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    i dunno im reatarded
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    gta mapping,and scm
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    gta mapping,and scm

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  1. lol watch some noob will strat that gang lol
  2. lol shinbo thats what hapend when you get dysyncked in mta
  3. well when u die on youre bike in the air it gliches or something i dunno it just makes it were u dont fall off
  4. nop im just wondering theres a same topic about this somewere else
  5. oh ok sry to bother i dont really check my replys so i didnt see just look at my location thing and thats y
  6. what hapened with dgtadude y does tga hate him
  7. /me is paranoid and biting my nails me is scared bloddy will kill me /me bits nail more jk i think its a cool idea y is dgtadude baned from tga
  8. hey artigamer what are u doing for gtawo like in the teams thing im doing mapping modeling and scm coding
  9. thx dude im not being sarcastic cause i dont mind
  10. hey guys sry i cant play with andy my screen is screwed up
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