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Found 20 results

  1. Buenas, estoy en estos medios pidiendo ayuda con relación a la GM de LIFE STEAL RP, pues en esta todo va bien, excepto la tienda de ropas, al entrar a cualquier tienda de ropa aparece el [NPC] encima de su nombre, pero al intentar interactuar de cualquier forma, ya sea dandole click o acercandoce a el, no abre el panel de ropa para cambiarla, la verdad necesito la tienda de ropas donde debería, en esos interiores, porque he buscado otras y vienen con errores y no en los lugares típicos de tiendas de ropas, así que si alguien me pudiera aportar con cualquier tienda de ropa de otra GM que sea en los lugares típicos en los interiores de las tiendas de ropa se los agradecería, porque ninguna de las tiendas de este funcionan.
  2. Greetings, my question is to apply a skin shader in my script. My problem is that another player does not see the shader when he has just entered the game, and when I reconnect, the shader disappears, so I have to apply the shader again every time, how can I save it? shaders = {} names = {} textures = {} applied = {} groups = { { name = "FBI", texture= "lf.png", shader= "test.fx", num = 1, worldname = "swat" }, { name = "FBI", texture= "sf.png", shader= "test.fx", num = 2, worldname = "swat" }, { name = "FBI", texture= "sf2.png", shader= "test.fx", num = 3, worldname = "swat" }, { name = "FBI", texture= "287.png", shader= "test.fx", num = 3, worldname = "army" }, { name = "FBI", texture= "dym.png", shader= "test.fx", num = 5, worldname = "swmotr5" }, { name = "FBI", texture= "fbi1.PNG", shader= "test.fx", num = 4, worldname = "swat" }, { name = "FBI", texture= "fbi2.PNG", shader= "test.fx", num = 5, worldname = "swat" }, { name = "FBI", texture= "fbi3.PNG", shader= "test.fx", num = 6, worldname = "swat" }, { name = "FBI", texture= "lf.png", shader= "test.fx", num = 7, worldname = "swat" }, { name = "FBI", texture= "dsa287.png", shader= "test.fx", num = 9, worldname = "army" }, { name = "FBI", texture= "acura.png", shader= "test.fx", num = 11, worldname = "wmycd1" }, { name = "FBI", texture= "marvel.png", shader= "test.fx", num = 2, worldname = "wmycd1" }, { name = "FBI", texture= "srblack.png", shader= "test.fx", num = 3, worldname = "wmycd1" }, { name = "FBI", texture= "test2.png", shader= "test.fx", num = 33, worldname = "cop2_cit" }, { name = "FBI", texture= "160.png", shader= "test.fx", num = 35, worldname = "cwmohb2" }, { name = "FBI", texture= "260.png", shader= "test.fx", num = 63, worldname = "swmotr5" }, } addEventHandler( "onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, function() for i,val in ipairs(groups) do perfectname = val.name..""..val.num textures[perfectname] = dxCreateTexture ( val.texture ) shaders[perfectname] = dxCreateShader( val.shader,999999, 0, false, "ped" ) names[perfectname] = val.worldname dxSetShaderValue ( shaders[perfectname], "Tex0", textures[perfectname] ) -- engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture ( shaders[perfectname], val.worldname ) --bit of sanity checking if not shaders[perfectname] then exports.DRKdx:new( "Could not create shader. Please use debugscript 3" ) destroyElement( textures[perfectname] ) return elseif not textures[perfectname] then exports.DRKdx:new( "loading texture failed" ) destroyElement ( shaders[perfectname] ) tec = nil return end end end ) function groupskinapply(cmd,num) local grp = getElementData(localPlayer,"Group") local perfectname = grp..""..num if grp and grp ~= "" and shaders[perfectname] then if applied[perfectname] then triggerServerEvent("SunApplyToAllServer", root, perfectname, theplayer) applied[perfectname] = nil return end theplayer = localPlayer val = groups[1] applied[perfectname] = true triggerServerEvent("SonApplyToAllServer", root, perfectname, theplayer) exports.DRKdx:new("Applied group skin "..num,0,255,0) end end addCommandHandler("groupskin", groupskinapply) addEvent("onApplyToAllServer", true ) function applyitdude(val, player) bool1 = engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture ( shaders[val], names[val], player ) --- if not bool1 then outputChatBox("oh 4",255,0,0) end end addEventHandler("onApplyToAllServer", root, applyitdude) addEvent("unApplyToAllServer", true ) function unapplyitdude(val, player) bool1 = engineRemoveShaderFromWorldTexture ( shaders[val], names[val], player ) if not bool1 then outputChatBox("oh 4",255,0,0) end end addEventHandler("unApplyToAllServer", root, unapplyitdude)
  3. Hello When I shoot, my skin looks like this And it is interesting that when I press Alt + Tab and enter the game screen again, there is no more news about this bug, but when I shoot it, it is found. https://pasteboard.co/foW5Ttj2Gikh.png -- Photo bug I really have no idea. My only concern is that this bug happened to all players and I hope this is a problem from my system, not the server. What do you think ?
