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  1. Pip

    custom cars

    Why dont u include a option in the server like "Stunt mod mode" so at a lan u can host a server and choose stunt mod mode in the gamemode thing and use ur custom stuff for stunts. On normal servers they can use non mod mode so theres no cheating
  2. XP isn't that bad.. it works with every game i have including dos games. I used to think xp was buggy %[email protected]* that wan't able to run anything but its good.
  3. Have you got hyper threading on? theres a problem with some modems and ht support on that causes you to restart, or that blue screen.
  4. Keep it with unlimited ammo and all weapons, time for some carnage!
  5. I have a few friends that play mta, but they sometimes muck around and do team killing, i think a server option would be great
  6. After 5 hours of searching the web (this was when it was in first devopment) I was here when they had the old forum
  7. I think they should have a pure server option in the server. My friends are I have the same problem, i havent been able to bypass it yet.
  8. I think you should keep your occupation and spawn straight away, until you press M or something to change.
  9. Its obvious. theres an add in the main.scm, i'll save u some time. http://www.gtascripts.org/downloads.php I changed the parked cars like this
  10. I managed to get the infernus, now @ the mafia i have banshees, dodos, infernus, etc. You can't use the parked car editor to edit it. Maybe mta can release a new version with better cars and more spawn places. By the way, i got no bugs from doing this, the clients and server just have to have the same version of the edited file. Its alot more fun with decent cars
  11. i worked it out, sorry mta team for editing but my friend and 1 h8 having 1 banshee
  12. that parked car editor doesn't work with mta any other ideas?
  13. How do you edit the maps and get cars to spawn in certain places?? i would really like to add the cars i want in certain places... eg: all those mafia cars parked @ the mafia place
  14. its not ok or crap, its excellent!
  15. Some of you are %$#*ing crazy! I can't wait for 0.3 and im never going back the buggyness. only 2% of the time it works
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