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*xerox overlooks the fact that deckard was probably refering to a 'stubby shotgun' and laughs* =P hehe... stubby =p

Thats sick xerox thinking he was polishing his "stubby" we realy did not need to know how sick minded you are.

Where did he come from ?

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Rob's hilarious demise

* > taken off IJs' nick because his name won't appear as ... some kinda weird protection?

Part I: The #MTA Channel

no hes a pussy

* eAi slaps IJs around a bit with an chocolate moose

* eAi slaps Rob86_Server around a bit with an optical moose

and when asked "but arent there wars in star trek?" he answered "yeh, but that's with other races"

thar: ... and :P

<{TLK}Nikl245> that trekkie was me!


and that

try rob

nice choice of a victim ijs

<{TLK}Nikl245> fucking lightspeed


leave me the fuck alone


* MrBump sets mode: +b *!*@fire-1.tisd.net

* Rob86_Server was kicked by MrBump (Please turn the Caps OFF! Caps Allowed: 60% Caps Used: 65%)



pld bump


HAAHAHAHA omg that was good

* Ransom logs

Part II: The #VCP Channel (His place of refuge)

poor rob


always getting banned



tell ijs 'no mam im not'


* Ransom logs rob's hilarious demise


* Ransom also puts it on quote wall


must.. be... private...




xD XD xD XD xD


you have no idea of all the laughs after you left

copy and past


I should put this on the quote wall too :)








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from irc in our top secret team channel ;-)


[02:32] hahaa

[02:32] ohhhh

[02:32] package...

then.. describing the 'package'

[02:33] spray it on your abs and do cardio

[02:34] how's that wrok

[02:34] it has chemicals

[02:34] that release the fat cells

[02:34] i.e. gay spray

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Beleave it or not, I'm openly uh... game? Well anyway Most people know My habits of games and long hours on the computer (my only real friend.. *pets my tower as I talk lovingly to it*) and most people consider me a good guy, yet to be hit because of which, beleave it or not im "liked" by the general public! really I am, and considered funny (well, honestly, If I can get the whole goats thing.. *thinks of goats.. looses half a load* and spoons thing.. I got to have something... right? RIGHT!?!?!)

a token from bills personal life :shock:

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Just happened a second ago in IRC:

(Aeron2) steal my nick :)

@(Kent767) ok

ChanMode: Kent767 sets mode [+b *!*Aeron@*.home.nl]

This (*!*Aeron@*.home.nl) ban affects (Aeron2)

Kicks: Aeron2 was kicked from #mta by [Kent767] (Kent767)

(SM|Gamefreek) lol

Nick: Kent767 is now known as [Aeron]

@(Aeron) :D

Nick: Aeron is now known as [Kent767]

ChanMode: Kent767 sets mode [-b *!*Aeron@*.home.nl]

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I think this is funny cause I turned out to be a big liar

Sorry for the book but, I am not a big poster so I worked all of my issues in this one.

This is the complete post and it was posted on October 22nd, 2003 a week after I joined the forum and an month after i started playing. This was maybe my 5th post.

Thank you for this game IJsVogel,

I think that MTA is a groundbreaking one of a kind mod, and all other innovations will be compared to MTA from now on. It is almost like Road Warrior the game. You have complete freedom to do whatever you want. You can just race or stunt or hunt someone down across an entire city. Truly amazing!

I have been playing MTA for about a month. I am still amazed by how well it works and the unlimited potential that this has. Vice City was an almost perfect game the only thing it was missing was multiplayer. The mark of a great original idea is that it seems obvious in hindsight.

I am annoyed when I read all the complaining posts about this problem or that. Constructive criticism is good when the aim is improving the game but some people really sound like ungrateful crybabies. MTA is the most fun and addictive game I have ever played and it is free! People get the same lag issues with any pay game they play. Sorry for the book but, I am not a big poster so I worked all of my issues in this one.


I am pretty skilled now and I am willing to prove it. I am looking to get into a good gang.

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Just to show you how stupid n00bs are:

[22:52:24] hello

[22:52:29] how do i do this

[22:52:47] press alt + F4 , and thats it

[22:53:04] * funnybone65 has quit IRC

[22:53:09] lmao

haha good one, I like your sig being in dedication to VCP rememberance. :P

Well I don't have anything good but Robpol86, and you know hes way to easy :P

In other news, El Burro, did you get to go to Rockstar studios yet? If so, how was it?

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[20:15:15] • Mode: (MrBump) sets (+b *!*@

[20:15:16] • This (*!*@ ban affects (REBOZ)

[20:15:16] • Kick: (REBOZ) was kicked by (MrBump) (Please turn the Caps OFF! Caps Allowed: 60% Caps Used: 79%)

nice way to quit, forever

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