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  1. Dear Multi Theft Auto players and supporters! Today is the 20 Year Anniversary of Multi Theft Auto! On the February 9th 2003, a rudimentary GTA3 multiplayer prototype was released by our founder, IJsVogel. It did not take long for contributors to join the effort and turn it into a real multiplayer mod. The mod IJsVogel created was originally named “GTA3: Alternative Multiplayer”, but soon after it became “GTA3: Multi Theft Auto”. The Multi Theft Auto (MTA) name became the identity of all following projects. As new GTA games were released, new projects were created for GTA3, GTAVC, GTASA and GTAIV. Respectively, the main project names are: GTA3:MTA, MTA:VC, MTA:SA, MTA:IV. The development during GTA3 showed what the team was capable of with enough learning and reverse engineering. At this time, game modes were made for deathmatch and vehicle stunts. These game modes were hard-coded into the mod and could not be altered. It was not perfect, but it was an amazing accomplish for the time. Not only was it the first multiplayer for GTA, but it was an unprecedented undertaking. An early version of GTA3:MTA 0.2 (client and server). Some time in the first half of 2003. The working experience on GTA3 laid the framework for the second project, MTA:VC. It did not take long after GTA: Vice City for the 1st version of MTA:VC to release. The MTA Team succeeded in creating the basic multiplayer functionality much quicker through past-experience. At this point, MTA was well-known and there were mentions on gaming websites, magazines and even a TV interview on the gaming channel G4TV. Even Rockstar Games developers, the creators of GTA, contacted the MTA Team from time to time. The MTA:VC mod still offered a hard-coded deathmatch and vehicle stunting game mode that could not be altered. However, it had better synchronization and supported many new features. When GTA:SA came out, the contributors to the project were much more seasoned and mature. The 3rd project, MTA:SA, was much more ambitious. Although the first release was restricted to racing in vehicles, it was a proof of concept for a vastly superior framework that empowered users to make their own content. An editor was produced to allow in-game editing for the first time. When the full-featured product began development, a constantly evolving Lua-based scripting system accompanied it. This allowed the user to manipulate game code and modify various settings, elements and added features to create unique servers and game modes. Some added features include: voice chat, custom GUIs, web browser components. The MTA Team had the foresight to release this modification to the public as Open-Source code to attract future developers and embraced many new tools of game development that have become commonplace today such as installers, bug reporting, nightly builds, wiki documentation, anti-cheat, and Steam version support to name a few. MTA:SA 1.1 public tests. August, 2011. The release of GTA:IV did result in the beginning stages of MTA:IV, but once Rockstar released their official multiplayer, many of MTA’s most seasoned developers and contributors were ready to move on with their professional lives. Providing the same level of quality to GTA:IV would have been an extreme undertaking. It was decided that the best course of action would be to discontinue further projects and continue making MTA:SA better. The MTA:SA project still receives Open-Source contributions and still retains a consistent player base that is large enough to make developers of new games jealous! Thank You We would like to thank everyone who helped and participated over the years: developers, community/clan leaders, moderators, patch contributors, helpers, donators, testers, translators, scripters, mappers, server hosts/owners, streamers, players and fans. There were hundreds of thousands of such people over the years and they all had their place here. Many people have come and gone. Some are still very young and some are quite old now! Some of us have even developed life careers from our experiences working on this modification. We had the honor of befriending a lot of wonderful people in various stages of the project and many were just as enthusiastic about MTA as we were. Multi Theft Auto would not be here right now, had it not been for their hard work, interest and dedication. No seats? No problem. Screenshot from MTA:SA 1.0.5, taken by Zango. August, 2011. The social aspect has always been strong in MTA. No one knows what the future will bring, but there are things that will remain regardless of anything - and that is the time you all have spent here and your memories. Feel free to share your MTA stories in the comments! Feel free to say hi to us in Discord as well! Thank you all past and present MTA staff members, players and fans for sticking with us! Happy Birthday, Multi Theft Auto! Onwards to the next 20 years or more! -MTA Team
  2. Hello everyone! We have prepared a special gift for you to celebrate Multi Theft Auto's 20th Anniversary! Here is an exclusive interview with IJs (also known as IJsVogel), the founder and first developer of the Multi Theft Auto project. Read on to see his thoughts on the project in retrospective. Note: more details about Multi Theft Auto's history and timeline can be found on our Wiki article. What had prompted you to create the very first multiplayer mod for GTA3 - a game that did not offer such a feature out of the box? Wow, it has already been 20 years.. I remember the reasoning behind it very vividly! As I grew up in the 90s I was lucky enough to be surrounded by PCs, early internet and PC games from the very beginning (of myself). I was a very fanatical player of Grand Theft Auto 1 and 2, especially so because these games had a multiplayer mode that I could play at home with my brothers. Then, finally in 2002 when GTA3 came out for PC, I was 13 at the time and completely astounded at the possibilities of this 3D open world version of my favourite game for the first couple of months. After a while, it sinked in that this game was missing any ability at all to play with others, which put a huge dent into my appreciation for the game... At the time, I never really played the storylines of games because it didn't quite fit my youthly attention span (my older brother always left the savegames for me to play) and was usually more into the multiplayer and modding aspects anyway. Two completely coincidental things then sparked the start of an attempt at multiplayer. First, a fake French screenshot was being sent around forums, showing a multiplayer mod for GTA3. This raised my hopes tremendously and I was looking forward to testing this so much. When it turned out to be another hoax, my hopes were in shambles and I began thinking about hacking something together to do it anyway. A screenshot of a fake multiplayer mod in GTA3. Surfaced in July, 2002. Secondly, some coders had just released a trainer/cheat tool for GTA3 including its source code in Visual Basic 5 or 6, which was the only language I knew at that time as I was only 14 by then. I started hacking around with the tool to make a synchronized trainer tool, and figured I might as well synchronize car positions, and a very crude attempt at multiplayer was born and it was dubbed GTA3: Alternative Multiplayer (GTA3AM). It was amazing to see it work, it seemed such a stupidly simple hack! This was the first effective prototype of Multi Theft Auto. A not-so-fake GTA3AM 0.1 Client window, win9x style! February, 2003. Were there other people who shared your idea and wanted to contribute? Was it easy to find them? The initial GTA3AM was posted on a well-known Dutch tech forum, and this raised some attention from people over there. It wasn't so much a conscious decision to find people, people really wanted to contribute and we gathered on IRC, with some people helping