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  1. Could be, but it's one of them...they are making HL2 compessed, or somthing like that, so they squeeze all the excess stuff that will slow down low spec comps
  2. yeah, i want to get it.
  3. Yeah, HL2 requires a 2.6 ghz processor with 512 gb of ddr ram and a 256 mb graphics card!
  4. yeah, it kinda sucks when u loose you car and you have to RUN everywhere, but walking everywhere would force me to kill myself.
  5. What type of graphics card have you been looking at??? i getting a Geforce 5 5950 ultra, and then a GeForce6 6800ultra...when it comes out
  6. Erm...mr bump, could you possible have a more boring life that doing all that mIRC stuff, i mean, i get a headache from being on it for over half an hour.
  7. Tell, me about it, someone found me in a pee encrusted seat a week later, but i was still having great fun
  8. hmm, i saw a blind man driving around...around in circles.
  9. Love it, mines far too cluttered with important crap that i can't be arsed to rake through all those sub-files to get to, so i shove a shortcut to the desktop...gonna change the res of my screen soon to compensate.
  10. I'd go for Hearing (Same trend), mearly on the fact that without sight i don't know whats going on, even though i would hear it, smell it and maybe touch it (not too sure about the last one, when it comes to a motorway...) Anyway loosing my Hearing would also stop me from speaking(after a while), but i could still write. But loosing my sight would allow me to still talk but not write, or see what i am hearing. Losing sight, as said by xenex, would make me lose perspective on the world, but losing my hearing would keep and preserve the pespective side of things. But people have diffenrt ways of dealing with these incedents. (mine would be a tight rope around the neck and a 100ft drop...as i could not bear the thought of loosing and of my senses.)
  11. Yeah, kinda sucks how ppl can get a kick out of it, and waste all the time in screwing it up, when u get more fun playing it without screwing it up.
  12. Yeah Steam are wanting to sell three online/off line versions. 1# Single Player only. (Cheap) 2#Sinlge Player with online. (Average Price) 3#Sinlge player, online and continous updating and modding. (Costly and then 9.99 a month) Option three seems a waste of money. I hope Rockstar don't do this.
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