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Found 16 results

  1. radar script is really cool. I want to use it on my server but I want it to work with acl. So the clan's radar will not show the people in that clan, it will only be visible if someone else enters it. Can you help me do this please? local screenX, screenY = guiGetScreenSize() local angle = 0 local visible = false local lineVisible = false local tick = getTickCount() local radares = {} local elementsDetected = {} -- local radius = 20 -- radius local centerPos = {-1344.0895996094, -42.202056884766, 10, 10} -- Edit position of radar: x, y, z, height local radarColshape = createColCircle(centerPos[1], centerPos[2], radius) -- function attachRadarToElement(element) if isElement(element) then centerPos = element end end function createRadar(posX, posY, size) table.insert(radares, {x = posX, y = posY, s = size, r = (size - (size*40/300))/2}) end createRadar(screenX - 366, screenY - 318, 300) local function linear(t, b, c, d) return c * t / d + b end function radar() local now = getTickCount() if now-tick >= 50 then tick = getTickCount() angle = angle < 360 and angle + 2 or 0 end if visible then for _, v in ipairs(radares) do dxDrawImage(v.x, v.y, v.s, v.s, "images/radar.png") local centerX, centerY = v.x+v.s/2, v.y+v.s/2 for i = -30, 1 do local alpha = 8.5*i local endX = math.cos( math.rad( angle + i*2 ) ) * v.r local endY = -math.sin( math.rad( angle + i*2 ) ) * v.r local lineX, lineY = centerX, centerY dxDrawLine(lineX, lineY, endX + lineX, endY + lineY, tocolor(0, 255, 0, alpha), 7) end for element, b in pairs(elementsDetected) do local elapsedTime = now - b[1] if elapsedTime < 3000 then local alpha = linear(elapsedTime, 255, -255, 3000) local hip = (v.r*b[3])/radius local x, y = math.cos(b[2]) * hip, math.sin(b[2]) * hip dxDrawImage(centerX-8+x, centerY-8-y, 16, 16, "images/56.png", _, _, _, tocolor(255, 255, 255, alpha)) else elementsDetected[element] = nil end end end end end addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, radar) -- addEventHandler("onClientPreRender", root, function() local centerX, centerY, centerZ, height if not isElement(centerPos) then centerX, centerY, centerZ, height = unpack( centerPos ) else centerX, centerY, centerZ = getElementPosition(centerPos) height = 10 end if lineVisible then for i = 1, 360, 45 do local endX = math.cos( math.rad( i ) ) * radius local endY = math.sin( math.rad( i ) ) * radius dxDrawLine3D(centerX, centerY, centerZ + height, endX + centerX, endY + centerY, centerZ + height, tocolor(255, 255, 0, 150), 7) dxDrawLine3D(endX + centerX, endY + centerY, centerZ, endX + centerX, endY + centerY, centerZ+height, tocolor(255, 255, 0, 150), 7) end local endX, endY = math.cos( math.rad( angle ) ) * radius, math.sin( math.rad( angle ) ) * radius local endX2, endY2 = math.cos( math.rad( angle - 10 ) ) * radius, math.sin( math.rad( angle - 10 ) ) * radius local middleZ = (centerZ + height) dxDrawLine3D(centerX, centerY, middleZ, endX + centerX, endY + centerY, middleZ, tocolor(255, 0, 0, 150), 3) dxDrawLine3D(centerX, centerY, middleZ, endX2 + centerX, endY2 + centerY, middleZ, tocolor(255, 0, 0, 150), 3) dxDrawLine3D( endX + centerX, endY + centerY, middleZ, endX2 + centerX, endY2 + centerY, middleZ, tocolor(255, 0, 0, 150), 3) end local elements = getElementsWithinColShape(radarColshape) for e = 1, #elements do local x, y, z = getElementPosition(elements[e]) local hipotenusa = ( (x-centerX)^2 + (y-centerY)^2 ) ^ .5 local eAngle = math.acos( (x-centerX) / hipotenusa ) eAngle = (y-centerY) < 0 and math.pi*2 - eAngle or eAngle --local xFrom, yFrom = math.cos(eAngle)*hipotenusa, math.sin(eAngle)*hipotenusa --dxDrawLine3D(centerX, centerY, 7, xFrom + centerX, yFrom + centerY, z, tocolor(0, 255, 0, 150), 3) -- To see where the element is supposed to be if eAngle >= math.rad( angle - 10 ) and eAngle <= math.rad ( angle ) then if visible and not elementsDetected[elements[e]] then playSoundFrontEnd(5) end elementsDetected[elements[e]] = {getTickCount(), eAngle, hipotenusa} end end end ) addCommandHandler("radar2", function() visible = not visible end ) addCommandHandler("radarline", function() lineVisible = not lineVisible end )
  2. Hello, I want to make a repository for groups but I am not very knowledgeable. My goal thing is a locker or warehouse where they can store weapons. I would be very happy if you help