out with the website, server donations and coding. This grew organically as the users grew. The first months or so was mostly Dutch techies helping out, including a well-known provider sponsoring our hosting, and after the first year or so the team became very diverse, international and well skilled. I am still very grateful for each and every contributor to this project from the very start and later, also because I was still very young at the time, and the project would not have been able to thrive on my contributions alone. I have had the fortune to meet and work together with some of the most skilled people I've met in my entire life, as well as people who simply loved playing around with our creations. Work on ambitious projects like this typically involves solving tough and unusual problems. What was the most significant one that you and the team had to deal with during your time in MTA? And perhaps, maybe there was a really peculiar problem that you also would like to share? MTA has been an amazing learning curve for me, and I believe many other contributors in its 20 year lifetime, to acquire a very special mix of skills. We have had tremendous fun and also frustration engineering the hell out of all sorts of things, and trying to tie worlds together over a network. There are countless things that were tackled and pioneered (even if only personally) in this project, so it is hard to pinpoint out a single thing. I think one of the most groundbreaking efforts of this project however was to restructure the entire project and release it as open-source to the world. As part of that we spent much effort to restructure everything using git (this upset quite a few developers at the time) and published it in 2009 or so on GitHub when it was still in its infant stage (GitHub even mentioned us on their blog at the time). A bit messy in MTA:SA Racemod internal tests. Some time in the second half of 2005. If you had a chance to start this project again, would it be closed-source as it initially was, or would you prefer it to be open-source like it is now? It would certainly be open-sourced again, probably as early as possible. The facilities for open source projects are much, much better now than 20 years ago as well. The move to GTA:SA kind of left the multiplayer mods for GTA3 and GTA:VC in the dark. While there were some alternative mods developed for these games, they did not really leave a lasting impact in the long run. Have you or the rest of the team ever considered bringing back the support for GTA3 or VC after MTA:SA DM 1.0 was released? I do not think there was ever a strong will to revive the GTA3 or GTA:VC versions, because GTA:SA by all means had a better and more capable engine. Perhaps in today's open source world, where contributors are easy to find, it could have had a better chance. My personal opinion (or fantasy) at the time was to "just" build our own game behind it instead, but that obviously never took off. Development build of MTA:VC Blue. Some time in the second half of 2004. What in your opinion are the strongest points of Multi Theft Auto (be it the original 0.x series or MTA:SA)? What do you think the project especially succeeded in? The critical mass of players and contributors, that never seems to die out, and it keeps surprising me. The incredibly challenging technical issues we have had to solve (and still do), sometimes from the ground up. This makes for a very exciting sandbox to work in as a developer or hacker. And in contrast, do you feel there are any shortcomings in MTA? I think one of the missed opportunities in MTA is that we could have developed a bigger framework or other products on top of all the codebase we had written. A bit messy again, this time during MTA:SA DM internal tests. December, 2007. Thinking back, are there any things in the project that you think you would have done differently nowadays? I would have loved to have set up a much more professional collaboration with the entire team that were around at the time the project was open sourced around 2010, using all the knowledge we had all acquired in the process of making MTA:SA 1.0 when it was still very hot. With the knowledge on startups that I have now, I realize that had I been 5 or 10 years older, I might have had some better idea on how to take it to a level to possibly develop our own game(s) or framework on top of it. But alas, for MTA's sake it turned out good either way! The MTA Community is very large these days and scattered across all continents, but that was not always the case. What was the community like back in your time? As with most (modding) projects you usually start out with a very niche audience. For MTA, this was a direct result of me posting on a Dutch tech forum and as a result, the initial contributors in the first months were mostly (if not all) Dutch and Belgian. With the GTA series obviously being a hit in the Western world, more people wanted to contribute (and play). Nearly all of them came from the US, UK, Central and West Europe and the Nordic countries, with a few notable exceptions. I think this pretty much mirrored the demographics of the GTA series themselves. Let's race! Beta tests of MTA:SA DM. December, 2007. I have noticed that you have been involved with various tech projects after retiring from MTA. What are you up to currently? Was your experience from working on MTA useful in these projects? Among some other startup adventures in the past years, I currently lead an audio software company called KoalaDSP that develops virtual audio plugins, instruments, effects and algorithms for a bunch of very big companies out there. We started this company around two years ago in Amsterdam after some previous endeavours, and with around 10+ people working on some crazy software being used in music and home studios around the world. But Multi Theft Auto has given me a lifetime passion for video game development, and after many years or scribbles and notes, I have finally found the time and people around me to developing my second (..after MTA) game idea using 90s retro graphics and voxels. I feel quite strongly that my experience with Multi Theft Auto has been a unique and once-in-a-lifetime gift of skill, much adventure and lasting connections with others. I can't quite pinpoint it, but it feels special. I hope that also still holds to this day for any contributors out there. A long-running project like MTA also means a lot of memories. Do you have any fond or interesting memories from your time working on the project that you would wish to share? I have so many memories of my time during MTA, it is hard to pick out something! Apart from the early memories of all the excitement, healthy stress and testing with all these people during the very, very early days, there is something I remember from a bit later: There was a pretty far-fetched and secret clandestine plan from some of our developers to put a live editor into one of the first MTA:SA releases. Like often with our features, it was really a coding challenge, a show of skill. Are you skilled enough to build this crazy thing? They figured that, in order for the community to enjoy using our mod, they needed an engaging way to create content. So they started building a complete editor inside the game. It required a tremendous amount of work, but they kept to it, others started contributing, and it ended up as one of the key features of the entire release! Some say that editor served as an inspiration to other mods, possibly other games afterwards. Internal tests of the cancelled MTA: Orange. April, 2010. To wrap things up, is there anything that you would like to say to current MTA Team members and/or to MTA fans? Thanks for putting your enthusiasm (and many wasted hours of gaming!!) into this amazing project. Props to all the contributors, past, present and future. MTA, the way it's meant to be played! Interviewed by jhxp.