  4. Hey Fellas! I'm looking for this guy, but in other clothes, if someone have it, i would be thankful: https://imgur.com/a/FleR5f2
  5. Criei uma skin pro meu gta sa, editei o dff o txt usei o 3ds Max, mas na hora que eu coloco no jogo a skin fica toda branca, já mudei o nome dos arquivos e já coloquei a skin no lugar dos pedestres e continua branca
  6. Olá estou com problemas em meu emprego, todo mundo mesmo quem não está atrabalhando neste emprego consegue spawnar o veiculo do trabalho apenas indo até o marker, tentei por uma proteção que faça com quem tem a skin do emprego consiga pegar o carro e o destruir. porém nenhum resultado se conseguirem me ajudar agraçederia muito. local marker = createMarker(2681.17285, -1957.08862, 12.7, "cylinder", 1.0, 0, 0, 255, 255) local Dmarker = createMarker(2679.63989, -1968.49829, 12.5, "cylinder", 3.0, 255, 0, 0, 100) function enterVehicle ( player, seat, jacked ) --quando um jogador entra em um veículo policeLimpador = { [552]=true} --ID Veiculos Policiais policeLimpadorSkins = { [27]=true } --ID Skins Policiais if ( policeLimpador[getElementModel(source)] ) and ( not policeLimpadorSkins[getElementModel(player)] ) then --se o veículo é um dos 4 carros da polícia, ea pele não é uma pele polícia cancelEvent() outputChatBox ( "#ff0000Somente Motoristas podem entrar neste veiculo", player, 255, 255, 255, true ) --and tell the player why end end addEventHandler ( "onVehicleStartEnter", getRootElement(), enterVehicle ) --add an event handler for onVehicleStartEnter function Vehicle( thePlayer ) if getElementType(thePlayer) == "player" then local x,y,z = getElementPosition(thePlayer) veh = createVehicle(552, 2687.59, -1970.002, 13.547, -0, 0, 266.348 ) warpPedIntoVehicle(thePlayer, veh) end end addEventHandler("onMarkerHit", marker, enterVehicle) function destroy (hitElement) if getElementType(hitElement) == "Vehicle" then destroyElement(hitElement) end end addEventHandler("onMarkerHit", Dmarker, destroy)
  7. Selam. MTA sunucuları basite indirgenmiş "Araç,Karakter,Silah,Blip (Haritada Simge),Kodlu Kapı,3D Ses" oluşturucu programımı bitirip sizlerle paylaşmak istedim. Klasörleri programın çalıştığı dizine oluşturur. Araç ve Silah ID'leri isimleri ile beraber sizin için hazır olarak ComboBox'a eklenmiştir. Programa dair görüntüler; VirusTotal: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/ab64043693b44cec50caa1358bc7b6fe279758f5962b08cbded351fb706a1d5a/detection Link: http://link.tl/1jzJ9 Programın sorunlarını ve eksik bulduğunuz kısımları bildirirseniz mutlu olurum.
  8. I've been messing around with 'setWeaponProperty' in order to understand how it works. I changed how the deagle is handled. Decided to undo the changes and, upon resetting everything, the weapon bugged. Image Any script with 'setWeaponProperty' has been removed, and the resource has been stopped and removed from metaserver.conf. Fixed after several restarts and total wipe of downloaded resources.
  9. I created a script to set texture when player joins the car, (EngineApplyShaderToWorldTexture), but work only client-side, i wanna other players see the texture from the car, not only the local player see self texture. How i can create a script like this?