  3. addEventHandler + group elements I noticed that some people like to add 10000000000000000 addEventHandlers for each element, while you probably only need 1 addEventHandler. Using ONE addEventHandler on a group of elements? Answer: local group = createElement("groupMyCutePeds") -- Create a custom element and save it in to the variable <group>. -- Create 3 peds. local ped1 = createPed(120, 5540.6654, 1020.55122, 1240.545) local ped2 = createPed(120, 5541.6654, 1021.55122, 1240.545) local ped3 = createPed(120, 5542.6654, 1022.55122, 1240.545) -- Set the parent of the 3 peds. setElementParent(ped1, group) setElementParent(ped2, group) setElementParent(ped3, group) -- Add an addEventHandler and use the <group> as <attachedTo> element. addEventHandler("onPedWasted", group, -- "onPedWasted" = serverside. "onClientPedWasted" = clientside. function () outputChatBox("One of my cute peds just died. ;'( No exceptions!") end) Code is untested, but the method is tested. Syntax for functions in example createElement syntax element createElement ( string elementType, [ string elementID = nil ] ) setElementParent syntax bool setElementParent ( element theElement, element parent ) addEventHandler syntax bool addEventHandler ( string eventName, element attachedTo, function handlerFunction, [ bool getPropagated = true, string priority = "normal" ] ) DO NOT disable getPropagated getPropagated: A boolean representing whether the handler will be triggered if the event was propagated down or up the element tree (starting from the source), and not triggered directly on attachedTo (that is, handlers attached with this argument set to false will only be triggered if source == this). If you disable this, children of the <group> element are not included. Make use of the element tree Element tree For applying addEventHandlers to elements created by the resource: Use: resourceRoot / getResourceRootElement For applying addEventHandlers to elements created by scripts of the resource: Use: getResourceDynamicElementRoot For applying addEventHandlers to elements created by maps of the resource: Use: getResourceMapRootElement I hope your code will be without... print(10^10^10^10) -- Print here: https://www.lua.org/cgi-bin/demo ...addEventHandlers in the future.
  4. Sistema de grupos -Caracteristicas: Kickear/Expulsar jugadores del grupo. Editar el color del grupo, Te puede ser útil para usarlo en otros recursos, Ya que yo lo use para un sistema de Turfs. Cambiar el rango de los jugadores, Existen tres tipos de Rangos: Fundador, Lider y Aspirante. Comprar Slots para tu Grupo! Por defecto al crear un grupo vienen incluidos 20 Slots.. Esto es modificable en el archivo server.lua Linea: 18; El costo de cada slots es de $5000, Puedes modificar este valor en la Linea 19. Invitar jugadores a tu Grupo! En el panel te muestra todos los jugadores y tambien te muestra si tiene o no grupo. Borrar tu grupo, Opción solo valida para el Fundador del grupo. Sistema de chat grupal, Con solo teclear 'Y' podrás escribir en el chat grupal. Todos las cosas se guardan en una base de datos local. Codigo libre 7w7. Sistema de administracion de grupos ( Válido solo para ACL Admin ) -Caracteristicas: Lista de todos los grupos del servidor ( Nombre del grupo y total de slots que tiene ). Editar los slots de un grupo. Editar el nombre del grupo. Editar la informacion del grupo. Expulsar a cualquier miembro del grupo. Agregar cualquier jugador al grupo. Editar el rango de cualquier jugador del grupo. Ver el nombre, cuenta y rango de un jugador. Registro de todas las acciones que se hacen ( Creaciones de grupo, Expulsaciones, Todo lo que hacen .. ). Registro de todos los chats grupales ( Puedes limpiar todo el registro por si se te acumula mucho ). Cada vez que un jugador escriba se mostrara en el debugscript. Imágenes del sistema: Funciones exportadas del sistema: --Si algún argumento de una funcion esta mal siempre retornara false. isGroupExists ( string nombre_delgrupo ) --> retorna true si es existe y false si no existe getPlayerGroup ( player thePlayer ) --> retorna el grupo del jugador isPlayerLeader ( player thePlayer ) --> retorna true si el jugador es el lider de un grupo, si no false. isPlayerFounder ( player thePlayer ) --> retorna true si el jugador es el Fundador de un grupo, si no false. isPlayerInGroup ( player