  3. Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.5.9 is released! Happy autumn! We've been working hard and today we're proud to announce the release of MTA:SA 1.5.9. You will receive an automatic update soon, but if you don't have MTA installed, you can get it from the home page. Statistics This is the 26th 1.x.x release 355 days 49 new functions 16 new events 0 deprecations 77+ bug fixes and changes 334 commits (see comparison) 189 new open GitHub issues (see list) 81 resolved GitHub issues (see list) 135 closed GitHub issues (see list) 71 new open GitHub pull requests (see list) 207 merged GitHub pull requests (see list) 53 closed GitHub pull requests (see list) 38 contributors of which 11 are new (see list) 94+ total contributors (see list) 13 vendor updates Download This release is (mostly) backwards compatible with the older 1.5.x releases (1.5.8, 1.5.7, all the way to 1.5). If you're a server owner, please take note of the Changes in 1.5.9 wiki page, more specifically the Backwards Incompatible Changes. You may need to update your scripts for 1.5.9. Servers: binaries are available. Don't forget to update your default resources. WANT TO DOWNLOAD THE MOD? CLICK HERE (Win7/Win8/Win10) Twitch We hosted a community livestream event at the end of July which was very nice! We hung out and played MTA with you on various servers. You can watch a recording of the livestream on our YouTube channel at https://youtu.be/n2KcspT0F0A. We wish to do more of these livestreams soon! Merch We launched a 100% non-profit merch store on Spreadshirt earlier this year! If you feel like getting some of that official MTA swag, check out the merch store here: https://multitheftauto.myspreadshop.net/all and wear that MTA gang drip at school or work. AMX (SAMP) amx is a software package that allows the execution of unmodified San Andreas: Multiplayer 0.3.7 gamemodes, filterscripts and plugins on Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.5.8 and higher servers. It is open source, and a prebuilt binary for Windows is available for testing purposes right now. The AMX team hopes that more people get involved with the development on GitHub as they need some help! Check out our GitHub repo for more information on how to use your SAMP scripts in MTA! 1.5.9 Highlights This release includes many additions, improvements, and fixes: You can now use the new onPlayerResourceStart server-side event to trigger when client is ready! Thanks to @Lpsd You can now detect element interior or dimension change through two new client and server-side events onElementInteriorChange and onElementDimensionChange – should reduce some of your code! Thanks to @Patrick and @Strix You can now edit element bone behavior through 7 new bone manipulation functions! Great for some dynamic animations. Get started at setElementBonePosition and setElementBoneRotation. Thanks to @Saml1er More vehicle customisation options! You can now edit vehicle dummy positions per vehicle. See setVehicleDummyPosition. Thanks to @botder More audio customisation with sound effect parameters! See setSoundEffectParameter. Thanks to @Strix and @Sarrum More client download transfer box customisation options! See for example onClientTransferBoxProgressChange. Thanks to @botder and @CrosRoad95 You can now allocate custom objects and vehicles through engineRequestModel. One of the most sought after features in a long time. Thanks to @TheNormalnij You can now use scalable vector graphics (SVG) in MTA! See svgCreate for more info. Thanks to @Lpsd You can now use peds and vehicles as the camera target. Thanks to @TheNormalnij A lot more features for scripters to build even more immersive experiences with! Many synchronization improvements! Many varying size fixes, quality of life improvements, updates and security enhancements! Many default resource fixes, refactors and upgrades, including webmap working once again! We have also improved the detection of world objects in map editor (editor_main resource), so you can select many more objects that you couldn't before - such as bushes, fences and many more! You can now also remove world objects inside interiors. This should help mappers a lot. If you are a scripter, you really should wanna dig in to these improvements! Show off your creations on our #showroom channel on our Discord server and have a chance at getting your work featured on our social media pages. Read the 1.5.9 release notes for a complete set of changes and more information about the improvements listed below. Watch or star our GitHub repository to keep on top of all the things we're working on. Important future script changes This will be the last 1.5 update and in the next version of MTA there will be numerous backwards incompatible changes and refactors that may affect old code. We will try to focus on making migration from 1.5.9 to the next version smooth for everyone. From 1.6 onwards we will be making at least the following changes: callRemote callbacks currently set the error code to nil when there is no error. In 1.6, to be consistent with fetchRemote, the error code reported will be 0. See GitHub #294. Since July 2016 if you