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  1. I'm bored so... BUMP =) Once GTA4 get to the PC i'll be online - Don't know if I'll bother asking anyone to jump on with BLASTA tags... But I probably will anyway for a laugh =)
  2. Hall of fame? Im honoured that the best fake gang (and pretty much the first one) has been mentioned as a hall of fame... go me *cough*... us! Now back to not posting for another 6-12-18-helluva-long-time months. See ya on the battlefield =p
  3. ... *BAMF*... *POKE*...*BUMP*... yeah anyway, whats happened here guys? - Im in Europe anyway (the UK to be more precise... ok London) anyway - im still alive for anyone that cared and Im just pissing around existing etc. either way im bored so I thought this topic needed some action... NEXT please =)
  4. A. not really, i just escaped from being a slave to society and the wage already... going back is an inevitable, but unwanted option Q. hooray for laziness? yeahyeah im kinda back =p
  5. Lock up your daughters people cause Im off to Europe. While im gone, Ransom and Mr Bill have the run of things as always EZ
  6. now that MTA:SA is near to public release I may as well BUMP this thread =p Just wait and see the number of gangs that EXPLODE onto the forum once its released =p EZ
  7. A. ask one =p Q. happy that the haters will be somewhat silenced when mta is out?
  8. xerox

    The GTA Series

    R* will keep making the gta series as long as A. take 2 doesnt lose a case against jack thompson et al. B. Their games follow the same 'formula' or good music, creative gameplay and good storylines C. Introduce multiplayer (or hire the MTA folks to do it for them =) D. Restore the camera angles, hunter handling and BIKE HANDLING from vice city so us stunters can get out of VC =p (anyone want to make me a SA in VC mod? =p)
  9. i know my roots have to thank monty python for sure =)
  10. if you really want to, you could redirct it to http://www.multitheftauto.com j/k =p
  11. for stunting vc, for everything else sa
  12. im in there - BLASTA represent =)
  13. A. cause them are the rules I set, live with them or get out =p Q. Can we ask decent questions in here not just 'right'? or lame stuff like that?
  14. prontera and I on the second day of MTA's release, he flipped my banshee with a patriot =p
  15. A. yes I did, and I had to type that stupid line too many times when learning to type =p Q. can you all touch-type?
  16. Seconded thirded fourth'd Fifth'd Motion not carried =p
  17. A. only to bash some sense into you =p Q. why does spitfire here lack the steez to spam with style?
  18. if the bike physics and camera angles from vc could be transplanted into sa you would have the perfect game =) stylistically LC and SA are on the same level, dark gritty nightlife etc etc. The SA map is great, i found VC's map too boring (IT WAS FLAT FFS), LC had some interesting offroad areas if you took the effort to explore, but SA just has loads of offroad potential. Storywise they are all good games. Since this game is SP only it has to stand up on this anyway. I found VC a little easy, the a few of the final missions of LC near impossible and SA to be somewhere inbetween.
  19. A. nah - bump is =p Q. bring back the original blasta massive?
  20. just letting you know were not dead - just sleeping... like a coma but better =p anyway, once MTA:SA is all go, the mighty BLASTA crew will hopefully be working on bringing you a great selection of maps and assorted malarky. EZ
  21. A. something to do with wine that I dont really like drinking Q. vodka?
  22. yeah your map idea is possible but what you must understand is that your creating chokepoints - like the rail to grind. If there is no support underneath for if you mess the jump up, or a way to retry it, or if only 1 person can make the jump at a time and you have 8 or more players its not going to be that fun as most people will end up dieing. making mid-air courses just quietly is a mission, but if you have the dedication (and too much time on your hands) nearly anything is possible in creating your own mid-air track.
  23. If you get sick of arrogant aussies visit me in NZ =p Nah aussie is a great place - Melbourne is just great! You will enjoy it for sure.
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