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  1. So much work from so many people. It is amazing MTA is still alive and well. Nearly all games don't make it this far, let alone mods. "someone needs to ban ransom from making races" HAHA the boat races were so messy.
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    SMH you think I'm not ready to snipe the final last reply? Think again.
  3. It has been a long and winding road to get to this point. Here is a condensed personal story from me for those who find it here. After so many years and so many people and memories, its so hard to remember everything. I started with GTA2 on Dreamcast and I loved it. I was fanatical about the upcoming GTA3 release. I even bought gaming magazines just to read pieces about it in school. I never did that for any other game. Eventually, I got my copy of the game on the PS2. The game met all my expectations. For it's time, the open world 3D city was something revolutionary and very exciting. I dwelled on the GameFAQ boards for GTA games during school after it released. Back then, that was one of the gaming centers of the universe. I'm pretty sure that is where I first heard about GTA Multiplayer being created for the PC version of the game. In the earliest days I had 56K Internet (gigabit fiber now!) and a mediocre computer with no GFX card, so I missed the earliest days of MTA. It was painful for me knowing that it was out there and I couldn't play it. By the time Vice City came out I had the means to play and really became part of the community since the first Vice City release. Vice City was actually a pretty fun deathmatch game. It worked well by abusing animation glitches to create good movement. The community grew into clans and I found one of the first users, Iggy248 and asked to join his new clan Vice City Police (VCP). We recruited a lot of talent. In the earliest days, we absolutely ruled the scene and it was a great time. Over time, a handful of our clan remained heavily active in the community and became closer to the development team. We would eventually be invited to beta test. Throughout time our roles and contributions increased. A handful of our crew moved on to be key contributors and one even became an MTA code developer. When GTA:SA released, development exploded and so did the need for contributors. As heads of the QA Testing Team (Rebel, JHXP, myself), our new "clan" consisted of finding the right people to test and contribute. I think we did a pretty good job at finding a lot of talented people. You could say this was a lot of luck. Personally, now at this point in my life after having similar experience elsewhere, I feel like I have had some skill and some part in bringing the right people together and keeping them together. However, I recognize that I am also stubborn and bull-headed, so I had failures and fallouts with people as well. I don't think you can lead without losing some friends. When disagreements happened, they were heartfelt and horrible, but I laugh thinking about most of them now. Some of them I deeply regret when I remember them. If any of those people are reading, I apologize to you if there are still any ill feelings. As mentioned in the OP, there were a lot of systems and I contributed significantly to most of them as staff and as a tester on behalf of the developers. I would say I am most proud of the original MTA:SA race editor. It was extremely popular and nothing let you edit & test directly inside a GTA game before this moment. At heart, I've always liked creating custom content, so this was of immense interest to me. I did the lion's share of bug reports/testing/features for this thru something we had called Mantis Bug Tracker. Thank you eAi and ChrML specifically for letting me drive you insane haha. I made a lot of races with that editor, but the best thing I made wasn't a race at all. I bastardized the race mode into a birth of the Destruction Derby game mode, with a map of the same name. It worked, because the race would end if only one car was left. I see the destruction derby game mode in GTA5 MP with pickups and it is very much the same way they were on that first map I made. I have no doubt that Rockstar Games took ideas from MTA for their online prototyping. You can look for "gta destruction derby" on YouTube and see now how big that game mode is alone. The GTA community is massive! Contributing to this community ultimately changed the course of my life. I learned a lot of various skills in the Computer Science field and it really propelled me towards being the IT worker I am today. From building my first computer to coding my first piece of code, the guys were there to help me along. It enabled me to pickup a lot of concepts of IT quickly and also to be efficient at what I do. Even though I got a business degree, I couldn't escape my fate haha. I still catchup with some of the people I worked with thru the years on our Discord. Every once in a blue moon, some long distant name will come out of the woodwork and namedrop me. It's overwhelming how many people you can meet over many years!
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    I could have the last reply. If I so wished.
  5. بری ترجمہ معاف کرے. ایک درخواست اس فورم میں ماڈریٹر کے لئے بنایا گیا ہے. آپ کی بورڈ کے لیے صارف نام سے ایک ماڈریٹر کو نامزد کریں، براہ مہربانی. کوشش کرتے ہیں اور دھوکہ نہیں کرتے ہیں براہ مہربانی. شکریہ
  6. We have chosen to go with manve1. Sorry for the delay. Thanks all who contributed. There may possibly be another moderator in the future for this section.
  7. Are you serious right now? Why don't you go ask Apple to support your Microsoft product too...
  8. Thanks for the feedback. I will try to wrap this up this week and let you know.
  9. We have received some moderation requests for this board. Currently it has no moderators. We need the Lithuanian community to vote. Who is a good trustworthy moderator for this section? New or dormant accounts will be ignored. If you would like to nominate yourself please do so.
  10. Mr. S3D has been added as a 4th today (JR10 reassigned to scripting forum) due to inactivity of other moderators and being selected then and now as the 4th moderator. I'll let Tete translate.
  11. I hope this was just a coincidence... I wish it came more than a day later from mine. I checked it and its clean. I will add it.
  12. Its been awhile... a very long while since my last update. It took my tool about 6 hours to get everything done! Check first page for update.
  13. We have received volunteer applications to moderate this forum lately. Please volunteer or vote someone to become moderator. Again we have no idea who is really trustworthy.
  14. A couple years back I made this script called weaponhud and I had big plans, but life happened. This shows weapon slots & ammo and lets you hotkey the slots. I wanted to let everyone know its open source if you are interested in it. https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p= ... ls&id=1777 My ultimate goal was to bring a play style to San Andreas that was similar to the days of GTA3:MTA and MTAVC which were far more competitive in an FPS/individual-effort type way. I was going to accomplish this by creating a script to hack the movements as much as possible to loosen things up. I referred to this as 'freefire'. This script has undergone probably 3 major overhauls. There are a lot of limits to what you can do without destroying the sync of MTA. I had found out quite a few nice workarounds and made everything clientside in the end. You can test out freefire by running it alongside any standard deathmatch. For now I am just going to dropbox this one. There is an image in this zip trying to explain the hacked controls. Its not perfect but you'll be surprised at how different it feels. I'll answer any questions I see about it if there is any interest. Also I can be reached thru #mta.scripting on irc.multitheftauto.com http://www.dropbox.com/s/jimnp4lokb34tda/freefire.zip
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