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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, I want to make a repository for groups but I am not very knowledgeable. My goal thing is a locker or warehouse where they can store weapons. I would be very happy if you help
  2. I just download this script and i have a stupid problem with this... It's do a DMG but not to players.. https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=12320 ---------------------------------------------------- Sorry for my English i just from Poland...
  3. I'm confused, I have not found almost anything about this, I can not turn off the gun, I think the command togglecontrol can help me but I do not know how to use it :(.
  4. Создал хороший сервер в МТА, всё с нуля, теперь мучаюсь только с маппингом, как можно поставить оружие на определённую точку, чтобы его можно было подбирать, я пробывал через MAP Editor найти оружие в объектах, поставил его, и тишина.. Оно просто стоит зависшим и всё. Оно должно вращаться и подбираться игроком (Ped).
  5. i downloaded this script: https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=11102 and added to my server, but some player doesn't want to raise, and i want create a /antigg script, that they could not lift players, but i don't know how. anyone can help? /sorry for my bad English/
  6. Guest

    Request 3 HELP please

    Hello, I need help! Can someone make a script that will make minigun not overpowered. I mean that I need minigun that will do low damage, because it sucks So please , please help me guys
  7. Hello guys! You may know that the cop peds in GTA SA singleplayer hold the pistol (Colt45) in a different way than gang members and the player himself. So I searched a little bit and found this: https://bugs.multitheftauto.com/view.php?id=7345 However, I don't know how soon this will be implemented. My question is, is there any way right now of making the player hold ONE 9mm pistol with TWO hands, like a singleplayer cop? I already tried some things (setWeaponProperty() and setPedAnimation()) but None of these really worked (setWeaponProperty() makes the player shoot the pistol in the air and setPedAnimation() makes the cop colt Animation, but AFTER the shot). Could anyone help me? I'm pretty down because I need just THIS Feature for a RPG script and I don't think that the suggestion I posted above will be implemented in near future... Regards DeValdi
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