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VCES>Rex: ot zi - zee :P

VCES>Rex: *not




robin--->BmC: i want to ream

VCES>nick timed out.

VCES>BrophY: i dont give a shit

VCES>Rex: i dont give a shit about you givvin a shit :P

robin--->BmC: you

VCES>BrophY: and i dont give a shit that u give a shit about me not giving a shit

VCES>Rex died.

VCES>Rex: lmao oops

VCES>Rex: hahahah @ bro

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"All I Have Is Mah Balls And Mah Werd And I Dont Break Em' For No Body"-Tony Montana

"Say Ello To MAh Lil' Fren!"-Tony Montana

"U Fuk Wit Me And Ur Fukin Wit Da Best"-Tony Montana

for those of u who aint kno who tony montana is he is SCARFACE!

and last but not least....

"Why Am I Dying To Live, If Im Just Living To Die"-Tupac Shakur 8)


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kill wheelman!

everyones talking about different things... lol

<[KFC]Wheelman> no!


* MrGrumpy has left #mta

<[KFC]Wheelman> Stinkin' Baby



* ChanServ sets mode: +o MrBump


hey, grr is what I usally say

* Robpol86 requests a kill for [KFC]Wheelman

omg... wheelman, if you say stinkin baby one more time..

lol every1 here says grr

<[KFC]Wheelman> Stinkin' Baby

<[KFC]Wheelman> Stinkin' Baby

<[KFC]Wheelman> Stinkin' Baby!!!

* Robpol86 requests a kill for [KFC]Wheelman!!!

!votekick [KFC]Wheelman

* [KFC]Wheelman hides


grr or gah


nobody said gah till i arived. copying bastards

<[KFC]Wheelman> bump


<[KFC]Wheelman> come on teamspeak


nah im off to bed in a few

no teamspeak, nick kill instead



b4 u do, kill wheelman


<[KFC]Wheelman> EDITED IP


yes plz

theres ur reason!



just sending this video to my mum in spain

<[KFC]Wheelman> its teaspeak

<[KFC]Wheelman> shhh

or starting it


if he says stinkin baby again... kill him!

C'mon i need help with this game please someone!!!

<[KFC]Wheelman> Stnkin'

if he says what?

no, kill him newayz

([KFC]Wheelman) Stinkin' Baby

* Robpol86 has quit IRC ([irc.multitheftauto.com] Local kill by MrBump (you said it))

<[KFC]Wheelman> they are offnended by my incredible comebacvk

* Robpol86 has joined #mta

<[KFC]Wheelman> Stinkin' Baby

lol you fool



rob you are so gullible HAHAH

<[KFC]Wheelman> lol!

<[4D]Prontera> 2004-02-06 23:59:19 EST: 1477 / 458


shut up ransom

i need slep

* Ransom QUOTES

<[KFC]Wheelman> go bump!




<[KFC]Wheelman> quote!


<[KFC]Wheelman> this is TOO good

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PM to Bro

[10:52pm] Iggy> /timer 0 0 /msg robpol86 hey this whole gta3 multi player thingy isn't wrking!!

[10:52pm] Iggy> it will pm him the question

[10:52pm] Iggy> hes a support person

[10:53pm] Bro> ok

[10:53pm] Bro> we4ll i dont even kno wat all of this is??

[10:53pm] Iggy> it just msgs him the question

[10:53pm] Bro> i just wanna get mta goin!!

[10:54pm] Iggy> lol

[10:54pm] Iggy> ask him

[10:54pm] Iggy> do that thing i told you

[10:54pm] Bro> who? the guy thats mouthing off at me??

[10:54pm] Iggy> lol yeh

[10:55pm] Iggy> he'll help you, hes one of the only people who know how to work gta3 mta (its acient)

[10:55pm] Bro> hahahaha, man this is twisted, i'm used 2 MSN messenger!!

[10:55pm] Iggy> ?

[10:55pm] Bro> oh its just all of this irc stuff, only thing i kno how 2 get off it is porn!!!

[10:55pm] Bro> lol

[10:55pm] Iggy> o

[10:56pm] Iggy> well just pm him

[10:56pm] Bro> so i ask him, but he told me 2 alt +F4 and we all kno wat that does, shuts irc down!! wat a f head

[10:57pm] Iggy> lol

[10:57pm] Iggy> hes just joking around

[10:57pm] Iggy> /timer 0 0 /msg robpol86 hey this whole gta3 multi player thingy isn't wrking!!

[10:57pm] Bro> ok and i do that into the main window?

[10:58pm] Iggy> anywhere

[10:58pm] Iggy> just type it in the bar

[10:58pm] Bro> ok

[10:59pm] Iggy> damnit just pm him

[10:59pm] Iggy> /timer 0 0 /msg robpol86 hey this whole gta3 multi player thingy isn't wrking!!

[11:01pm] Bro> ok and i just put that crap into the main window and press enter dammit!! lol

[11:01pm] Iggy> did you?

[11:01pm] Iggy> you put it in the chat bar

[11:02pm] Bro> hang on i'm doin it now


[11:02pm] Robpol86> omg bro msng me

[11:02pm] Robpol86> IGGY!

