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  1. Holy crap, I completely forgot about Turf Wars. We really dominated that one.
  2. Wow, 20 years, unbelievable. I remember coming across GTA3AM while lurking on a Dutch forum and having quite the challenge in getting it to work in the first place. Tried it a few times, both GTA3AM and GTA3:MTA 0.2, with a friend even though there wasn't much to it. When I found out about the MTA forum, I decided to join it and whine for the next release as the impatient 12 year old I was. Slowly but surely I started spending more and more time here om the forums and especially on IRC. To my surprise I got invited to the then called 'beta team' for MTA:VC. I enjoyed my time and tried my best to hunt down and report bugs all the way up to the MTA:SA Deathmatch beta's. However, as much as I enjoyed MTA itself, the most important part for me was the community. I got lots of support that helped me through severe mental health issues. Even though I decided to step back from MTA when I was at my worst, I've always kept popping back in to IRC and later Discord. In no particular order, I'd like to thank IJs, Blokker, h0z, Rebel, Talidan, Ransom, JHXP, MrBump, MrBill, Black_Dragon, Wartech, Xerox, Robpol, Iggy, x86, Aeron, HAZJ, Boss, BB101, Johnline, eAi, AJH, Oli, Solide, Gamefreek and whomever I forgot to mention for helping me make great memories I'll never forget. PS: VCP is still the only clan to win an official tournament, undefeated.
  3. A: Only on thursdays Q: Can we revive this topic?
  4. A: 42 Q: Why did I fail to hit the 'Q' key several times when trying to write this question?
  5. A: Don't Do No Dumdums Q: Why hasn't anyone posted here for nearly 2 years?
  6. A: depends on the context Q: HARDCORE GOAT SEX?
  7. A: i'm not really back Q: why would i be back?
  8. A: Yes you are. Q: Have you ever caught a lantern?
  9. A: Not really Q: So what's been going on here?
  10. You still owe vcp a rematch
  11. A: because i tend to get emotional over certain things Q: is that unusual?
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