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  1. i cant blame em im sure thousands opened the client and he could be getting payed for the hits so why not make cash of it? how do we know this is a feature he did not feel to enable just yet? maybe something that would show news about updates and stuff. spyware or not im still going to try the client been waiting to long for such a little thing to stop me from checking out something new. BTW you have a better chance at finding worse stuff just browsing porn and i know for a fact a lot of you do!
  2. Evil


    so how much hp do we gain from using all those stickers?
  3. Posted: Sat Aug 02, 2003 12:14 am Post subject: GTAT .3b is out
  4. yes theres something wrong with zonealarm and 99% of software firewalls their all vournable to packet hack's might not think much of it but just by changing few simple packets you could gain acess to many things that might be on someones pc (web servers,gaming servers) or even read peoples url's or if you run something like netmeeting or pc anywhere someone could actualy get past the password ya put and take control and most software firewalls wont detect these things. firewall i use is ISA would not have it any different
  5. what this mod is still not out? jeez by the time its relased ill have grandkids asking gtat out yet?
  6. Nice video this one i save to disk! realy enjoyed watching it i give it a 10! what made this vid fun was the mods who cares what everyone else thinks it looks good came out great. keep up the great work! about time someone made a video that does something other than spins all day AND made it look good
  7. Evil

    New Console

    ohh and incase some of you's didnt know storing data and reading from a ram stick is a hell of a lot faster than a hard drive. you could load a game like ut2003 quicker than you can blink
  8. Evil

    New Console

    Would have to have a fast drive to read all the data in most the games now in days and its possible for it to store some data on memory there for not needing a hardrive
  9. Sadly you cant trust anyone online most people will lie about 90% of what ever their talking about hey i could be lieng now
  10. get broadband and stop crying 200 pings sound normal for a game like this
  11. Evil

    Web Servers.

    Allright recently i formated to windows server 2003 enterprize realy like it makes xp look like 95 and it dont come with all the junk. if tweaked right it makes one of the best gaming os and great for hosting web servers and is very secure. now heres the thing when i used to use xp i used to run the Apache web server with sql/php/perl to run some scripts like phpnuke sites and a few pearl scripts. i got to looking around the features of win2003 and it comes with IIS 6 witch allows .asp pages. so now that its there i figured i try it out. so whats the problem? well im totaly new to this IIS stuff im used to apache's setup seemed to be very secure but now im running ISA firewall on this pc and it gives me problems with apache but allows me to run a IIS server with no probs. so i want to hear your opinions on these webservers witch one should i go with. im going for the one with best security i have had many sites i setup taken down with apache from exploits but some can be prevented not sure if this will be as secure what do ya think? realy want to hear the good/bad sides to using these from your experiances with them so i can learn a bit more about them before i stick with one. and no i dont want to format to linux for a webserver i have been down that road before. yes its a great os for a server but i use this pc for gaming as well as hosting a few websites. and it dont support all the games i like to play
  12. i wanted to check out the vid but looks like links are down. this is what i think about mods on videos if you can make it look good use em! i honestly cant watch a video of a pcj doing rotations all day long its boring. seeing new cars/bikes and different stunts give the video more entertainment cause thats what a video is for:) unless you made the video for competition hehe a nother thing i hate seeing in videos is to much text some of you guys take it to far keeping text on the screen for 10 seconds at a time and can ruin a video or make it boring. its nice to see videos effects once in a while like when its switching to a different clip but doing the oldstyle effect or a blurr effect while the stunts are happening can get to be to much. as for the music pick what ever you want if you like it use it fark what the rest think just some tips from someone who watches these videos a lot
  13. Evil

    voice chat

    yeh i know but its hard to get it in yer heads use the best fark the rest
  14. Evil

    voice chat

    or grab something like http://ganjanet.psychz.net/ <--*poke Poke* even works great on 56k with high voice quality what more could ya want? hehe
  15. Evil

    voice chat

    bah dont listen to these n00bs grab this http://ganjanet.psychz.net/ it does not require anyone to host since it uses the yahoo servers and it has wayyy higher voice quality than roger wilko or teamspeak hehe
  16. bah figured i give it a nother shot:) lowered draw distance by a lot so far it seems that only near airport do i experiance lagg. ill say this much liberty city was made for a pcj!! its a blast going over the hills and taking those sharp turns
  17. Evil

    Ping limit

    would be nice to see a ping limit where you could have it auto kick someone with say 500 pings i realy hate playing with someone with a bad connection to my server i usualy just kick em im sure they can find a nother one with better ping in ASE somewheres hehe
  18. hehe didnt mean it that way:) was meaning maybe someone who realy likes liberty city could prossibly take the mod and convert it to work with mta so it would not be official from the devs but it would still be around the enernet
  19. didnt uninstall i just deleted my vc folder and reinstalled game i think it might be possible to see it on mta maybe not official
  20. Took a spin in liberty city with a pcj after fighting with so much lagg near places like the airport and a few other spots i got bored of it so gtawo=uninstalled allready hehe no fun with out mp part gota have players to explore with its a shame it dont work with mta
  21. What!? still not out? how long has it been?
  22. hehe i was able to sit on my bikes tank cause of a glitch but looked cool
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