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  1. Bom tentei criar um Script onde ele bloquearia o a viatura para outros players porem nao funcionou nao exatamente Bom ele impede q o player entre no carro mas caso o jogador saia e deixe a porta aberta jogadores que nao pertença a acl conseguem entrar e dirigir eu queria q de alguma maneira eles entrassem e fossem ejetados do carro function enterVehicle(player, seat, jacked) local account = getPlayerAccount(player) if (not account or isGuestAccount(account)) then return end local accountName = getAccountName(account) if (getElementModel(source) == 580) and (not isObjectInACLGroup("user.".. accountName,aclGetGroup("Teste"))) then setVehicleLocked(source, true) outputChatBox("Teste Teste Teste Teste.", player) else setVehicleLocked(source, false) end end addEventHandler("onVehicleStartEnter",root,enterVehicle)
  2. Hello Everyone! I have the following code: local thePlayer = localPlayer local x, y, z = getElementPosition(thePlayer) local rot = getPedRotation(thePlayer) local newX, newY = getPointFromDistanceRotation(x, y, 3, rot+180) So, this code calculates the coordinates (x and y) 3 meters in front of the player's position. Now, I want to check if the highest point at these coordinates is water (true) or not (false). This is to ensure that the action is only performed if there is water in front of the player. How can I achieve this?
  3. Здравствуйте, пишу лаунчер для своего проекта MTA и возникала проблема читерами, я сделал систему чтобы на сайте у меня показывало кто сейчас сидит в лаунчере ( Их серийники метеринских плат ) Я бы хочел чтобы так же можно было видеть их серийник MTA чтобы сразу блокировать читеров на своем сервере. Есть ли какая-то библиотека или API чтобы узнать этот серийник?
  4. Witam. Startując skrypty na własnym na serwerze MTA 1.5 dostałem bana za rzekomego autoclickera i rzekome cheaty co nie ma żadnego miejsca. Gdzie mogę się od tego odwołać? https://imgur.com/HVc49kP
  5. Eae rapaziada, estava fazendo um script e queria fazer um efeito de Fade In em uma imagem, porem esse efeito, essa imagem so deve aparecer após hitar um marker, estava tentando usar a função interpolateBetween junto com alguns timers mas sem sucesso, dei uma procurada no forum consegui fazer com que o fade funcionasse caso uma bind fosse acionada, mas nao consigo aplicar assim que player acerta o marker, podem me dar uma direção ou algum link que possa me ajudar pfv
  6. Please someone help, I have a problem with my DirectX, when obviously I have the latest version, it says "You must have at least DirectX Version 9.0 to start GTA:SA" but I already have the latest, I think, which is the 12. HEEEEEELP!
  7. Hi I have a problem whit starting the linux server i use ubunu 19.XX the ssh says: root@server:~/mta# ./mta-server64 libncursesw.so.5: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory ERROR: Could not load ./x64/core.so * Check installed data files. Press enter to continue... q root@server:~/mta# ldd /x64/core.so ldd: /x64/core.so: No such file or directory root@server:~/mta# ldd root/mta/x64/core.so ldd: root/mta/x64/core.so: No such file or directory root@server:~/mta# ldd x64/core.so linux-vdso.so.1 (0x00007fff41da0000) libncursesw.so.5 => not found libtinfo.so.5 => not found librt.so.1 => /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/librt.so.1 (0x00007f43d12c7000) libm.so.6 => /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libm.so.6 (0x00007f43d1179000) libpthread.so.0 => /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libpthread.so.0 (0x00007f43d1158000) libc.so.6 => /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc.so.6 (0x00007f43d0f6d000) /lib64/ld-linux-x86-64.so.2 (0x00007f43d164b000) #root@server:~/mta# ./mta-server64 libncursesw.so.5: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory ERROR: Could not load ./x64/core.so * Check installed data files. Press enter to continue... root@server:~/mta# I have core.so i also try apt-get install lib32readline5