thePlayer ) --> retorna true si el jugador esta en un grupo, si no false. isAccountInGroup ( string Account ) --> retorna true si la cuenta esta un grupo, si no false. removePlayerFromGroup ( player thePlayer, string GroupName ) --> expulsa al jugador de un grupo addPlayerToGroup ( player thePlayer, string GroupName ) --> Añade al jugador a un grupo. addAccountToGroup ( string Account, string GroupName ) --> Añade la cuenta a un grupo getPlayerRang ( player thePlayer ) --> Obtiene el grupo de un jugador getGroupColor ( string GroupName ) --> Obtiene el color de un grupo; Retorna colores R, G, B, ALPHA getGroupSlots ( string GroupName ) --> Obtiene los slots del grupo; Retorna numero de jugadores en el grupo, Slots del grupo. addGroupSlots ( string GroupName, number Cantidad ) --> Añade Los slots deseados a un grupo deleteGroup ( string GroupName ) --> Borra el grupo ingresado setGroupColor ( string GroupName, R, G, B, ALPHA ) --> Cambiar el color de un grupo. Comandos: F2 Para abrir el panel /cgsp Para abrir el panel de administracion de grupos ( Solo para ACL Admins; Lo puedes modificar en admin_panel_server.lua Linea: 20 ) 'Y' Para el chat grupal. Debes darle permisos de ACL Al script. Link del script: https://github.com/xNout/gpsystem Con mucho amor.. -Rex- <3
  5. Hi, I wanna know if there is save objects as assets to reuse again. Im not way too good a scripting and linking scripts and filename. So if someone can create the resource script I'll be happy to Reused my assets I combined like trains, building. Copy and paste say if I wanna make Tokyo by use combine vanilla objects for example.
  6. Hello, I have a server and I would like to use a spawn by Groups I want the clan members to be able to activate and deactivate this spawn with a command. If you can help me, I thank you --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- local GroupName = 'KILLERS' function onWasted () if getElementData(source,'Group') == 'KILLERS' then setTimer( function (source) setElementDimension( source, 0 ) setElementPosition( source, 2478.705078125+math.random(1,1), -1685.421875+math.random(1,1), 13.5078125 ) setElementInterior( source, 0 ) setPedArmor ( source, 100) setPedFightingStyle ( source, 5) end, 1000, 1, source) end end addEventHandler ( "onPlayerSpawn", getRootElement(), onWasted )
  7. Hi guys! How to create vehicle and only admin acl group can enter the vehicle Fast help me☺
  8. Hello guys! I'm having a little problem, I'm a beginner in scripting, and I made this function because I'm creating a "police work" system, but when the event is executed, nothing happens that was written on the server, nor any error in the debug. (Sorry for English, I use a translator.) Server-side: function tornarPM(thePlayer) if not (isElement(thePlayer)) then return end local accountName = getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(thePlayer)) if accountName then aclGroupAddObject(aclGetGroup("PMESP"), "user."..accountName) exports.dxmessages:outputDx(thePlayer, "Seja bem vindo a PMESP! Vá até a garagem para aprender como funciona o trabalho!", "success") end end addEvent("ingressar",true) addEventHandler("ingressar", root, tornarPM) Client-side: function tornarPM(_,state) if isEventHandlerAdded("onClientRender", root, menu) then if state == "down" then if isCursorOnElement(screenW * 0.4066, screenH * 0.5117, screenW * 0.1574, screenH * 0.0651) then triggerServerEvent("ingressar", localPlayer) removeEventHandler("onClientRender", root, menu) showChat(true) showCursor(false) playSound("sfx/hit.mp3", false) if l_0_1 then l_0_1 = false end end end end end addEventHandler("onClientClick", root, tornarPM) Screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/ZYroOks.jpg
  9. Hi! Following the community discussion in MTA forums, we have created an official Discord server quite a while ago, as All MTA PUBG players and fans are welcome to join our Discord server You can join it by using the link below: https://discord.gg/F33E9nz What is Discord? Discord is a hybrid of IRC, an Instant Messenger and a Voice Chat software. It incorporates the most important features of these elements into a handy and multiplatform app which you can run on your desktops, smartphones or tablets. What can I find while I am there? We currently have some channels created, including: #general - for general PUBG and offtopic chats #squad-trio-duo - for voice channels. #support - for any problems related to MTA:SA PUBG client or server #announcements - for all important messages from us as well as some others. We are still thinking of how to put our Discord server into its full potential, so we may add more channels soon. How do I join it? Hey, we have mentioned that already. Just click the link below and follow the instructions: https://discord.gg/F33E9nz (credits: MTA official discord )
