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Found 21 results

  1. How to check the recoil of a weapon. Notice that when you shoot, for example, with an ak47, it starts with a slight recoil and after 3 seconds when you hold it, you have a large recoil and it stops at this recoil, then the bullets fly in all directions when you are, for example, on poor level. Therefore, is there something to check the recoil of a given weapon so that the int changes at the time of the initial recoil and the final recoil? Maybe the getWeaponProperty function but I don't see anything that could check it because "spread" for example stops on the same recoil.
  2. My goal is simple, after using GetPedCollisionTarget, I want it to return 3 numbers that correspond to the coordinates of the target that has collision detection, but for this function to return something, you must first aim the weapon. And here is the problem because when the player is aiming, the crosshair is somewhere close but not in the center of the center, and I want to get the coordinates of the target in the center, not somewhere nearby. And here comes the question, is it possible to make GetPedCollisionTarget work but without aiming the weapon? PLEASE HELP
  3. How to get the weapon position we are currently holding?
  4. The question is the following needs to get an item from the server side to the client side, how can I do it? (Elements such as markers, vehicles etc.)
  5. I would like to know how I could get ElementData from server to client and vice versa -- server side marker = createMarker(0, 0, 1.5, "cylinder", 2, 255, 0, 0) setElementData(marker, "Item", 5) addEvent("GetItem", true) addEventHandler("GetItem", root, function() ClientMarker = marker ItemOfClientMarker = getElementData(marker, "Item") end) addEventHandler("onMarkerHit", marker, function(hp) triggerClientEvent("Element", resourceRoot) setElementData(hp, "ItemTwo", ElementVariable+getElementData(marker, "Item")) end) -- client side function dxDrawTextOnElement(TheElement,text,height,distance,R,G,B,alpha,size,font,...) local x, y, z = getElementPosition(TheElement) local x2, y2, z2 = getCameraMatrix() local distance = distance or 20 local height = height or 1 if (isLineOfSightClear(x, y, z+2, x2, y2, z2, ...)) then local sx, sy = getScreenFromWorldPosition(x, y, z+height) if(sx) and (sy) then local distanceBetweenPoints = getDistanceBetweenPoints3D(x, y, z, x2, y2, z2) if(distanceBetweenPoints < distance) then dxDrawText(text, sx+2, sy+2, sx, sy, tocolor(R or 255, G or 255, B or 255, alpha or 255), (size or 1)-(distanceBetweenPoints / distance), font or "arial", "center", "center") end end end end setElementData(getLocalPlayer(), "ItemTwo", 0) addEvent("Element", true) addEventHandler("Element", root, function() ElementVariable = getElementData(getLocalPlayer() , "ItemTwo") end) addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, function() triggerServerEvent("GetItem", root) dxDrawTextOnElement(ClientMarker, tostring(ItemOfClientMarker), 2, 50, 255, 255, 0, 3, "arial") end) Does it have a chance to work? because that's something I imagine...
  6. -- server side cylinder = createMarker(-712.09100, 967.01917, 12.33547-1, "cylinder", 1.5, 255, 50, 0, 255) setElementData(cylinder, "BoxWithPoints", 0) function TIMER() if getElementData(cylinder, "BoxWithPoints") >= 8 then setElementData(cylinder, "BoxWithPoints", 8) else setElementData(cylinder, "BoxWithPoints", getElementData(cylinder, "BoxWithPoints")+1) end if isElementWithinMarker(source, cylinder) then triggerServerEvent("givePointsToServer", root) PointsServer = getElementData(source, "points") BoxPoints = getElementData(cylinder, "BoxWithPoints") setElementData(source, "points", PointsServer + BoxPoints) setElementData(cylinder, "BoxWithPoints", 0) end end setTimer(TIMER, 3000, 0) -- client side setElementData(getLocalPlayer(), "points", 0) addCommandHandler("ShowMyPoints", function() outputChatBox(tostring(getElementData(getLocalPlayer(), "points")), 255, 255, 0) end) addEvent("givePointsToServer", true) addEventHandler("givePointsToServer", root, function(player) local player = client setElementData(player, "points", getElementData(player, "points")) end) The problem is with the ruler where isElementWithinMarker (source, cylinder) shows me the error that argument 1 got nil, I don't know what to think about it because I checked meta.xml and server side and client side is the correct type, could someone explain why is this happening?
