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  1. wheelkid is the gayest fucking piece of donkey shit that this forum has had the displeasure of having register. theres a fucking new definition of retarded defined by his fag0try ,i hope he gets hit by a fucking egg truck and dies. He is one serious fucking sadact and attention seeks more than doon. Pos bastard should get a fn hobby
  2. maybe run a search on your drives for trainer as even some file named "personal trainer" could prolly set it off.
  3. mm..i thought you actually had to ask to becmoe one except for cheat/modz0rs
  4. ..yea but its really not a rank as much as a declaration
  5. its sarcasm but you being the forum idiot you would agree with it
  6. sometimes a stubby bullet trail synchs from no-where right next to me..never hit me yet tho
  7. heres a lil q+a from their site Will GTA:San Andreas allow for the use of alcohol, drugs, and/or tobacco products? If yes, what effect will they have on gameplay? (Lostboy) We feel a little adulated to reply to this question, but in fact, yes, you can consume some amounts of illegal drugs. Though this will remain under raps for now. We can officially confirm this is doable in its own right. It may even lead to some more drug related activities too, but for the time being, this is what will be said. What movies were the primary influence behind GTA:SA (I.E. What movies should GTA fans be watching to prepare for GTA:SA's release? (Chang) Boys N the hood and Menace 2 Society are probably the most merciful influences behind Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, orchestrated through their innovation and style. There are some negligible influences implicated to create San Andreas too, like Bullit and Casino. Will GTA:SA require or make use of the PS2 hard drive? (S3KT0R) One word, no. It was an option, but with no online feature we saw no reason for us to make use with the HDD. One of the more frustrating things IMO about the two previous games (specifically when playing outside of the missions) was the short attention span the game engine had for vehicles you weren't either driving or looking right at. Walk a bit too far away from your ride, or let the car your chasing get out of your sight (like around a corner twenty yards away), and they vanish. I don't expect or want the new game engine to make me have to steer around every car I've ever abandoned throughout the course of the game but will it at least do a BETTER job of keeping track of game objects your character interacts with? (Cermo) Cermo, there is no need to worry; the controls are now more responsive and even surprisingly more comprehensive and realistic than previous instalments. Though it's not an actual driving sim, Grand Theft Auto wasn't ever built for that esthetical range anyway. People who wanted the cars to perform and sound more realistically won't be disappointed. Is Rockstar making any changes to keep every area of San Andreas populated with enough peds/cars to keep the game from feeling empty (some previews have mentioned that SA feels empty at times)? (Inky)Thanks to a new PRE engine (Provisional Rendering Engine), the state of San Andreas is 4 times more populated than its predecessors. This applies to both NPC's and traffic. This also allows it to infinite stream, so you will never be left out on the road with no cars ever again. Over the last few months we have seen a lot of magazine articles which have seen the game in action. A number of them commented on the frame rate, draw distance and pop up's. These were made to sound like possible problems with the game, although we understand that the game was probably not complete when the previews were shown. Have these problems been fixed, or do Rockstar believe they can be fixed before the game is released? These problems have already been addressed and repaired. As you can see from the given trailers, the draw distance has dramatically improved and pop up remains to be seen. The frame rate is now better than ever running at a high 56-60 FPS. It sounds like there are a lot of new features in GTA San Andreas which will appeal to a large number of fans however I'd like to know what is your personal favourite new feature in San Andreas? There isn't really a personal favourite per say, but one we agreed, and that was the weight gaining aspect. It inherits endless possibilities in terms with gameplay and character customising mechanics, and even governs and restricts certain characteristics of the game related features… By far the most initiative feature, our opinion. House break-ins are a confirmed new feature, however we are not very sure how they will work. Could you give us some more information on this such as how they are activated, when they can be done and whether you can choose which house to rob or if it's just random? Most houses, not all, can be broken into at free will. You are NOT restricted to doing this at night, but it is highly recommended, at daytime NPC's may of left for work leaving the house unoccupied, but then you need to face the smarts of security systems and set traps. Rumours and magazine articles have stated wildlife and animals will be in the game, although none of this has been confirmed yet. Can you confirm whether animals will be in the game, and if so which kinds of animals? Will they be solid models or just textures similar to Vice Cities water creatures? You guys really want to know, don't you? Well, yes, there will be at some extent, animals wandering through the wilderness; however, it doesn't initially pioneer or introduce new gameplay associated features. CJ may be able to interact with certain wildlife to a certain extent, but most of them were implemented to make the State of San Andreas a more equable, engaged, living environment. Money seems like an important object in the game. Will the amount of cash made on specific missions be decreased (in comparison with Vice City) in order to ensure the player completes more of the game so they can save up and unlock extras? Yes, in