provide an invalid string like "randomstring" when a function expects a number, the string will be treated as 0 and raise a script warning. In 1.6 this will be an error. You will still be able to provide strings containing numbers (e.g. "100" and "12.34"), this change only affects invalid strings. See GitHub #1043. When providing a width and height of (0, 0) to createBrowser or guiCreateBrowser you will encounter a script error instead of a warning. The warning was introduced Feb 2019. See GitHub #1069. Some functions expect only unsigned integers (positive numbers), and since Jan 2016 providing negative numbers would be a warning. This will now be an error. See GitHub #1070. Since Aug 2015, we replaced the custom mtalocal:// URL scheme with http://mta/resourceName/blah.html. This mtalocal:// URL scheme will now be removed. See GitHub #1071. This list is incomplete and we may introduce more changes later. What's next? Our eyes are now on the next version of MTA, which will break backwards compatibility in many ways as we work to refactor MTA's codebase. We are looking to host more community livestreams in the future, especially when we get further into the development of the next version of MTA. Stay tuned for more info most likely starting next year! We are also still working on our community 2.0 website with an internal goal of having phase 1 of development finished by August 2022. Latest news on this is that we've had major advancements on our stack which has been long overdue. We have also continued design on both backend and frontend. We will keep you updated should any news on this project surface. Multi Theft Auto depends on community input and contributions. To keep a project like MTA going we need LOTS of people. You can help in the following areas: Testing and bug reporting Whenever you encounter a bug or recognise a need for improvement, we can't fix it until you tell us your problem! We're continually working on new features and fixes for MTA, and this always needs testing. Join our Nightly release stream and make sure you keep in touch with on Discord and report issues on GitHub. Programming If you know C++ you may be interested in helping improve Multi Theft Auto's client. Working on open-source software may seem scary, but the best way is to try! Read GitHub's open source guide, and then find an itch to scratch, or scratch your own! Documentation Documentation is important, but also time consuming. If you enjoy writing and have some knowledge of English, or you would like to translate the English version to your native language, you’re very welcome to do so. Just head over to our wiki, create an account, and start editing! Support Do you like people? Can you give calm and thought-out responses to users needing help? Then you can spend some time providing support to those who need it. Many answers can be found on our wiki, so make sure to take some time to read it. Then, either join our chat or forums (linked below), or simply help us sort out issues and answer questions on the GitHub repository. Translation Want to translate MTA to your own language? Awesome! Visit us on Pootle. As soon as your translation is approved, it will be pushed to our repository for use in future releases. Donations Keeping the MTA downloads, master server and websites alive costs money! If you want to help us sustain our financial expenses, please donate! Show your creativity! We are actively looking for new creations on our #showroom channel on Discord, as well as #mtasa on Twitter for content we would like to repost on our social media pages and pin on our annual recap forum post. Follow us on our social media channels: Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn. Thank you! Thank you to the following community members for their donations this year: @Arran, @Azukie, @Dmi7ry, @IIYAMA, Malone, Berni, @NoHear, lupinek, @Flatliner_, @Sarrum, Shine, @Trumavarium Thank you very much to the following community members for their work towards this release: @botder, @myonlake, @Pirulax, @TheNormalnij, @sbx320, @Dutchman101, @Strix, @qaisjp, @Zango, @Sarrum, @Lpsd, @Jusonex, @Woovie, @cleopatra, @Saml1er, @Patrick, @TEDERIs, @ccw, @fastman92, @Allerek, drop-club, @CrosRoad95, @iDannz, @JeViCo, @STR6, se16n, @FileEX, delinx, emre1702, @Disinterpreter, @LosFaul, @NanoBob, @pieT, PauloKim1246, ecastro98, @Luxy.c, Unde-R, TeteX1, @The_GTA, @leetIbrahim, @mertcan4555, @Lvrent, @Inder00, @Arran, @iDannz, @xLive, jlillis, ricksterhd123, @srslyyyy, @androksi, Yamsha75, @AfuSensi, Dark-Dragon, umithyo, brenodanyel, Mkl21, 1lyncon, Dante383, @turret001, Dezash, @Deihim007, @0xCiBeR and many others who contributed to our Wiki and helped out with issues. (If your name is missing or you want to change your entry above, please let us know on Discord!) You could be on this list! We're always on the lookout for new contributors. Contribute on GitHub, and chat with us on Discord. We have channels for scripting, general support (bugs), mod development, and many more! And one more thank you to every member of the MTA staff who helps support this forum and Discord. Without your efforts, this project would not be nearly as successful as it is now. Also a big thank you to the new MTA helpers team who support our users on this forum and Discord! Finally, please give a ? to our newest staff members @androksi, @Pirulax, @Sarrum and @xLive; newest contributors colistro123, @Pirulax and @TheNormalnij, as well as our newest addition to the MTA team @myonlake! Have a good autumn! — MTA Team
