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  1. A: You never know when you get stolen of your possessions Q: What a think of me spamming this forum after 7+ years?
  2. Aeron

    Still Alive.

    Woops busted
  3. Aeron

    Still Alive.

    This was a Triumph...
  4. I, the lost MTA:MA creater/god, approve this release. Guess they have a reason to ditch MTA:MA, however my statistics show ppl still use it.
  5. Maybe today I write the last update for MTA:mA 4.0 to disable the updater by default. If there are any volunteers to continue hosting please contact me so I can write the update to redirect to the new URL. It has been fun crashing MTA/SAMP servers. Now MTA went open source, I think I can tell that the 'secret' encoding in my DLL's: it's simple invert the bits and you can read the mIRC code inside (Still funny that Oli's GUS dll was 'cracked' before mine, lawl.) Now you know this, you may search for the secret in there. Contact me if you know the secret and you get a free virtual cookie.
  6. Packetloss. mIRC is unable to catch and process all given packets via slow-scripting processing.
  7. Kick reason. Implemented in MTA, doesn't pop-up on client screen nor does it send to admins.
  8. Hi, So I once dumped a link of all my amazing scripts in IRC chat but I think most of ya guys missed it: http://home.deds.nl/~aeron/Workinghtsan ... eny5ejnuy/ All these scripts were from ALPHA-testing and WILL NOT WORK on current build of MTA (Dispite good attempts to state that these scripts are broken, I expect many "This script doesn't load/work"-posts.)
  9. This topic is 1337. PS: 1. Three words and a number 2. FU 3. Yay I still get remembered
  10. Necromancing this thread for it's amazing, wonderfull & brilliant creator of this game mode: me.
  11. Aeron

    MTA:mA v4.14 Issues

    I dont rememebr i put in a '!suspect' command, and 4.15 is out for ages.
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