  10. GuTzD

    SAEG Skype group

    Here you can enjoy by talking with MTA most important players and enjoy with the server so we would like to share our Skype group here ! https://join.skype.com/iFXd03oc3Ybv
  11. Zero123

    Help pls

    Because when I want to add a group in acl from my admin panel I get this Error adding objet 'user.Zero' to group 'Moderator' Help pls
  12. local titles = { "AdminSegéd", "Moderátor", "SzuperModerátor", "Admin", "FőAdmin", "Tulajdonos", "Fejlesztő" } function getPlayerAdminTitle() local text = titles if isObjectInACLGroup("user." .. getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(source)), aclGetGroup("Admin")) then text = "Tulajdonos" elseif isObjectInACLGroup("user." .. getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(source)), aclGetGroup("FoAdmin")) then text = "FőAdmin" elseif isObjectInACLGroup("user." .. getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(source)), aclGetGroup("Adminseged")) then text = "AdminSegéd" elseif isObjectInACLGroup("user." .. getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(source)), aclGetGroup("KisAdmin")) then text = "Admin" elseif isObjectInACLGroup("user." .. getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(source)), aclGetGroup("Fejleszto")) then text = "Fejlesztő" elseif isObjectInACLGroup("user." .. getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(source)), aclGetGroup("Moderator")) then text = "Moderátor" end end function getFixedName(player) if isElement(player) then local hisName = getPlayerName(player) if hisName then result = string.gsub(hisName, '#%x%x%x%x%x%x', '') if result then return result end end end end function adminuzi(thePlayer, commandName, ...) if isObjectInACLGroup("user." .. getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(thePlayer)), aclGetGroup("Admin")) or isObjectInACLGroup("user." .. getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(thePlayer)), aclGetGroup("FoAdmin")) or isObjectInACLGroup("user." .. getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(thePlayer)), aclGetGroup("Adminseged")) or isObjectInACLGroup("user." .. getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(thePlayer)), aclGetGroup("KisAdmin")) or isObjectInACLGroup("user." .. getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(thePlayer)), aclGetGroup("Fejleszto")) or isObjectInACLGroup("user." .. getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(thePlayer)), aclGetGroup("Moderator")) then if not (...) then outputChatBox("#00FF7F[Használat]:#FFFFFF /".. commandName .." [üzenet]", thePlayer, 0, 206, 209,true) else local adminrang = getPlayerAdminTitle(thePlayer) message = table.concat({...}, " ") local playerName = getFixedName ( thePlayer ) outputChatBox("#0088FF[SUPERFUN-Admin]#d8001f "..playerName..": "..message,getRootElement(),0,0,0,true) end end end addCommandHandler("asay", adminuzi, false, false) i have this script, and i get this warnings/error: How to fix this?
  13. Hi guys. Can u tell me which fuctions from mta:wiki should I use to make this system. I want in this system: saving group to the player based on sql, indvidual commands for group. Like a Police - /arrest, Medics /heal. For all groups leader panel inlc. cmd /invite /kick. For admin /creategroup /setownergroup. I think in sql I need some table which saves values like a loginplayer, nicknameplayer, idGroup, nameGroup, leaderGroup, membersGroup? and make permission system for indvidual cmd but which fuction is responsible for that ?
  14. function dependent(player) local accountName = getAccountName ( getPlayerAccount ( player ) ) local hour = getAccountData ( playeraccount, "Játszott idő-hours") if hour = 30 then aclGroupAddObject (aclGetGroup("Dependent"), "user."..accountName) end end i got this error: [22:44:11] ERROR: Loading script failed: jatszottido\ji.lua:86: 'then' expected near '=' how to fix this?
