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  1. i remember in the days when u made a post about having 1000 post you got reset there was also a lot less moderators
  2. [03:00pm] [CurIy] change your nick to curly [03:00pm] [CurIy]fun [03:00pm] nick changeAlex3305 ([email protected]) changes nick to "curly" [03:00pm] quitcurly [[email protected]] ( Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by CurIy)) ) [03:00pm] (notice) NickServ: Ghost with your nickname has been killed. [03:01pm] join Alex3305 ([email protected]) [Netherlands] [03:01pm] half-op ChanServ half-ops Alex3305 in #mta [03:01pm] [Alex330] that was fun
  3. The oc Kicks Ass and SUMMER is the Hotest
  4. i dont have the quote but i remember the time i killed blocker of irc for switching to my user name and come to thing of it no 1 has probably did that in a wile so i might pass by to trick u people again
  5. its a easter egg ant wha do u exspect the game was made by people form aberdeen(scotland)
  6. BUMP opps http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?p=158943#158943
  7. thhey werre crap from the start to the end
  8. is it just me or dose gta 1 gta london gta 2 gta 3 gta vice city al sux and now gta san andrayus is geting boaring let sleping dogs lie and rest in peace
  9. [->>CURLY<<-]

    Happy New Year

    i remeber last year for new year we got a new version of mta but this year we get avatars back WHICH I STILL HAVENT GOT o welll all the best and shit like that
  10. no it was only coded for 26 so changing the number wont matter as it will ony worrk 4 26 people
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