  7. This is the code: local now = getTickCount() local x,y = interpolateBetween(one, one1, 0, two, two1, 0, (now - start) / ((start + 2500) - start), "Linear") local now2 = getTickCount() local x2,y2 = interpolateBetween(asd, asd1, 0, fgh, fgh1, 0, (now2 - start2) / ((start2 +2500) - start2), "Linear") if right == false then dxDrawRectangle(x, (sy_/2-20) * ym, 3* xm, 40 * ym,tocolor(255,255,255,255)) else dxDrawRectangle(x2, (sy_/2-20) * ym, 3* xm, 40 * ym,tocolor(255,255,255,255)) end -- if x >= 1063 and x <= 1073 and right == false then test = true elseif x >= 1089 and x <= 1099 and right == false then test = true elseif x >= 1158 and x <= 1172 and right == false then test = true elseif x >= 1212 and x <= 1232 and right == false then test = true elseif x >= 1276 and x <= 1293 and right == false then test = true elseif x >= 1423 and x <= 1433 and right == false then test = true elseif x >= 1476 and x <= 1487 and right == false then test = true else test = false end i want change the test to true when the rectangle is in the granted position, but how can i get the momentary position of the dx rectangle?
  8. I want get online player count from my secondary server, and show with a label.. But how is it possible?
  9. I wanna get remaining time from the video, but does not working.. Why? function callback(data, error) if (error ~= 0) then return outputChatBox(error) end if (data == "ERROR") then return outputChatBox("data error") end local data = fromJSON("["..data.."]") if (data) then local minutes, seconds = convertTime(tonumber(data.length)) if seconds < 10 then seconds = "0"..seconds end outputChatBox("Title: "..data.title) outputChatBox("Length: "..minutes..":"..seconds ) outputChatBox("Remaining: "..data.remaining) loadBrowserURL( browser, data.link ) end end
  10. is it possible to get an element from a table by type , for example when i get attached elements to my car , i attached a sound element to my car. but get attached elements returns all the attached elements in to a table ( as i know) , is there a way to get the sound element from the table ???
  11. I want create a bank-system. But i don't know, how to begin the script. Can i make it possible this with setElementData, and getElementDatas? sorry for my bad english
  12. I want create a script, which tp a player to me, and teleport me to a player, like in admin panel, just with command. How to make this? For example: /tpto playername , and /tpme playername. And when i teleport a player to me, the player get out from vehicle
  13. How to get mute remaining time? For example i write /getmute, and then output "Mute remaining time: 5 mins", or "You are not muted". Sorry for my bad english.
  14. Hello, I'm trying to pass my server side settings defined in my meta.xml to the client. However, when passing the table of XML data to the client, the data does not persist. Here's my server side code: addEvent("onClientRequestResourceSettings", true) addEventHandler("onClientRequestResourceSettings", resourceRoot, function() local xml = xmlLoadFile("meta.xml") local settingsNode = xmlFindChild(xml, "settings", 0) if(settingsNode) then local settings = xmlNodeGetChildren(settingsNode) triggerClientEvent(client, "onServerProvideResourceSettings", resourceRoot, settings) end xmlUnloadFile(xml) end ) That above event is called client side when the resource starts. Here's the client side code: addEvent("onServerProvideResourceSettings", true) addEventHandler("onServerProvideResourceSettings", resourceRoot, function(theSettings) iprint("Settings provided: "..inspect(theSettings)) --Output: "Settings provided: { }" end ) However my settings table is not being passed to the client. When printing the output, it appears to be an empty table. I'm aware there is a limitation of passing xml data to the client, however as this is in fact a table data type, I wouldn't of thought there would be an issue? Can anyone point me in the right direction, or perhaps provide some better solutions for passing settings data from the meta.xml to the client? Cheers.
  15. I was creating a new game mode after I do all GUI I did this script but when I click on "ENTER1" key it didn't respond.
  16. I tried triggering, but does not working :c How to get my account name in client side?
  17. This is the code: function onPlayerQuit ( thePlayer) local playeraccount = getPlayerAccount ( thePlayer ) local accName = getAccountName ( getPlayerAccount ( thePlayer ) ) if isObjectInACLGroup ("user."..accName, aclGetGroup ( "Admin" ) ) then if ( playeraccount ) and not isGuestAccount ( playeraccount ) then local nametagszin = getPlayerNametagColor ( thePlayer ) setAccountData ( playeraccount, "ntszin", nametagszin ) end end end function onPlayerLogin (_, playeraccount ) local playeraccount = getPlayerAccount ( thePlayer ) local accName = getAccountName ( getPlayerAccount ( thePlayer ) ) if isObjectInACLGroup ("user."..accName, aclGetGroup ( "Admin" ) ) then if ( playeraccount ) then local nametagszin = getAccountData ( playeraccount, "ntszin" ) if ( nametagszin ) then setPlayerNametagColor ( thePlayer, r, g, b ) end end end end addEventHandler ( "onPlayerQuit", getRootElement ( ), onPlayerQuit ) addEventHandler ( "onPlayerLogin", getRootElement ( ), onPlayerLogin ) No error(s)/warning(s) in debugscript 3.. What wrong?