fact this time round it's going to be harder for CJ to rack up the cash. It won't be too easy this time round. He may even need to consider getting some par time jobs or if you like, sell stolen goods. You can't rely on completing missions to get money. There's no easy way anymore, life's harder in San Andreas. We have seen footage of a large aeroplane with the words Juank Air on the side, we have seen screenshots of helicopters and read about a full winged dodo, but we are still curious as to what kinds of other air transportation we can expect to see in San Andreas. Could you provide us with any more information on this? This was one of the many things we wanted to really expand on since Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. You may have recalled Grand Theft Auto: Vice City having only one plane, well that's changed. Aeroplanes are more coherently used this time round, Take Juank Air for example, not only can you take this plane to different locations around the State, but even cargo your own vehicles around too, saving any unnecessary travel. One other plane we will bring up is the Lear jet; this can be both flown and explored in, and may even be purchasable or inheritable. You'll just have to wait and see what we have in store for you, remember, there's a fully functional airport in each city. What are some major improvements in the pedestrian/police AI? - Casey "Zidane" Mongillo The NPC and police AI has significantly improved over its predecessors, NPC's literally have "Lives". They live in their own home, sleep, go to work, go shopping, meet up, go and eat, and park cars. Many of this has been mentioned already, but you can see them actually do their jobs. The attention to detail is to die for. On a side note, police AI has also substantially improved, they are more strategic and even bust others for crimes, so you're not left the 'criminal' in San Andreas for once. Can we actually buy and build our own properties... if yes, how does building work? - Kyle "Kodo" Papke This is a really difficult question to answer. Some properties enable, to some extent, customisation, but properties really offer more gameplay features. Take this for example; in the countryside CJ can inherit a farm and could possibly set up a drug ring. There are many other pieces of property around San Andreas for CJ to purchase, loads more. Have the helicopter and plane height limits been increased? The flight limit is more than 3x the height limited in Vice City, but in the countryside; it seems there is no limit of how high you can fly. This is subjected to change during the final release. In several screenshots and the first trailer for San Andreas, Carl was playing basketball and pool. Are these cutscenes or can you play them and also what other mini-games are there? (Gangstaman590) It is possible to partake in basketball games; it will be as an alternative to gain some fitness or you may even find some competition now and again in the local courts depending what gang occupies that area. As for pool, you'll just have to wait and see. Will the function of graffiti be just for decoration or will we be able to interact with it somehow (draw it for example)? (Gangstaman590) Both. You can graffiti in rival gang turf, which may or may not attract unwanted attention from both cops and gangs. You can even vandalise property just for fun. There is even tagging side missions, which will be much like rampages. Details about this feature will remain under wraps till further release. What is the one thing the team behind San Andreas is most proud of, and makes this one stand out from the others? (ThatsWet) How we successfully created our own living and breathing world, without a single loading screen… And still managed to outdo its predecessor's, graphically. That's our most outstanding achievement. Will we be able to find any sub-plots in the deserts/woods or just random rampages? (smithstock) Yes, there is a plethora of subplots that coexist in the countryside and desert regions. Not only do they have their own individual missions and plots, but have their own set of side missions too. The countryside and desert will be sure to deliver, mission and story wise. Are you guys afraid that all the reality you've put into the game (eating/exercising) will create it into somewhat a Sims game, and what measures have you taken to prevent that? (Thorn) At first we were a little hesitant to if it was getting to the point of a reality sim. But we think we have created it so it isn't so dubious and time consuming. The main reason it's in there is for character customisation, and I'm sure you guys can see that. Which real life landmark is Mt. Chilliad based on? (adamcs) Check up the word 'Chiliad' in the dictionary, that'll cover the name aspect. As for our inspiration to create Mt. Chiliad? God knows… How long does it take to travel between each city, via air? (saunders) It all depends on what air vehicle you are taking. If you were to use the full winged dodo for example, it could take up to 15 minutes. It varies between which air vehicle you choose and what city you wish to fly from and to. So there is no accurate answer there, sorry. What will be blocking us from entering the other cities/locations? (Dead at 4 PM) Well, after some recent discussion, we have officially implemented 'City Blocks' once again. It would be too hard for the usual gamer to manage if the state was open from the start and they may never realise the uniqueness of the cities and locals. We can tell you one blockage and that is the rednecks are banning the cityslickers to pass through their town towards Las Venturas. As always, some point through the progression of the story, the riot has calmed and is safe to pass on towards Las Venturas. Other 'City Blocks' won't be revealed. Wow sounds cooler by the minute!
  8. no the reason aol is hated so much is becaused the program allowing you to connect or run your dsl (waol.exe) is a huge hogger of bandwidth
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