  10. -- Configurações para quando um jogador entrar -- XYZ coodenadas local joinX = 0 local joinY = 0 local joinZ = 0 -- Armas e tiros local joinWeapon = 31 local joinAmmo = 100 -- Menssagem para o jogador local joinMessage = "Seja bem vindo ao servidor!" -- Pele do jogador local joinSkin = 27 -- Configurações para quando um jogador morrer -- XYZ coördinates local spawnX = 0 local spawnY = 0 local spawnZ = 0 -- Armas e tiros local spawnWeapon = 31 local spawnAmmo = 100 -- Pele do jogador local spawnSkin = 27 -- Definições para as quantidades de dinheiro -- Dinheiro por matar um jogador local killerMoney = 500 -- O dinheiro retirado do jogador quando morrem local deadPlayerMoney = 50 -- Dinheiro ganho quando entra no server local joinMoney = 9000 -- Functions -- This function spawns players when they join function spawnOnJoin() spawnPlayer(source, joinX, joinY, joinZ, 0 , joinSkin) fadeCamera(source, true) setCameraTarget(source, source) outputChatBox(joinMessage, source) giveWeapon(source, joinWeapon, joinAmmo) givePlayerMoney(source, joinMoney) end -- This function spawns players after they died function spawnOnDead(ammo, killer, weapon, bodypart) outputChatBox(getPlayerName(source).." died.") takePlayerMoney(source, deadPlayerMoney) if (killer) and (killer ~= source) then givePlayerMoney(killer, killerMoney) end setTimer(spawnPlayer, 3000, 1, source, spawnX, spawnY, spawnZ, 0, spawnSkin) setCameraTarget(source, source) setTimer(giveWeapon, 3000, 1, source, spawnWeapon, spawnAmmo) end Gostaria de saber como devo configurar o script para as pessoas nascer com as skin comprada
  11. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته في هذا الموضوع البسيط حبيت اعرض عليكم ثيم بسيط للعبة ملاحظة: انا فقط عدلت ثيم موجود من قبل وهو Lighter black عدلت فيه الصورة + ملف التصميم CGUI.lnf صورة التحميل اضغط هنا بعد التحميل فقك الضغط وافتح الملف الموجود skins.exe وحط مسار اللعبة واضغط استخراج ومن داخل اللعبة اختار الثيم
  12. Hello guys i have edited the Lighter black skin ( CGUI.png and CGUI.lnf file ) and this is a photo for the new one so if you want to download it just click here how to install ? 1- download the file 2- extract the winrar file ( you will find skins.exe ) 3- open skins.exe 4- put your mta sa path 5- click Extract 6- set the skin form tha game's settings PLEASE RATE IT
  13. سكربت التحكم بالشخصيات بواسطة هذا السكربت تقدر تتحكم بجميع الشخصيات في داخل اللعبة من خلال تفعيلهم او تعطيلهم بعض الصور: فنكشنات الأكسبورت: رابط التحميل: هنا ملاحظات: تقدر تضيف السيريالات الي يقدرون يفتحون اللوحة من الأعدادات وتقدر تضيف الكوماندات الي من خلالها تقدر تفتح اللوحة من الأعدادات ايضا وإذا تبي تعدل شي مثل الكتابة الي في اللوحات او احداثيات اللوحات والكلام الي يطلع في الشات كله في Settings_C اذا تبي السكربت يكون عربي عدل على Settings_C وخله كذا:
  14. Hello! I need a help. 1. I want to stop superman for the player, who entered to the ColShape 2. I want to disable skin changing when the player in ColShape (I used onColShapeHit and setElementModel, but when the player is in the ColShape, he is able to change his skin) If any of you guys can help me, it would be a greate help for me. I am new to LUA SCRIPTING
  15. Hello everyone, I'm basically new to 3Ds Max, I downloaded a 3ds max treasure chest object mod from the web, edited its size the fit the replaced DFF, and the expirted it ignoring the COL file, so when I loaded the mod, nothing happened, not even a single change, the mod is still the same, and a friend of mine told me that the DFF file is blank, it shows nothing in the DFF viewer, Do you know what shall I do ?
  16. anufis_ok

    set skin

    Where is the error in the code? local validSkins = {29, 30, 100, 101, 102, 104, 106, 107, 108, 109, 110, 114, 115, 116, 118, 144, 165, 173, 174, 175, 280, 283, 285, 286, 287, 294} local function spawn(player) if player and isElement(player) then validSkins[math.random(1,#validSkins)],0,0) end end <meta> <info author="Yolo" description="This is script, setting skins." version="1.0.0" type="script" /> <script src="setskin.lua"/> </meta>
  17. Hi guys! How can i create skins for a weapon? For example a default M4 and a Gold M4.
  18. addEventHandler ( "onElementModelChange", root, function ( oldModel, newModel ) local account = getPlayerAccount ( source ) local accountName = getAccountName ( account ) if ( newModel == 60 and not isObjectInACLGroup ( "user.".. accountName, aclGetGroup ( "Admin" ) ) ) then outputChatBox ( "Bocsi, de ez admin skin. Te nem használhatod! :(", source, r, g, b ) setElementData ( source, oldModel ) end end ) outputChatBox is working fine, but the player can change his skin to 60 no errors/warnings in debugscript How to fix this?
  19. Skin Shader from player can not see the other players, how to synchronize Shader Skin on the player saw the other players?
  20. problem, did Shader skin player, but it only sees the player who entered the command, or only those who have the same skin. other players who did not enter and command them not to be schöder How to make that it was visible Shader .
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