[11:02pm] Robpol86> U (#&*6aw875b623h5n6

[11:02pm] Iggy> YES!

[11:03pm] quits: Bro ([email protected]) (Excess Flood)

Edited by Guest
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(5 minutes later from my last post....)

* Robpol86 is bored


Ransom alreayd posted it

Here he comes, here comes speed racer, hes a demon on wheels. Hes a demon and hes gunna be chasin after someone. Hes gainin on you so u better look alive. hes busy revvin up a powerful Mach 5!!!!! And when the odds are against him and theres, DAngerous work to do. You bet ur life speed racer. Will see it through. Go speed racer, go speed racer, go speed racer GO!!!

* MrBump sets mode: +b *!*@cdm-208-180-237-224.vctr.cox-internet.com

* Robpol86 was kicked by MrBump (Go sing elsewhere)

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*xerox overlooks the fact that deckard was probably refering to a 'stubby shotgun' and laughs* =P hehe... stubby =p

Thats sick xerox thinking he was polishing his "stubby" we realy did not need to know how sick minded you are.

Where did he come from ?

Where did DeathB come from, were did xerox come from, where did YOU come from. Well were did YOU come from? :|

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MrBump: Please unban me from #mta I`ve been baned for 4 days now

no gokee, after 3 bans and being told to stop spamming you performed the MOST blatant spam to get onto the stats i have ever witnessed

haha - spam for stats time again is it?

so you dont need to be in there, go satisfy your stupid stat cravings somewhere else


I not going to say that agen in mta



Probibly all never be in mta agen

to bad

not until ive spoken to tvke and got you ignored by the stats bot no


once that is done i will lift the ban

ignored by the stats bot? O no

Thats bad

well thats the only way you are coming back in

then hopefully you will stop the stupid spam

as it will be pointless to you also

* gokee2 is now known as MrBump_hates_me

bump - just get the stats bot to ignore them for a week

problem solved

xerox: keep up

or just nerf their stats (if possible)


bah - just got back from work

no logs to read

hey xerox

it was said 2 minutes ago

I would not even KNOW if the stats bot ignored me?

! not ? frrr

grrr not frrr

yes you would



because i just told you im not lifting the ban till it is

so once u can reenter you know you are off the stats page

I`m not on stats as it is

So it would not matter

yes it would


you made iut perfectly obvious your sole intent was to get onto the stats page, hence the crap you kept pulling

so once the possibility is removed you will have no reason to be so stupid

Won`t I?

* Iggy is now known as Iggy|bed

no, you wont

I can think of something new

so can i

its called a permenant ban from the irc server


you behave or you stay out its really very simple

I think all KEEP this nick


omg ...

* [VCA]Rogue has joined #vca

If I never get to go to #mta I might forget about M.T.A.

* ChanServ sets mode: +o [VCA]Rogue

<[VCA]Rogue> Hey all

* Disconnected

* Attempting to rejoin channel #vca

* Rejoined channel #vca

* Topic is 'Vice City Army. All welcome. |Latest recruits: Iggy, Ransom, FireFox ..5 Loendal needs folks ICQ, MSN, or Yahoo addys...! 5 New wojjie server for us on its way'

* Set by MrBump on Fri Feb 06 20:09:33

Hey [VCA]Rogue what can I do to you today?

you can turn that off and change your nick

I can no loger say that in #mta


something along the lines of ima-numbnut would work

* MrBump_hates_me is now known as ok

* ok is now known as MrBump_is_VERY_mad_at_me



I started out nice! grrr MrBump is mean!

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[9:34pm] when was the last time i said a cuss word?

[9:35pm] MOFO

[9:35pm] thats not a WORD

[9:35pm] its an acronym

[9:35pm] for?

[9:35pm] mice on free oranges

[9:35pm] stfu

[9:36pm] thats, uhh.., "stuff the fruit up"

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<06{ULK}Nikl245> lol dirty smokers

<06rebel> you're there Ransom?

<06Ransom> yeah, read the topic

<06Kent767> shh

<06Kent767> smoking is good for you

<06rebel> get outa there!

<06{ULK}Nikl245> LMAO

<06SM-Nomad> Smoking prevents the adult diaper, loss of memory, cross eyed and drooling years of old age

<06Ransom> o_O?

* SM|McCoy throws a pack of Nicorette to Nomad

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<06[VCK]Pitbull> !deactivate

<06{ULK}Nikl245> !murder

<06MAD_BOY> !damnit

<06[VCK]Pitbull> !WTF!

<06MAD_BOY> !stafu

<06{ULK}Nikl245> !light-sp33d

<06MAD_BOY> stfu*

* MrBump has joined #mta

<06MAD_BOY> uh oh

<06{ULK}Nikl245> aw

<06{ULK}Nikl245> now we have to stop

<06SM|McCoy> Oops fun is over

<06[VCK]Pitbull> lol

<06{ULK}Nikl245> rofl

* ChanServ sets mode: +o MrBump

<06MAD_BOY> well, he isnt oped

<06[VCK]Pitbull> MrBUmp is in da hoooouuuuussssseeeee

<06MAD_BOY> damn, too late

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