no such condition of the weapon, you can only use 'ON / OFF'", 255, 50, 0) end end ) The point is that it does not hurt other players, what's more, other players do not even see the line of fire (I mean the yellow line which means how fast the bullets are moving and in which direction) and the weapon itself (M4), I know that you need to use triggerClientEvent but no I know how to apply it, please help me with an example ; -;
  3. So I have a question, I have a model to import but I would like this object was only visible in a specific dimension. How can I do this?
  4. I've been working on a script that realistically manipulates the wheels. I've gotten to the point I can hide the original wheels, in hopes I can later attach a new set in the same place. I'm aware I might have to use attachElements, and several other functions. For the moment, I'd like to attach a single wheel. I've got this: -- All GUI elements. local vehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle(localPlayer) local x1, y1, z1 = getVehicleComponentPosition(vehicle, "wheel_lf_dummy") local x2, y2, z2 = getVehicleComponentPosition(vehicle, "wheel_rf_dummy") local x3, y3, z3 = getVehicleComponentPosition(vehicle, "wheel_lb_dummy") local x4, y4, z4 = getVehicleComponentPosition(vehicle, "wheel_rb_dummy") local function replace1 () attachElements (1097, vehicle, x1, y2, z1, 0, 0, 0) end addEventHandler ("onClientGUIClick", set1, replace1, false) -- Function runs when button called 'set1' is clicked. -- Everything else. Here's my thought process: First, I get the player's vehicle. Then, I get the position of all four wheels in the player's vehicle, and represent them with x1, y1 and z1. With all wheels hidden by another function, I then attach the wheel model in the same place as the front left wheel. At the moment, I'm only aiming at the position; I'll handle the rotation later. DB 3 can't identify '1097', and thus asks for a valid element. Am I on the right path?
  5. Hello, could someone tell me what commands I will need to make my crosshair (I mean this crosshair while holding AK-47, M4, SMG etc.)
  6. I want create a HUD with image progress bars. I think i need dxDrawImageSection, but i don't know how to use this for a progress bar. Anyone can give me a example of this progress bar with imagesection?
  7. I want to change my / pay from my toll to just press a letter And I want to make an animation of raising my hand in the letter x Somenone help me?
  8. Estamos buscando ayuda para crear un servidor MTA Si alguien tiene experiencia en crear servidores, porfavor, contactenos Muchas gracias por la ayuda
  9. I want create a dx private message system, like the fb messenger.. But how to make it possible? Or where can i download a script like this? sorry for my bad english..
  10. Blz Galera! Você pode me ajudar a criar um objeto em um servidor com a capacidade militar, ou seja, onde todos os jogadores podem se locomover ao iniciar novamente uma partida! Alguém pode me dar uma força // ???? ?
  11. I want create a dxdraw rectangle and text on the map. But how to make this possible?
  12. I want create a custom scoreboard.. But, how to add players to it with rectangle, and dxdrawtext(s), and when there are xy players, how to make scrollable?? Sorry for my bad english.. :c
  13. I want create a script, which play a sound, when a player shot another player head. But the sound play for killed player and localplayer too. How to make this?
  14. I want create a bank-system. But i don't know, how to begin the script. Can i make it possible this with setElementData, and getElementDatas? sorry for my bad english
  15. I want create a script, which tp a player to me, and teleport me to a player, like in admin panel, just with command. How to make this? For example: /tpto playername , and /tpme playername. And when i teleport a player to me, the player get out from vehicle
  16. I want create a script, which creates a 3d text with a cmd. For example, when i type "/word asd" then this make a 3d text the player position "#playername : asd", then after elapse 3 hours, the text will hide. How to make this?
  17. I want make a script, which make shorten the dx text. For example: if the dx text is "This is the dxtext", show instead of "This is the dxtext" -> "This is th...". How to make this? Sorry for my very bad english.
  18. I want create a script, which create a marker with random position, from a table. How to make this?
  19. I want create a help panel, with html, but i don't know how to make this.. Anyone can help?
  20. Hello. I want create a dx timer which when the player disconnect, and connect again to the server then not reset the timer. Sorry for my bad english :c
  21. i want create a "equalizer" effect to mta sa, like this: but how to create this?
  22. conspochs

    club on fire

    Football for club football for friendship
  23. I want a 3D video player, what play the .mp4, like "playSound3D". how to create this?
  24. i want create a script, which output the chatbox, when player get money, but how? For example: "+32526$"
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