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  1. lol watch some noob will strat that gang lol
  2. lol shinbo thats what hapend when you get dysyncked in mta
  3. well when u die on youre bike in the air it gliches or something i dunno it just makes it were u dont fall off
  4. nop im just wondering theres a same topic about this somewere else
  5. oh ok sry to bother i dont really check my replys so i didnt see just look at my location thing and thats y
  6. what hapened with dgtadude y does tga hate him
  7. /me is paranoid and biting my nails me is scared bloddy will kill me /me bits nail more jk i think its a cool idea y is dgtadude baned from tga
  8. hey artigamer what are u doing for gtawo like in the teams thing im doing mapping modeling and scm coding
  9. thx dude im not being sarcastic cause i dont mind
  10. hey guys sry i cant play with andy my screen is screwed up
  11. do u mean maps in gta casue then youre a cheater if u use them in mta
  12. dont we all y would we hate mta lol if u do youre an ass
  13. why the fick are u guys perfect it gets anoying
  14. fisrt of all whast mmrpg i forgot i think its a server that has 1000 players
  15. lemem rap my name is jesus my right hand casues desees my hand was set to youre weakness whos white whos tight who smells like my ass wipe
  16. its ok i dont care about sycnking care about the stunter
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