  4. function assaltarlojinha (source) armas = getPedWeapon (source) emcimamrk = getElementsWithinMarker(tabelafalsa[index]) if isElementWithinMarker ( source, tabelafalsa[index]) then if #emcimamrk == 1 then if not isElementVisibleTo(assaltarassaltado,source) == true then if armas == 22 or armas == 24 or armas == 25 or armas == 26 or armas == 27 or armas == 29 or armas == 30 or armas == 31 or armas == 32 or armas == 33 or armas == 34 then local accName = getAccountName ( getPlayerAccount ( source ) ) if not isObjectInACLGroup ("user."..accName, aclGetGroup ( police ) ) then setElementFrozen(source,true) setPedAnimation (source, "SHOP", "ROB_Loop_Threat", -1, true, false, true) triggerClientEvent ( root, "alarme3", root, source,value ) for _, Player in pairs(getElementsByType("player")) do local accName = getAccountName ( getPlayerAccount ( Player ) ) if isObjectInACLGroup ("user."..accName, aclGetGroup ( police ) ) then setElementVisibleTo(assaltarassaltado,Player,true) message(Player,"O alarme da loja "..value[11].." foi disparado em emergencia ","info") setTimer(function() setElementVisibleTo(assaltarassaltado,Player,false) end,tempopranew,1,Player) end end setTimer(function(source) setPedAnimation( source ) setElementFrozen(source,false) message(source,"Você assaltou a "..value[11].." e ganhou R$"..valoroubo.."","info") local next = exports.n3xt_inventario next:giveItem(source, "Dinheiro Sujo", valoroubo) end,tempodoassalto,1,source) local procurado = getPlayerWantedLevel( source ) if procurado < 6 then setPlayerWantedLevel ( source, procurado+1 ) else setPlayerWantedLevel(source,1) end setTimer(function(source) assaltada3 = false setElementVisibleTo(assaltarassaltado,source,false) setElementVisibleTo(assaltardessaltado,source,true) end,tempopranew,1,source) else message(source,"Policial não pode assaltar lojas!","error") end else message(source,"Você precisar estar com a arma equipada em mãos","error") end else message(source,"Está loja foi assaltada recentemente","error") end end end end addCommandHandler("assaltar",assaltarlojinha) end Fala Galera beleza? Gostaria de uma ajudinha para saber onde esta o erro que não me permite definir o boqueio de tempo para que o player volte a assaltar a lojinha em um determinado espaço de tempo.. já mexi e mexi no código que não fui eu o autor mas quem me passou disse estar configurado porém não funciona apenas esta funcção que define o tempo para voltar a assaltar a loja.
  5. I found this video today from my mediafire account, I remember I joined this server between 2010 and 2012 (may not be exact), then the server closed down and I switched to DDC and finally stop at FFS Does anyone know the people named in this video, how are they now and are they still playing MTA From a player SEA with 350 ping :))
  6. Начинающий проект основанный на базе гоночного аниме сериала Initial D Проект на стадии разработки. Из того что уже есть на проекте (43 автомобиля из аниме) 10 карт(Akina,Akagi,Hakone Nanamagari,Hakone Turn Pike,Irohazaka,Myogi,Shomaru,Tsuchisaka,Usui) На некоторых картах сделан 2dfx эффект. Freeroam режим Шейдер неба,шейдер автомобилей(отражения) Шейдер динамической оптики(ближний и дальний свет) Довольно неплохой интерфейс. Кастомные звуки двигателей Режим гонок (на время и командная гонка) From what is already on the project (43 anime cars) 10 cards(Akina,Akagi,Hakone Nanamagari,Hakone Turn Pike,Irohazaka,Myogi,Shomaru,Tsuchisaka,Usui) Some maps have a 2dfx effect. Freeroam mode Sky shader, car shader (reflection) Shader of dynamic optics (near and far beam) Pretty good interface. Custom engine sounds Race mode (time trial and team race)
  7. If you looking or need modeller. leave a message for me as soon as possible. Discord: zytheone#4984 Or leave a forum msg but Discord is better for to quick connection. For any additional information in private message! ( Reference and other.. )
  8. Hello dear, MTA Community! Today I've proudly introduce you to an another medium-sized city map I made. It's not Downloadable because it's an exclusive map for a Roleplay server. But If you want a map like this, contact me via Discord: NEBLA#4277 ? Map Content Map size 318kb (Without zipping) Total objects 2,769 There are no textures or custom objects. Just native GTA objects. Airports (1) Nighttime style (Yes.) NEXCITY 1 Enjoy the video ?
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  10. Hello everyone! I present to you a video that shows the Polish military faction - ONSA, which played on military servers in Multi Theft Auto in 2018-2020. Enjoy watching.
  11. Hello Everyone, Can someone know about how to detect auto keypresses in mtasa, can we kick or something the person who user auto key presser automatically. Hope you give some solution for it.. Thank you.