  8. Dzień Dobry Poszukuję Skryptera Który Będzie Tworzył Scrypty Na Serwer MTA Mamy Bardzo wysokie I Na Pewno ciężkie Żądania Co do scryptów Wszystkie Scrypty Które będą Działać I Będą Nam Się podobać Zapłacimy Dobrą Sumę Kontakt: [email protected] Discord: PavelYTUt#3177 Max Siekawski#1889 Hello I am looking for a Scripter Who Will Create Scripts for the MTA Server. We have very high and for sure heavy Demands on the scripts. All Scripts Which Will Work And We Will Like We Will Pay A Good Sum Contact: franekdymianczuk[email protected] Discord: PavelYTUt#3177 Max Siekawski#1889
  9. Xwaw

    Ped scripting

    Ok so recently I was thinking of reworking the police from gta san andreas to mta san andreas and making a police waves style minigame you have to survive. I have an idea how to do it but I don't know if the engine will allow me to do it. So my question is, if I want to program a ped to get to the player's position avoiding obstacles (without jumping over them) with the a* algorithm, am I able to do that? Because the last time I did this type of thing, one such npc could crash my entire game. As for the respawn of such bots, it would work more or less in the same way as in the original version of gta sa
  10. The problem is that there is a ped that runs straight, and there are also drawn lines that show how the ped is looking. And I would like to make this ped when it notices an obstacle with a given line "processOfLineSight" to paint it red from the green line. But unfortunately when the ped runs and sees an obstacle on the right side, the middle line lights up instead of the one on the right side. It's the same with the rest, the middle line, when it notices something, the left line lights up and so on. Can someone help me with this? local direction = 0 local testPed = createPed(0,2480.52344, -1649.07202, 103.77657, direction) local lineLength = -10 local distanceOfStart = 0 local color = {{255, 0, 0},{0, 255, 0}} local colorSet = 2 function drawLineFromHead(ped, angle) if isElement(ped) and getElementType(ped) == "ped" then local pedX, pedY, pedZ = getElementPosition(ped) local pedRotation = getPedRotation(ped) + angle local pedRotationRad = math.rad(pedRotation) local lineEndX = pedX + lineLength * math.sin(pedRotationRad) local lineEndY = pedY - lineLength * math.cos(pedRotationRad) dxDrawLine3D(pedX, pedY, pedZ + distanceOfStart, lineEndX, lineEndY, pedZ+ distanceOfStart, tocolor(color[colorSet][1], color[colorSet][2], color[colorSet][3]), 2) local hit = processLineOfSight(pedX, pedY, pedZ + distanceOfStart, lineEndX, lineEndY, pedZ+ distanceOfStart, true, false, false) if hit then colorSet = 1 else colorSet = 2 end end end function drawLinesForPerspective(ped) drawLineFromHead(ped, -45) drawLineFromHead(ped, 0) drawLineFromHead(ped, 45) end setPedControlState(testPed, "forwards", true) -- Main Loop addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, function() drawLinesForPerspective(testPed) local x, y, z = getElementPosition(getLocalPlayer()) end)
  11. [EUROPE][Pro Chile] DayZ StandAlone[INTERNATIONAL] SERVER STATUS : ONLINE SERVER IP : mtasa:// Everybody is wellcome!! Features: Clothing System On Login Panel English GPS System with code Group System Zombie System Helmet and armor protection International BASES & FREE BASES FOR 5 MEMBERS NO LAG Airdrops 60+ Weapons Staffs: Admin: Exodus Server needs couple moderators. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  12. hi guys How can I move a car without a player in that car?
