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Anonymous kfc´er wrote:

- " (ulks) are not that hard too defeat "

- "atleast last time i fought them "

- "I dont know most of them ...."

- "well i didnt play mta much"

Another wrote:


- "We've only fought like twice"

thanks to bishop for finding those, i laughed so hard when i read that :D

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ok this one is huge but its worth reading it imo,

hary74656's problem is the UE when he wants to start mta:

you didn´t said somthing to me

i did

[02:01:01] go to: cmd, write: ipconfig /release and try again

go to: cmd, write: ipconfig /release and try again

what was that?

do it

go to start -> run

then write in cmd

or u wont get any help

and then write ipconfig /release

nobody wants to help here

my internet settings are ok



dammit always the same

santa claues hah old fat bastard

* Ransom slaps Keva around a bit with a large trout

why ip config?

fuck off

im [issed

* Keva lays down

just wanna lie here

???? why ip config????

take some ridalin and have a nap

mta cant connect to you if u dont fix your ip

damn that was my last fucking word

*** MrGrumpy` (--censored--) has joined channel #mta

*** MrBump` (--censored--) has joined channel #mta

it can connect, i get the error when im trying to start game

*** MrGrumpy` has left #mta

*** Mode change "+o MrBump`" for channel #mta by ChanServ

its the game!

*** Signoff: MrBump (Ping timeout)


*** MrBump` is now known as MrBump

yes then open your computer, rub your feet on the carpet, touch the mobo, and turn the cpu back on


The static should teach that damn mta client a lesson!

*** Signoff: hary74656 (Ping timeout)

* rebel36 wonders

*** Signoff: slush- (Ping timeout)


yeah weeee


*** hary74656 (--censored--) has joined channel #mta


what do this command?

and did it worked ?


my connecton crashed


* rebel36 got a new forum sig

what is this shit command?


jesus haha

*** CTCP: hary74656 pinged you.

*** Signoff: hary74656 (Connection reset by peer)

*** hary74656 (--censored--) has joined channel #mta

*** MaStAFlAsH (--censored--) has joined channel #mta

*** MaStAFlAsH has left #mta

nah sry i got no solution for you

*** Signoff: hary74656 (Connection reset by peer)

*** hary74656 (--censored--) has joined channel #mta


id update mirc if i where you

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[23:30:16] [me]: They're covered in lube!

[23:30:20] [sM|Gamefreek]: lol

[23:30:26] : {TLK}Nikl245 lubes up

[23:30:26] [sM|Gamefreek]: fight them off!!

[23:30:29] : {TLK}Nikl245 goes in

[23:30:32] ::: Quit: (AJH) ([email protected])

[23:30:42] : {TLK}Nikl245 wrestles with some goats

[23:31:04] : SM|Gamefreek pokes the goats with a stick

[23:31:06] [me]: That's not a goat! That's me!

[23:31:10] [me]: Why can't you wear clothes!

[23:31:14] [sM|Gamefreek]: lol

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oh yeah, I forgot so I'll ask again, why is xenex's name blue in stats?

Cause I told the stats he's male :P

I think thats the reason :P



no really!

u lied

i must know whyyyyyyy

everyone wants to know


I think it is :P

TvKe gots the hots for xenex





haha that was where I was going damn you

yea that must be it then

My gf is going to stay with me for the weekend :)

since theres no other logical reason =P

I gotta pick her up tomorrow

well, hmm today (2AM now:P)

is gf = gamefreek =P

TvKe fancies GF!

GF = Girl Friend :P

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Just a funny convo I was reading silently:

* silentD slaps a Sick dick



dont slap yo dick silentD

yo..who has a good server for mta that isn't fuckin full


* Black_Dragon slaps silentD with a wet odd green dildo

* sick slaps silentD with his dick...

<{TLK}Nikl245> no ips !!!

penis is giood

IRCMonkey: quakenet

<{TLK}Nikl245> ;P



* rebel blows the chan

* Ransom puts on quote wall

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i made a pic to let ppl see the sm sign: (%)


got another one who went to release his ip for me :)

can someone help me


go: start-run-write:cmd


write: ipconfig /release

*** Michael is now known as michael

*** Signoff: k00ner (Connection reset by peer)



bad boy ;)

damn hes stupid

*** k00ner (--censored--) has joined channel #mta



*** Mode change "+b *!*@adsl-68-74-148-247.dsl.emhril.ameritech.net" for channel #mta by MrBump

*** sobeit has been kicked off channel #mta by MrBump (Please turn the Caps OFF! Caps Allowed: 60% Caps Used: 100%)


he even more

no lag on bumps site :o

then what? LOL



i was trying to get rid of you

TYPE: ipconfig /renew

whats your problem

im not stupid

you sure?


more to come soon :wink:

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a nice little irc convo about that nasty trainer-using xerox guy.. i hear he uses cudda's mod as well =P

[09:54] well, i had 6 ppl on the server, no lag, but when i ran that mIRC add on and a server, and the game all on one PC 6 ppl seemed kinda slow and laggy

[09:55] i have a 2ghz p4, 512 MB SDRAM, 64MB gforce 4 MX440SE

[09:56] Well IMPAQT if you get XEROX to play on your server then you'll see your Ping Rocket to the roof

[09:56] lol

[09:56] y? known trainer user?

[09:56] It wasnt for you to laugh Impaqt... It was for the others who know him

[09:57] * SM|Rawk thinks he knows him

[09:57] l m a o

thanks mc coy - nicely done ;-)

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hehe sticky? Sweet

Ok this is from the "2 player?" topic here: http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=6402

I mention it because its gotta be the most hilarious mood swing I have ever witnessed:

SM|Gamefreak said:

Yamm (P_90) why do u go :o urself, how :o stupid are u to insult a MTA team member in there own forum u little 12 yr old brat. I hope ur ass gets banned from here and the official server (probably wont but i can dream)

ON TOPIC: Reprecreator first u need to make sure both PC's have Windows 2000 or XP, other wise it wont work.

From super-pissed flamer to nice helpful computer consultant! LMAO

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