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  1. one guy at this forum send me a picture through messenger that show's ducati something in MTA i asked him if its realy MTA he said yes i asked how? he said i didnt changed the carcols.dat or handiling.cfg meanining u can mod just dont replace other files then dff. or txd. that wont be recomended...
  2. if he was standing in one spot then he was probably alt tabbed out of the game, as for the 15 kills, he could have gotten those b4 he alt tabbed thats gotta be true! and even if he did cheated u will bann him and he will just change his name i dont think its that hard...
  3. or u can do whats in blokker signature format c driver (DONT) i had that problam to find ur mta.ini and open it using notepad then add this line: [game-exe]location=D:\vice city\gta-vc.exe only make sure that its seted to ur vice folder beacus ^ is not the one! hope that helps.
  4. its called ASE or IP heard of it good start using them...
  5. as i said u can reduce it not make it disapear.
  6. it dosent metter how much MTA or any team will work lag will always be there MTA team can reduce it but no team can make it disapear...
  7. i have sound just not in vice city as i sayd my comp is TOTALY fucked up and i couldnt install it properly i sayd that i know and im only 13 years old i wont open up my comp!
  8. take the time and most important HELP PEOPLE (me 2)
  9. people are rushing to go to the forums u cant blame them but this forum gets the most people beacus its got the most posts so most likely people will see that there are more people here and esume that they will get more help its true but it shouldnt be...
  10. yeah or they know that u r writing a messege and kill u...
  11. so if its legal and every thing can some one send me a no cd crack through messenger or email [email protected] it messennger and my email thank you. a link in a private messege will be ok to. btw make sure it works with MTA that would realy help thx.
  12. in short: lag or cheating u cant tell (unless he tells u hes cheating) next time check hes ping
  13. and i sayd (or didnt) i dunno how to install it or reinstall it... sry
  14. so u wanna tell me people that in mainly europe EVEN A NO CD CRACK IS ELLIGLE??!! OMG!!!!!!! but what they police gonna do hack to ur pc and see if u got the crack?? come on btw does other countrys move there time today to winter time?? thx
  15. i didnt sayd i dont like the idae actually it sounds pready good problam is u gotta make a didicated server to play that thing and with all does NOOBS playing EVERY THING they will just break faw sry ALLOT of rules to kill that guy i ensure u it maybe fun but the NOOBS will destroy it!
  16. sint it alittle like the game "man hunt" 31 people searching 1 guy hiding execly it is the game only with pursuits not hiding and every game will eventually will be BOOOORING after some while.
  17. it depens where u live and where the server is for example: u live in u.k server is in the u.k ur ping will be low, server in japan u live in u.s ur ping will be about 9000 not kiding dude
  18. i thoguth i sayd long time ago i am behind a router (yes i am) no firewall though
  19. lol u rad my mind i already updated EVERY THING that u get with windows and i mean EVERY THING today even WMM and office lol although office dosent work... any way why the hell do u think i got 98 or 95?
  20. i got 0.2 im not stupid and i ran it already with out any compabilty mode and still cant see people
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