  13. hi guys i want create gui like this to show the car inside How should I do this? image link https://ibb.co/87hYNKF
  14. This happened during a Captains Cup Pro Match around 2017, when uDka Racing server had a "achat" feature, that you could literally say Text To Speech on the chat. Funny trolling captured on the recording
  15. Приветствую, Администрация MTA! Я так понимаю, что меня забанило за запущенный авто-кликер. Он был запущен 5 секунд, после чего вылетела ошибка MTA на сервере. Я выключил авто-кликер и больше его не использовал. Мой серийный номер диска: A9E7AB17A46418D0DB309A6BE1F2475E . Прошу понять меня и простить, использовал дополнительное ПО единожды, и то не удачно. Приложение не распространялось и не продавалось. https://imgur.com/a/sVRCKyf
  16. please help me I HAVE the lastest version (1.5.8) and when i want to run for second time the mta show mw this error --------------------------- MTA: San Andreas (CTRL+C to copy) --------------------------- Failed to load: 'C:\Program Files (x86)\MTA San Andreas 1.5\mta\loader.dll' Error 998: Invalid access to memory location. Do you want to see some on-line help about this problem ? --------------------------- Yes No --------------------------- please help guys
  17. hi guys I created a reporter camera but it has a problem When the person holding the camera turns, the camera does not turn with the person this is my code ``` x,y,z = getElementPosition(localPlayer) local camera = createObject(367,x, y, z) function updatePed() setElementBoneRotation(localPlayer,22,0, -60, 0) setElementBoneRotation(localPlayer,23,90, -100, 80) setElementBoneRotation(localPlayer,24,80, 30, 0) setElementBoneRotation(localPlayer,32,0, -85, 10) setElementBoneRotation(localPlayer,33,-70, -108, -30) updateElementRpHAnim (localPlayer) addEventHandler ("onClientPedsProcessed", getRootElement(), updatePed) end addCommandHandler("setanim1",updatePed) function dadancamera() setElementData(camera,"startlive",true) triggerServerEvent("messagelive",root) exports.bone_attach:attachElementToBone(camera,localPlayer,1, 0.15, 0.25, -0.1, 0, 0, 90) end addCommandHandler("setanim1",dadancamera) function updatePed2() removeEventHandler("onClientPedsProcessed", getRootElement(), updatePed) destroyElement(camera) end addCommandHandler("setanim2",updatePed2) function didanlive() if getElementData(camera,"startlive") == true then addEventHandler ( "onClientRender", root, didanlive ) x,y,z = getElementPosition(localPlayer) x2,y2,z2 = getElementPosition(camera) x4,y4,z4 = getElementRotation(camera) x3,y3,z3 = getElementRotation(localPlayer) setCameraMatrix(x2,y2,z2,x,y,z2,0,0) end end addCommandHandler("live",didanlive) function camset() setCameraTarget(localPlayer) removeEventHandler ( "onClientRender", root, didanlive ) end addCommandHandler("ended",camset) ```
  18. da rapaziada, gostaria de saber como faço para modificar um do lados do retangulo, tipo deixar um dos lados dele um pouco na diagonal, tipo assim " / ", poderiam me ajudar?
  19. hi guys i want call marker from another function like this code local hidemark = createMarker(10,50,5,"cylinder",1,0,255,0) function mark(theplayer) markerveh =createMarker(0,0,5,"cylinder",1,0,255,0) end addEventHandler("onMarkerHit",marker1,mark) function job1(theplayer) setElementVisibleTo(markerveh,root,false)-- for here end addCommandHandler("hidemark",job1)
  20. EVENT I'm inviting you to participate in a event on uDka Racing Server (mtasa:// - we're going to play maps from the previous editions of Captains Cup tournament, that was held in 2016! This mode before, involved PRO teams picking / banning maps. We're not going to use Captains Mode for that matter, because we're re-building the map pool for a pro game that will be held on that particular mode, however we just are going to play maps with normal CW script. For future events you can add the server to your favourites on the server browser, we usually make them on Saturday / Sunday, starting from 16-18CET hour, however if you added to favourites and still dont see it - just search uDka and you should see the server with gamemode: RACE LITE. DATE: 3rd June 2023 18:00 CET EU 11 maps Normal points system Max.: players to start the event: 4 (if less, will be canceled) Time after finish: 60sec (increased from 40 sec) I hope you'll join, and enjoy the event! There are no country restrictions for joining the server so if you're a casual player you can join too, and have fun