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  15. I contacted the owner when the foreign server that I played with pleasure a few years ago, when the man told me that he will sell the server, I wanted to buy the money and bought the server with my team, we reopened the server with 40 50 active players, we are selling the server that we continue with mta. I am sharing, there are people waiting for this server to be opened at the moment. You cannot see the modes on the server on another server... Price: 40$ Discord: Murphy#7164
  16. All Credits Goes to First developer team in PTPM This is the Protect the Prime Minister server created earlier by the ptpm open source project. What is the PTPM Protect the Prime Minister(PTPM) is a team based gamemode that promotes teamwork and strategy over the conventional deathmatch tactics. It was first created in SA-MP in mid 2006 and ran as a successful server for several years, but later migrated and was reimplemented in the more powerful Multi Theft Auto engine. The aim for the Good Guys is to protect the (PM) for the duration of the round. The aim for the Bad Guysis to kill the PM before the end of the round. General PTPM gameplay can be thought of as an open world attack and defend. Often, the Good Guys will choose a location in the map to defend and the Bad Guys will assault it and attempt to kill the protected Prime Minister. If the PM leaves the hideout and heads out into the roads, the Bad Guys will hunt him down while the Good Guys attempt to keep them away. Rounds usually last for 15 minutes, depending on the map. You can see the time left on the timer in the top center of the screen. The round will end if one of the following happens: The round timer reaches 0:00 Prime Minister is Killed Once the round is over you will be able to vote on the next map, and after a short transition period the new map will begin. How to play The game has several character classes Prime Minister Bodyguards Police Terrorists Psychopaths All classes in the same team spawn in the same "base". Within each team the different classes have different weapons, and some classes have special "abilities" that will help their teammates. You can chat privately with your teammates by pressing Maps There are many maps in the PTPM mode, each with different locations and features, requiring tactics to be varied depending on which map is being played. Some are very close quarters and play out like a traditional TDM mode, while others are larger open worlds with more options for strategies. Within the map you are blocked from going too far away by the map boundaries, shown as red lines on the F11 map or on the radar Objectives Some maps also have a series of objectives for the PM to complete, marked on the map by red blips. In these maps, rather than simply staying alive the PM must complete all the objectives within the round time or he will lose. The current objective will be shown on the radar as a red blip and announced on the screen. Unlike tasks, no information about the time needed to complete the objective will be shown to the Terrorists so they must act fast to stop the PM. once an objective is completed, an additional3 minutes will be added to the round timer and the next objective will activate. Pickups Most maps will have weapon and armour pickups hidden around the world. These are often different to the weapons that you spawn with, and allow you to gain an advantage that you would not otherwise have. Some weapons are good for specific purposes and will help to counter well coordinated enemies. For example, Grenades are good against large groups of players, especially inside interior buildings. Sniper riflesare good against a PM that is well defended in a hideout, that cannot be assaulted easily in the normal way. ome maps contain Heavy Weapon pickups (minigun, rocket launcher) as well as regular weapons. These are usually heavily limited by long respawn timers and well hidden. They will offer a significant advantage to anyone that can find them. Safe Zones Some maps have Safe Zones represented by blue blips on the map and blue markers in the world. Dangerous vehicles cannot enter the safe zone (e.g. Hydras, Tanks), so they can be used to keep away from their powerful weapons. However, safe zones are hard to defend on the ground and will act as a focus point for Terrorist attacks. Teams Prime minister - The Prime Minister is the primary class in PTPM. He is the VIP that all the other Good Guys (Bodyguards and Police) must protect, and the Bad Guys (Terrorists) must kill. He has very little firepower and relies on the protection of his loyal team. To play the Prime Minister well you will need a strong knowledge of the map, knowing good hideout locations and how best to escape and avoid Terrorist attacks. You will need to be a good communicator, and you should instruct your team in where you will be going, what you will be doing and how they can best protect you. Body Guards - his is the primary protection force for the Prime Minister. Bodyguards should stick close to the Prime Minister wherever he goes, riding in the same car if possible, and be willing to put themselves in danger to protect the Prime Minister's life. They are not well suited for hunting down Terrorists, and will often have a less substantial weapon loadout. Police - This is the primary attack force for the Prime Minister. The Police are more heavily armed than the Bodyguards and should assault Terrorists as they come close, chasing them down and ensuring they do not make it through to the Prime Minister. If the Prime Minister has laid out instructions for the round, such as defending a particular hideout, the Police are the ones that should act on those instructions. Terrorist - The Terrorists have only a single goal: kill the Prime Minister before the time runs out. They should work closely with the other terrorists to co-ordinate their attacks to achieve maximum impact. If the Prime Minister is defending a location on the map, Terrorists should think carefully about how best to assault. Often, hideouts used by the PM will have back entrances or weak spots that can be exploited if the Good Guys are distracted. If they are defending well, Terrorists should group together and assault as a team to ensure they can break through the defensive lines. Phychopath - Psychopaths have no team and no loyalty. They will attack anyone. Beware Clases Each team within PTPM has multiple classes (characters) that you can choose from. Each class will usually have a unique weapon loadout and a unique skin, while some will additionally have unique abilities. Medics - Most maps have a single Medic class per team, with special abilities allowing them to heal other players, and regenerate their own health. Usually they will spawn with less weaponry than standard classes, so they will need extra protection from their team. Medics have a slightly paler colour so you can identify them on the radar and in the chat.To heal another player walk up to them and type /heal This will transfer some health from the medic onto the target player. Medics will automatically passively heal nearby teammates that are hurt at a rate of 1hp/second. While inside an Ambulance, the passive healing rate is increased to 2hp/second for anybody else inside or very close by. When a medic has lost some health, they will slowly regenerate at a rate of 2hp/second. By coordinating with another medic and healing each other, medics can regenerate all their health very quickly. Maps There are many maps in the PTPM mode, each with different locations and features, requiring tactics to be varied depending on which map is being played. Each map is designed to have a unique feature, distinct from all the others. Current Map List Los Santos Los Santos with Hydras San Fierro Las Venturas Las Venturas with Objectives Area 51 Countryside Desert Factory Mt. Chiliad Bayside Air Assault Join the server IP- Teasmepak 3 - We Are eUNLOCK TEAM
  17. buenas ~ tengo un error con la gm de roleplay [ paradise ] es un error de mysql y no se mucho de mysql y ya cambie lo del sql [ lo del host y user, etc ] y tambien el settings, me crea todas las tablas menos la que dice characters [xx-xx-xx xx:xx:xx] ERROR: sql\layout.lua:91: Unable to create table characters [ soy nuevo en el foro ] ~gracias de antemano.
