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  1. Good idea,i guess. And for admins 2 another commands: /kick /ban
  2. Here's the screenie. U can get there with any chopper. Sparrow is a chopper! Skimmer is the plane ur talking about,lol.
  3. Tear gas worked for me fine on my 600MHz cpu.
  4. Well,it would be really cool if there was a SWAT class in next version of MTA. What do you think? edit: sorry,posted in wrong forum,but anyways...
  5. Maybe,it does not work,because you've set compatibility to windows 98?
  6. "RPG" MODE like in SP:make cash,collect weapons,buy properties,do missions,etc
  7. Nope,it does not.. At least for me.. However,it may cause some glitches like screwing scoreboard.
  8. Well,if someone would write a script,that automatically removes a car from water after 30 sec to respawn,there still would be some cars
  9. No,they cannot But they doesn't explode...
  10. Yep,it works,but a little differently for me Do i have to paste it into Game or in Client? In client Blue and Yellow looked like dark red Here's a screenie:
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