  21. ييي https://a.top4top.io/p_270405i281.png
  22. This part of Starfish Island, was used to make the first-ever MTA:SA Race Map. Thanks to lukum, we can see how it looks like. Simply beautiful. Join the uDka Racing server and play it on there! However, this map has one pesky bug: Whenever map is ending and going back to normal SA Race maps, the collisions stops working on some roads. If somebody has a script to fix that, lukum and I would be appreciated
  23. ------- HK 417 ------- mermi = 500 id = 31 addEvent("m4al",true) addEventHandler("m4al",root,function() if getTickCount() - (tick[source] or 0) >= SECONDS * 864000 then giveWeapon(source,id,mermi) tick[source] = getTickCount() outputChatBox("[!]#ff3300 HK 417 Markalı Silahını Kuşandın.",source,0,255,0,true) else outputChatBox("[!]#ff3300 [1 Haftalık Stok] 4 Saat Sonra Tekrar Alabilirsin.",source,0,255,0,true) end end ) ------- SNIPER ------- mermi3 = 15 id3 = 34 addEvent("sniperal",true) addEventHandler("sniperal",root,function() if getTickCount() - (tick[source] or 0) >= SECONDS * 864000 then giveWeapon(source,id3,mermi3) tick[source] = getTickCount() outputChatBox("[!]#ff3300 Bora 12 Markalı Uzun Namlu'lu Silahını Kuşandın.",source,0,255,0,true) else outputChatBox("[!]#ff3300 [1 Haftalık Stok] 4 Saat Sonra Tekrar Alabilirsin.",source,0,255,0,true) end end ) Hi, I can only use one. When I try to use the other, the timer activates and prevents me from picking up the other weapon. I will be glad if you help
  24. GUIEditor = { gridlist = {}, staticimage = {} } addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, function () local screenW, screenH = guiGetScreenSize() win = guiCreateStaticImage((screenW - 554) / 2, (screenH - 477) / 2, 554, 477, "s/panel.png", false) guiSetVisible(win,false) local screenW2, screenH2 = guiGetScreenSize() PlayerList = guiCreateStaticImage((screenW2 - 342) / 2, (screenH2 - 415) / 2, 342, 415, "s/PlayerList.png", false) guiSetVisible(PlayerList,false) GridPlayer = guiCreateGridList(23, 59, 188, 346, false, PlayerList) c = guiGridListAddColumn(GridPlayer, "Player", 0.9) SendWe = guiCreateStaticImage(215, 59, 101, 32, "s/SendWe.png", false, PlayerList) Close = guiCreateStaticImage(215, 117, 101, 32, "s/Close.png", false, PlayerList) GUIEditor.staticimage[1] = guiCreateStaticImage(216, 315, 104, 90, "s/logo.png", false, PlayerList) for _,player in ipairs ( getElementsByType("player") ) do local row = guiGridListAddRow(GridPlayer) guiGridListSetItemText(GridPlayer,row,1,getPlayerName(player),false,false) end Grid = guiCreateGridList(16, 71, 277, 400, false, win) guiGridListAddColumn(Grid, "name", 0.2) guiGridListAddColumn(Grid, "id", 0.2) guiGridListAddColumn(Grid, "ammo", 0.2) guiGridListAddColumn(Grid, "price", 0.2) for k,v in ipairs(Weapons) do local row = guiGridListAddRow(Grid) guiGridListSetItemText(Grid,row,1, v[1],false,false) guiGridListSetItemText(Grid,row,2, v[2],false,false) guiGridListSetItemText(Grid,row,3, v[3],false,false) guiGridListSetItemText(Grid,row,4, v[4],false,false) guiGridListSetItemText(Grid,row,5, v[5],false,false) guiGridListSetItemText(Grid,row,6, v[6],false,false) guiGridListSetItemText(Grid,row,7, v[7],false,false) guiGridListSetItemText(Grid,row,8, v[8],false,false) guiGridListSetItemText(Grid,row,9, v[9],false,false) guiGridListSetItemText(Grid,row,10, v[10],false,false) guiGridListSetItemText(Grid,row,11, v[11],false,false) guiGridListSetItemText(Grid,row,12, v[12],false,false) guiGridListSetItemText(Grid,row,13, v[13],false,false) Close1 = guiCreateStaticImage(215, 117, 101, 32, "s/Close.png", false, win) -- I want it to close the window. I tried several ways but no result. Buy = guiCreateStaticImage(320, 95, 200, 60, "s/Buy.png", false, win) Send = guiCreateStaticImage(320, 224, 200, 60, "s/Send.png", false, win) GUIEditor.staticimage[4] = guiCreateStaticImage(352, 339, 170, 132, "s/logo.png", false, win) end end) I want it to close the window. I tried several ways but no result.
  25. Hello, I want to make a repository for groups but I am not very knowledgeable. My goal thing is a locker or warehouse where they can store weapons. I would be very happy if you help
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