  18. Hello! I have a script but i dont understand what is the problem. heres the code: fadeCamera(true, 0.3) setCameraMatrix(2410.69263, -1657.63013, 40.17338, 2442.47388, -1658.73975, 27.61846) setPlayerHudComponentVisible("all",false) setPlayerHudComponentVisible("crosshair",false) showCursor(true) local screenX,screenY = guiGetScreenSize(); local loginPanelX,loginPanelY; local joinTick; local margin = getResponsiveSize(10) local buttonWidth,buttonHeight = getResponsiveSize(360), getResponsiveSize(60) local strings = { ["loginBtn"] = "Bejelentkezés", ["registerBtn"] = "Regisztráció" } local function getResponsiveSize(size) return(screenX/1920) * size end local windowWidth,windowHeight = getResponsiveSize(400), getResponsiveSize(450) function showLoginPanel() joinTick = getTickCount(); addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, drawLoginPanel) end function drawLoginPanel() loginPanelX,loginPanelY = interpolateBetween(-windowWidth, screenY/2 -windowHeight/9, 5, screenX/1.600 -windowWidth, screenY/1.500 -windowHeight,0, (getTickCount()-joinTick)/1000, "OutBounce" ); dxDrawRectangle(loginPanelX, loginPanelY, windowWidth,windowHeight, tocolor(0,0,0,190)) drawButton(loginPanelX + windowWidth/2 - buttonWidth/2 + margin, loginPanelY + windowHeight - buttonHeight - margin, buttonWidth - margin*2, buttonHeight, strings.loginBtn, tocolor(0,0,0,150), tocolor(255,48,48,160), tocolor(255,255,255,255)) end function drawButton(x,y,w,h,text,backgroundColor,hoverColor,textColor, font, textSize) if (isCursorInPosition(x,y,w,h)) then dxDrawRectangle(x,y,w,h,hoverColor) else dxDrawRectangle(x,y,w,h,textColor, font, textSize) end centerText(text, x,y,w,h,textColor) end function isCursorInPosition(x,y,w,h) local cursorX,cursorY = getCursorPosition(); cursorX,cursorY = cursorX * screenX, cursorY * screenY return(cursorX >= x and cursorX <= x + w) and (cursorX >= y and cursorY <= cursorY + h) end function centerText(text,x,y,w,h,textColor,font,size) dxDrawText(text, x + w/2, y + h/2, x + w/2, y + h/2, textColor,size,font, "center", "center", false,false,false,true) end showLoginPanel(); heres some pictures from debugscript 3: https://imgur.com/a/KgUtNv3
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  20. 2PAC Rol Yapma Oyunu | Zor Küresel Konsept! Sesli Rol Yapma Oyunu! Sunucu Ip: Liman: 22003 Sunucu Hakkında Genel Bilgilendirme; Sunucu Sürümü: 1.5.7 ️ Sunucu Bağlantı Adresi [İP]: mtasa: // 22003 Sunucu Discord Adresi: https://discord.gg/hBxWyWG Sunucunun Youtube Adresi: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQu-AlaF3rv-CWnZmrxCT4A
  21. Hi! Following the community discussion in our forums, we have created an official Discord server quite a while ago, as an alternative (and maybe a full replacement in the future) to our current IRC channels. We kept it in under the radar while we were fine tuning things, but we believe we can now present it to you guys. All MTA players and fans are welcome to join our Discord server (though please behave while you are in there ). You can join it by using this link: https://discord.gg/mtasa What is Discord? Discord is a hybrid of IRC, an Instant Messenger and a Voice Chat software. It incorporates the most important features of these elements into a handy and multiplatform app which you can run on your desktops, smartphones or tablets. Why is it cool? Compared to IRC, it offers a built-in chat history buffer, so even if you are offline, you can still catch up with what happened in the channels then. IRC also offers that, but only through an IRC Bouncer that you either need to pay for, or have someone host it for you. It also has a modern look and features such as URL embedding (regular websites, but also pictures and videos), handy syntax colouring for pasted code snippets, emojis (also custom ones), chat messages reactions, Steam integration and more. What can I find while I am there? We currently have some channels created, including: #general - for general MTA and offtopic chats #scripting - for Lua scripting-related queries #support - for any problems related to MTA:SA client or server #announcements - for all important messages from us as well as some others. We are still thinking of how to put our Discord server into its full potential, so we may add more channels soon. Can I have Discord app installed and/or running on several of my devices concurrently? Can I use more than one server? Sure, absolutely. It will sync the messages automatically. And yes, you can add more servers than just our one. How do I join it? Hey, we have mentioned that already. Just click the link below and follow the instructions: https://discord.gg/mtasa I have a suggestion about the Discord... Okay, let us know. As usual, we are open for suggestions. Just post in this topic or hit us up directly on Discord. Hope to see you there! -- MTA Team