  15. Olá a todos. Estou tentando proibir o acesso dos SuperModerators ao menu das ACLs Para isso eu deixei como false nos seguintes direitos: <right name="function.aclReload" access="false"></right> <right name="function.aclSave" access="false"></right> <right name="function.aclCreate" access="false"></right> <right name="function.aclDestroy" access="false"></right> <right name="function.aclSetRight" access="false"></right> <right name="function.aclRemoveRight" access="false"></right> <right name="function.aclCreateGroup" access="false"></right> <right name="function.aclDestroyGroup" access="false"></right> <right name="function.aclGroupAddACL" access="false"></right> <right name="function.aclGroupRemoveACL" access="false"></right> <right name="function.aclGroupAddObject" access="false"></right> <right name="function.aclGroupRemoveObject" access="false"></right> Como não haviam estes parâmetros no Moderator e nem no SuperModerator, eu criei como false. Eles só estavam criados no "Default" e no "Admin" por padrão. Eles estão como true apenas no "Admin". Mas o problema persiste, criei uma conta teste e deixei como SuperModerator somente. (SuperModerator, Everyone) E ele continua tendo acesso normal nas ACLs, consegue adicionar, remover objetos, criar grupos, alterar permissões. Como faço para proibir o acesso de SuperModerator se colocando como false não resolveu? Existe alguma linha dentro do resource Admin que preciso alterar? Ou existe mais algum parâmetro que esqueci de deixar como false? ACL SuperModerator atual: <acl name="SuperModerator"> <right name="general.ModifyOtherObjects" access="false"></right> <right name="general.http" access="false"></right> <right name="command.start" access="true"></right> <right name="command.stop" access="true"></right> <right name="command.stopall" access="false"></right> <right name="command.gamemode" access="false"></right> <right name="command.changemode" access="false"></right> <right name="command.changemap" access="false"></right> <right name="command.stopmode" access="false"></right> <right name="command.stopmap" access="false"></right> <right name="command.skipmap" access="false"></right> <right name="command.restart" access="true"></right> <right name="command.refresh" access="false"></right> <right name="command.refreshall" access="false"></right> <right name="command.addaccount" access="false"></right> <right name="command.delaccount" access="false"></right> <right name="command.debugscript" access="false"></right> <right name="command.chgpass" access="false"></right> <right name="command.loadmodule" access="false"></right> <right name="command.unloadmodule" access="false"></right> <right name="command.reloadmodule" access="false"></right> <right name="command.upgrade" access="false"></right> <right name="command.mute" access="true"></right> <right name="command.crun" access="false"></right> <right name="command.srun" access="false"></right> <right name="command.run" access="false"></right> <right name="command.unmute" access="true"></right> <right name="command.kick" access="true"></right> <right name="command.ban" access="true"></right> <right name="command.banip" access="true"></right> <right name="command.unbanip" access="false"></right> <right name="command.reloadbans" access="true"></right> <right name="command.shutdown" access="false"></right> <right name="command.install" access="false"></right> <right name="command.aexec" access="false"></right> <right name="command.whois" access="true"></right> <right name="command.whowas" access="true"></right> <right name="command.aclrequest" access="false"></right> <right name="function.executeCommandHandler" access="false"></right> <right name="function.setPlayerMuted" access="true"></right> <right name="function.addAccount" access="false"></right> <right name="function.addBan" access="true"></right> <right name="function.setUnbanTime" access="false"></right> <right name="function.setBanAdmin" access="true"></right> <right name="function.setBanReason" access="true"></right> <right name="function.setBanNick" access="true"></right> <right name="function.removeBan" access="false"></right> <right name="function.removeAccount" access="false"></right> <right name="function.setAccountPassword" access="false"></right> <right name="function.kickPlayer" access="true"></right> <right name="function.banIP" access="true"></right> <right name="function.banPlayer" access="true"></right> <right name="function.banSerial" access="true"></right> <right name="function.getBansXML" access="true"></right> <right name="function.unbanIP" access="false"></right> <right name="function.unbanSerial" access="false"></right> <right name="function.reloadBans" access="true"></right> <right name="function.setServerPassword" access="false"></right> <right name="function.getServerPassword" access="false"></right> <right name="function.callRemote" access="false"></right> <right name="function.fetchRemote" access="false"></right> <right name="function.startResource" access="true"></right> <right name="function.stopResource" access="true"></right> <right name="function.restartResource" access="true"></right> <right name="function.createResource" access="false"></right> <right