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ok so its not great, but its taken directly from this thread :D
sry for only gf bashing, but who the hell else is on IRC at 12PM on Sunday night?

last time i checked 12 AM is midnight... or is noon night for you?



lol Kent yeah its night time I'm pretty sure :P Am I wrong in what I said? :?

DAMN why does everyone go after little ole Ransom now! :cry:

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>Iggy< im a bitch

<{ULK}DeathB> iggy ur my bitch

thought as much

<{TLK}Nickl245> no...

>Iggy< still?

>Iggy< g'damn

>Iggy< you can only have one bitch

<{TLK}Nickl245> especially me

>Iggy< make up your mine

>Iggy< *mind

<{ULK}DeathB> alright fine

<{ULK}DeathB> iggy ur my bitch

>Iggy< ok

iggys my bitch! =)

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what can we do with gerbils bump.....................oh
i use "ACE-HIGH MP3 Recorder" it is a tool that records sounds from the pc . So all you have to do is play the movie , get to the part you want . and hit the record bottom . This one i think it is a 30 day free trial . But it is really worth the price

What's the record for the bottom?

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