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  1. No comment, cray Yes, I bumped the topic. But you missed this years anniversary. 10 years now.
  2. I just spent an hour reading through the early/middle pages of this topic. Very nostalgic, I miss those days sometimes
  3. I understand that scm isnt the only thing you guys are dealing with, it just happens to be the part that interests me the most, for obvious reasons. Well, nothing could be worse than the 0.5 release in my opinion (0.4 was the pinnacle, 0.5 was rushed out due to blue being prioritised and seemed to suffer a lack of clear direction because of this) so I look forward to seeing what you do with 'our baby' Great to hear that trx is still involved.
  4. Exactly how 'Unofficial' are you? Your post being left where it is indicates some tacit consent I guess, plus the access to source Who is writing your scm?
  5. No, not just the scm, the client too. Providing of course you get the teams blessing first.
  6. The VCC bug is in the respawn code, not the armour code as such. Desync as in apparently-random players becoming invisible in many circumstances to many of the other players, as do any vehicles they are using. (It isn't truly random, but it may as well be). This happens a lot, you may not notice it much when playing because who notices something that isn't there?! Sometimes the presence of the players tag gives it away, other times the tag itself is also gone. This a problem caused by some of the scm code as well as the corresponding code the client uses to handle it. edit: in my opinion 0.5 is a lost cause, any hope for the old core having some kind of extended life has to lie with 0.4, both scm-wise and client-wise. A lot of mistakes were made with both @ 0.5 stage. As a footnote, some of the things he lists ARE fixable by scm, and most by a combination of scm+client
  7. Well kudos for attempting to fix what is still my second favourite mta (gta3mta is #1), but I have a few issues with it: Testing and using this will require a non-standard client, to get around various checks, something that was against the eula and frowned upon to say the least. But perhaps the teams attitude to this old version has changed now, I cannot speak for them, only give my initial reactions. Presuming you get clearance to continue this unofficial work on it: The VCC bug should be and is an extremely simple fix, something that was rectified by us almost immidiately when it came to light (though never released due to the multitude of other issues not being resolved to a point of release-worthyness) I am surprised that you havn't done so yourself. If you've 'half fixed' it then you are almost definately going about it the wrong way and looking in the wrong place The other changes, the added lifts and extra interiors etc are nice but be sure to test them thoroughly with multiple players as the number of interiors included were set to a limit for very good reasons. The biggest issue I have with your post is you do not mention at all the key problem with 0.5, the one issue that caused the many many tests and recodes, the thing that ultimately lead to a new version not being released. The player/actor desync that plagues it. The fact you have not noticed or adressed the one major problem with the mod (once it is running, the client itself has some issues) isnt a promising sign.
  8. Si|ent


    Well it isn't really. As the guy said if he posts the 'idea' afresh he gets shouted down for not searching, for posting something already discussed. So instead he had re-awakened a suggestion that can now be considered in a different light, with the new core.
  9. That would be fun, indeed. trx made the dodo drop bombs back in GTA3 (with scm) and that was incredible fun.
  10. One of the problems in the past with allowing headshots in GTA was the engine removing the head! This lead to all sorts of problems when respawning the player. Im fairly confident that anything built upon the Blue core could overcome these, but it may well involve using an entirely different method when handling respawn.
  11. If you do this you may as well make it large flashing letters saying 'Come shoot me now, I'm typing and can't shoot back!' I recommend you go somewhere safer to type, type faster, or simply accept the fact that stopping in a warzone to chat will put you at risk.
  12. Si|ent

    Kill lists

    Graphical representation of kills is used in many online shooters. Helps keep the text area uncluttered. Might be a handy 'standard feature' in MTA, I agree.
  13. Si|ent


    Not if a prefix was compulsory for all uploads to the centre. If it was, only an idiot would wrongly name his map and have it in the wrong section. Obviously idiots abound online, but it wouldnt take long for the offending map to be deleted.
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