name="function.copyResource" access="false"></right> <right name="function.addResourceMap" access="false"></right> <right name="function.addResourceConfig" access="false"></right> <right name="function.removeResourceFile" access="false"></right> <right name="function.setResourceDefaultSetting" access="false"></right> <right name="function.removeResourceDefaultSetting" access="false"></right> <right name="function.redirectPlayer" access="false"></right> <right name="function.aclReload" access="false"></right> <right name="function.aclSave" access="false"></right> <right name="function.aclCreate" access="false"></right> <right name="function.aclDestroy" access="false"></right> <right name="function.aclSetRight" access="false"></right> <right name="function.aclRemoveRight" access="false"></right> <right name="function.aclCreateGroup" access="false"></right> <right name="function.aclDestroyGroup" access="false"></right> <right name="function.aclGroupAddACL" access="false"></right> <right name="function.aclGroupRemoveACL" access="false"></right> <right name="function.aclGroupAddObject" access="false"></right> <right name="function.aclGroupRemoveObject" access="false"></right> <right name="function.refreshResources" access="true"></right> <right name="function.setServerConfigSetting" access="false"></right> <right name="function.updateResourceACLRequest" access="false"></right> <right name="function.shutdown" access="false"></right> <right name="general.adminpanel" access="true"></right> <right name="general.tab_players" access="true"></right> <right name="general.tab_resources" access="true"></right> <right name="general.tab_maps" access="true"></right> <right name="general.tab_server" access="true"></right> <right name="general.tab_bans" access="true"></right> <right name="general.tab_adminchat" access="true"></right> <right name="command.freeze" access="true"></right> <right name="command.setnick" access="true"></right> <right name="command.shout" access="true"></right> <right name="command.spectate" access="true"></right> <right name="command.slap" access="true"></right> <right name="command.setgroup" access="true"></right> <right name="command.sethealth" access="true"></right> <right name="command.setarmour" access="true"></right> <right name="command.setmoney" access="false"></right> <right name="command.setskin" access="true"></right> <right name="command.setteam" access="true"></right> <right name="command.giveweapon" access="true"></right> <right name="command.setstat" access="true"></right> <right name="command.jetpack" access="true"></right> <right name="command.warp" access="true"></right> <right name="command.setdimension" access="true"></right> <right name="command.setinterior" access="true"></right> <right name="command.createteam" access="true"></right> <right name="command.destroyteam" access="true"></right> <right name="command.givevehicle" access="true"></right> <right name="command.repair" access="true"></right> <right name="command.blowvehicle" access="true"></right> <right name="command.destroyvehicle" access="true"></right> <right name="command.customize" access="true"></right> <right name="command.setcolor" access="true"></right> <right name="command.setpaintjob" access="true"></right> <right name="command.listmessages" access="true"></right> <right name="command.readmessage" access="true"></right> <right name="command.listresources" access="true"></right> <right name="command.delete" access="false"></right> <right name="command.execute" access="false"></right> <right name="command.setpassword" access="false"></right> <right name="command.setwelcome" access="false"></right> <right name="command.setgame" access="false"></right> <right name="command.setmap" access="false"></right> <right name="command.setweather" access="true"></right> <right name="command.blendweather" access="false"></right> <right name="command.setblurlevel" access="false"></right> <right name="command.setwaveheight" access="true"></right> <right name="command.setskygradient" access="false"></right> <right name="command.setgamespeed" access="false"></right> <right name="command.setgravity" access="false"></right> <right name="command.settime" access="true"></right> <right name="command.setfpslimit" access="false"></right> <right name="command.unban" access="false"></right> <right name="command.banserial" access="true"></right> <right name="command.unbanserial" access="false"></right> <right name="command.listbans" access="true"></right> <right name="command.protecao" access="true"></right> </acl>
  16. --server-- function kivesz() local accountName = getPlayerAccount(source) if isObjectInACLGroup ( "user." .. getAccountName ( getPlayerAccount ( source ) ), aclGetGroup ( "Admin" )) then aclGroupRemoveObject(aclGetGroup("Admin"), "user."..accountName) end end addCommandHandler("rangki", kivesz) function betesz() local accountName = getPlayerAccount(source) if isObjectInACLGroup ( "user." .. getAccountName ( getPlayerAccount ( source ) ), aclGetGroup ( "Admin" )) then aclGroupAddObject (aclGetGroup("Admin1"), "user."..accountName) end end addCommandHandler("rangbe", betesz) and i got this errors and warnings: http://imgur.com/a/tI7mJ how to fix this?
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