  18. Boton8 = guiCreateLabel(137, 142, 111, 25, "LEGAJO2", false, Ventana);guiSetProperty(Boton8, "NormalTextColour", "FF27F512") addCommandHandler("p", function() local team = getPlayerTeam(localPlayer) if team then local teamName = getTeamName(team) if teamName == "MOBSA" then local getGui = guiGetVisible(Ventana) if not getGui then guiSetVisible(Ventana, true) guiSetText(Boton10, getPlayerMoney(localplayer)) guiSetText(Boton2, teamName) guiSetText(Boton4, getPlayerName(localPlayer)) guiSetText(Boton8, ID ) --<<Aca necesitaria poner la id del jugador, digamos que aparesca su id showCursor(true) else guiSetVisible(Ventana, false) showCursor(false) print ("Tu trabajas de chofer actualmente") end else print ("Tu trabajas de chofer actualmente") end end end ) Buenas, mi duda es como sacar la id de los jugadores? Veo cual son porque quedan guardadas pero como hago para volcar esos datos en estos textos? Gracias!
  19. i have this script: exports.scoreboard:addScoreboardColumn('Játszott idő') local t = { } function checkValues( source,arg1,arg2) if (arg2 >= 60) then t[ source ][ 'min' ] = tonumber( t[ source ][ 'min' ] or 0 ) + 1 t[ source ][ 'sec' ] = 0 end if (arg1 >= 60) then t[ source ][ 'min' ] = 0 t[ source ][ 'hours' ] = tonumber( t[ source ][ 'hours' ] or 0 ) + 1 end return arg1, arg2 end setTimer( function( ) for _, v in pairs( getElementsByType( "player" ) ) do if (not t[ v ]) then t[ v ] = { ["hours"] = 0, ["min"] = 0, ["sec"] = 0 } end t[ v ][ 'sec' ] = tonumber( t[ v ][ 'sec' ] or 0 ) + 1 local min,sec = checkValues ( v, t[ v ][ 'min' ] or 0, t[ v ][ 'sec' ] or 0 ) local hours = tonumber( t[ v ][ 'hours' ] or 0 ) setElementData( v, "Játszott idő", tostring( hours )..' óra '..tostring( min )..' perc' ) end end, 1000, 0 ) function onPlayerQuit ( ) local playeraccount = getPlayerAccount ( source ) if ( playeraccount ) and not isGuestAccount ( playeraccount ) then local sValue = getElementData( source,'Játszott idő' ) local hours = tonumber( t[ source ][ 'hours' ] or 0 ) local min = tonumber( t[ source ][ 'min' ] or 0 ) local sec = tonumber( t[ source ][ 'sec' ] or 0 ) setAccountData ( playeraccount, "Játszott idő-hours", tostring(hours) ) setAccountData ( playeraccount, "Játszott idő-min", tostring(min) ) setAccountData ( playeraccount, "Játszott idő-sec", tostring(sec) ) setAccountData ( playeraccount, "Játszott idő", tostring(sValue) ) end t[ source ] = nil end function onPlayerLogin (_, playeraccount ) if ( playeraccount ) then local time = getAccountData ( playeraccount, "Játszott idő" ) local hou = getAccountData ( playeraccount, "Játszott idő-hours") local min = getAccountData ( playeraccount, "Játszott idő-min") local sec = getAccountData ( playeraccount, "Játszott idő-sec") if ( time ) then setElementData ( source, "Játszott idő", time ) t[ source ]["hours"] = tonumber(hou) t[ source ]["min"] = tonumber(min) t[ source ]["sec"] = tonumber(sec) else setElementData ( source, "Játszott idő",0 ) setAccountData ( playeraccount, "Játszott idő",0 ) end end end addEventHandler ( "onPlayerQuit", root, onPlayerQuit ) addEventHandler ( "onPlayerLogin", root, onPlayerLogin ) and i want add a function, what get players played time, and when reach xy played time (for example 30), then do something (for example output a text to chat box) How is it possible?
  20. In 1440x900 resolution, the dx elements they are in the right place, but in 1920x1080 the dx elements move up, and in 1366x768 the dx elements move down.. Why? how to fix this? the guigetscreensize is added with the correct coordinates..
  21. Hi! I have a faction panel, and I want to do that I have a list of faction vehicles with label, and when I click one of these, give me informations of the clicked vehicle. With the members(players) I can do it, because there is a getPlayerFromName. But with vehicles how can I do this?
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