  22. Zapowiedź serwera "Hard American Role Play" Co oferujemy , Co nas wyróżnia , Dlaczego my? Witajcie, Droga społeczności, dziś z Team”em zarządu Projektu serwera „Hard American Role Play” pragniemy wam zapowiedzieć nowy serwer na polskiej scenie MTA:SA który wyznaczy nowe zasady oraz rozgrywkę typu „Hard Role Play” . Przewidywany Oficjalny start serwera to 28.06.2020 Liczba slotów x/4069 Skład Zarządu Serwera : - αѕѕαѕѕιиgιєя - XQMister Na wstępie: - Rozgrywka In-Game będzie się toczyła w Los Santos , San Fierro , Las Venturas . - Gospodarka In-Game która jest oparta o realistyczna gospodarkę USA. - Ekonomia In-Game Zaawansowane systemy: podatków , produkcji pojazdów , zakupu pojazdów - możliwość personalizacji pojazdu pod własne potrzeby , stacje paliw - każdy pojazd będzie na inny typ paliwa Co umożliwimy obywatelom w świecie In-Game ? Prace urzędowe: - Prace w Fabryce polegającej na produkcji pojazdów oraz zatwierdzaniu zamówień od zewnętrznych klientów . ( IC dostajesz na komputer pokładowy fabryki zlecenie na wykonanie 5x radiowozów , 2x HPV1000 , 2x Rancher LSPD , kiedy zatwierdzisz wykonanie zlecenia za każdy wykonany pojazd zostanie naliczona kwota wypłaty . Po wyprodukowaniu pojazdów będziesz miał do wyboru czy „dostarczysz na miejsce” czy „pojazdy gotowe do odebrania” ) - Praca dostawcy pizzy polegająca na dostarczaniu pizzy pod drzwi klienta - Praca dostawcy paliw polegająca na przetransportowaniu z „Centrali Rafinerii” paliwa do stacji paliw rozlokowanych po Los Santos , Las Venturas , San Fierro . Możliwość prowadzenia Firmy na serwerze: Umożliwimy wam prowadzenie własnej Firmy czy Biznesu , mniejszego czy też większego . Możliwości będziecie mieli bardzo dużo zaczynają od : - Salon Pojazdów gdzie osoby IC będą przychodzić aby zakupić pojazd od ręki lub skonfigurować dany pojazd pod siebie . Salony pojazdów będą zaopatrywać się w pojazdy w fabryce pojazdów .Ty jako Właściciel czy współwłaściciel Salonu Pojazdów będziesz mógł ustalić marże na której twój salon będzie zarabiał. - Stacja Paliw gdzie osoby IC która musi zatankować swój zakupiony pojazd na Benzynę czy Diesel będą musiały wybrać jakie konkretnie paliwo chcą zatankować stanie przed wyborem wybrania klasy paliwa : Benzyna - PB90 , PB95, PB98 , PB100 , Diesel - Eco Diesel , Turbo Diesel czy zwykły Diesel . Właściciel czy też współwłaściciel będą mogli manipulować cenami paliw w określonych widełkach przez podanych po przez „Centrale Rafinerii” - Prowadzenie Sklepu gdzie osoba IC która chce zrobić zakupy . Jako Właściciel czy Współwłaściciel będziecie decydować na początku jaki typ sklepu będziecie prowadzili . Możliwość narzucenia marży na zakup (np. Klient IC kupujący telewizor który u producenta kosztuje 800$ sklep będzie musiał do ceny Netto *800$ doliczyć narzut marży która będzie regulował Rząd San Andreas do tego sklep musi doliczyć podatek stanowy co finalnie robi kwotę Brutto *1082,40$ która klient zapłaci) - *Każda Firma czy Biznes będzie mogła zatrudniać pracowników , panel do zarządzania za pośrednictwem strony internetowej lub w grze Firmą / Biznesem. Możliwości zarządzania: - Zatrudnienie pracownika , Zwolnienie pracownika. - Awansowanie pracownika , Zdegradowanie pracownika. - Ustalenie płacy , Ustalenie % od sprzedaży. Statystyki Firmy / Biznesu - Kapitał własny ( kwota która właściciel i współwłaściciel dają na działalność ) - Finanse ( przychody: jaki towar najbardziej schodzi itp. , wydatki: wydatki na opłacenie pracownika , opłata za pojazdu , opłata za nieruchomość itp. Nasza Społeczność: #FB: https://www.facebook.com/HardAmericanRP/ #FB Wydarzenie: https://facebook.com/events/s/przewidywany-oficjalny-start-s/154024042641707/ #Discord: https://discord.gg/R9r25RR
  23. I do not know if something is missing but the missile does not activate me: Rocket in the shamal from the createprojectile, I do not know if it would be wrong but I pass the file if you can see function shootProjectile() local vehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle(localPlayer) -- Only create projectile if we are inside a vehicle if(519)then local x, y, z = getElementPosition(519) createProjectile(519, 19, x, y, z) end end bindKey("Ctrl", "down", shootProjectile) Insert image from URL
  24. السلام عليكم كشركة ناشئة في مجال الاستضافات اقدم لكم عروض خوادم لعب سب الحاجة Small VPS 1 Core (8Threads) (Intel Xeon™ E5 8 x 3,8 GHz) 1GB Memory 30 GB Storage 500 GB Bandwidth 1 IPv4 Address Free Setup Free Linux OS ( CentOS , Debian , Ubuntu, Suse .. ) Free Reinstall OS Self-Managed with Advanced Panel France Location 250GBPS DDOS Protected IP Price Is: $20/Trimester Team-VPS 1 2 Cores (8Threads) (Intel Xeon™ E5 8 x 3,8 GHz) 1GB Memory 50 GB Storage Unlimited Bandwidth 1 IPv4 Address Free Setup Free Linux OS ( CentOS , Debian , Ubuntu, Suse .. ) Free Reinstall OS Self-Managed with Advanced Panel France Location 250GBPS DDOS Protected IP Price Is: $15/Month Lower Ping Rates and No delay الخادم يأتي بلوحة تحكم مدمجة لادارته لن تحتاج رخص سي بانل او غيرها المزيد هنا VPS PRO TEAM GAMER SERVERS PLANS حسابي على الواتساب +212630879292 للمزيد من المعلومات فقط تواصل معي واحجز لك خادمك
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